Smart Health and Smart Homes at Maker Faire Singapore


The world of digital business calls for increasing proficiency in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Cognizant believes that sparking an interest in STEM education among young people is crucial to meeting the demands of an innovation economy. As part of our endeavor to help close the talent gap in STEM fields, encourage creativity and innovation, and prepare today’s youth for tomorrow’s opportunities, we have been a supporter of the Maker movement and are now a proud sponsor of Maker Faire Singapore, 2016.


At Maker Faire Singapore 2016, we will offer a real-time, interactive experience in next-generation digital technology such as the Internet of Things (IOT) and demonstrate how it will impact Singapore’s Smart Nation vision.

Cognizant offers IOT consulting, strategy, implementation, and operational support to help simplify the complexities of IOT and leverage it to address a wide range of social and business concerns. Our managed innovation process helps take ideas from the drawing board to prototype, and then scales the best ones rapidly with our proven global delivery model. We bring together the right blend of industry knowledge, strategy, design thinking and technology capabilities to help companies seamlessly unite their physical and virtual worlds.

 cognizant 1

Smart Home with Raspberry Pi

Powered by the latest technology in the field of IOT Raspberry Pi, Smart Home lets you control various home appliances with your hand phone or laptop. Our aim is to spark creativity among young minds by getting them to experience hands-on building of their own smart home using coding and Raspberry Pi console.

cognizant 2

Smart Health

Cognizant will demonstrate how IOT is all set to transform healthcare as we know it. We will demonstrate how your private physiotherapist may soon be available at your service anytime, anywhere. Here we will leverage gaming platforms and devices such as Microsoft Kinect to monitor and correct physical movements in Physiotherapy. People can perform prescribed exercises as shown on a TV panel in the convenience of their homes. At Maker faire, you will get to experience it first-hand. We will also demonstrate other IOT devices in healthcare.


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