Meet the Makers of Maker Faire Singapore 2017

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Maker Faire Singapore 2017 contains over 400 booths ranging from VR, robotics, technology, craft and more.


Zone 1: Entrance
Highlights: Yarnbombing
Zone 2: Marquee
Highlights: Glass painting, paper quilting, clay works…
Zone 3: Western Entrance
Highlights: Ground Up Innovation, Sustainable Living Lab,
Early learner zone, Rip off @Tinkering
Zone 4: Hall A
Highlights: Drone races, Preschool market
Zone 5: The Annexe
Highlights: Young Makers, Technology, Really Really cool robotics
Zone 6: Carpark
Highlights: More young makers and Technology

Zone 1: The Entrance Zone 3: Western Entrance Zone 2: The Marquee Zone 4: Hall A Zone 5: The Annexe Zone 6: Carpark