Every day is a funfair with the One Maker Group and the Singapore Maker Association

So, you have seen the crafters and the tech enthusiasts. You have met our young makers. You understand that the maker movement is a combination of crafting, technology, Science and sheer audacity. Our community partners from the One Maker Group bring new meaning to this term, with a bunch of pretty crazy projects.

Here is a sneak preview into some scenes that have been going on in the labs for the past weeks.


Modular Hovercraft

Designed and developed by 13 year old Karthikey, The Hovercraft Team does not want to just glide humans along the ground with its hovercraft, it wants to glide everything else too. With its modular design, you can do things like hover-ball (football), bumper-craft (bumper cars) and even laser-craft (laser tag), and each module can be switched out for you to customise your own fun and unique experience.

Plastic Injection machine

Inspired by Precious Plastic, the team will be melting plastic waste and  remoulding them into all manner of plastic products with their self-made plastic injection machine. Over the past few weeks, the team has also been caught melting aluminium, so who knows what else they have up their sleeves…?



If you like tiny smartphone holograms, then you’re going to love the massive holographic display that the team is working to bring to you this Maker Faire. And you can own your own DIY hologram kit too!

Misbehaving umbrellas


Don’t go near the umbrellas! Inspired by how humans only notice machines and their importance when they misbehave, these silly shades have been rigged to react to humans in all the wrong ways. Be sure to approach them with an open mind, because these not-so-open umbrellas will make sure you will never see them the same way again.

Cotton Candy Shooter

Think Spider-Man, but with cotton candy. Inspired by none other than Spider-Man’s amazing web-shooting skills, this team of sweet folks wants to make you as sweet as themselves by spraying you with streams of cotton candy! Their one-of-a-kind cotton candy shooter is a combination of molten sugar, rapid bursts of air, the Bernoulli Effect – and many hours of sticky fun.



Co-developed with HomeFix XPC. Inspired by Man-At-Arms videos and DIY blacksmiths, the team is creating their very own take on the blacksmithing experience using everyday
materials. Visitors can expect to try their hand at either hammering steel at the team’s hot forge or shaping aluminium and copper at their cold forge.


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