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Pre-Maker Faire workshop: Kooky Krazy Piano 30 Mar 2013

“Imagine a wild way to play the piano, then make it using everyday stuff: fruits, stationery, people, even candy! The secret to a great invention is clever use of electrical conductivity and a little computer code.

Participants will invent their own device by connecting everyday materials to the computer then turn them into piano keys by programming their behaviours in Scratch. This workshop is a fun introduction to inventing and programming; perfect for kids to tinker, play and explore adventurous ideas.”

How do you like the sound of the above? If the visual cannot get to your mind yet, try clicking on this video. 🙂

Yes, this will be our first official pre-Maker Faire Workshop leading up to the July Faire, conducted by! If you are keen to join us for some tinkering fun, here are the details!

Date: Saturday 30 Mar 2013
Time: 10am-12pm
Venue: Einstein Room (Level 2)
Cost: 1 adult +1 child (7-12yrs) ( $50 (for members), $66* (for non-members)
*Cost of programme include admission to Science Centre
Registration opens till 29 Mar.

Please email for registration and enquiry.