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Hacking Junk @ Commonwealth Secondary School

On 17th September, we had a workshop with Commonwealth Secondary School. With Makers Bernice Lau (Remember the fishbone sculptures (Tsurus) at Maker Faire? ) and Din Chan (The awesome light painting that was inside the Cardboard Teddy bear?), we worked with the students to hack junk and unused toys (think broken beyond repair toys and centuries old floppy discs) to make moodlamps

The students starts to dismantle and cutting the items

In the beginning, students were kind of unsure on what to do with the items they had picked. With lots of enthusiasm and eagerness in them, they tried to discover and figure out what they can do with the junk pile.

Din guiding the students

Din guiding the students

So some students decided to dismantle the floppy disk and take the parts out to make some movable robot.

The students dismantle the diskette

The students dismantle the floppy

Movable Robot

Eventually, what the students came up with were pretty amazing!



THanks to Bernice and Din for facilitating this session 🙂