Meet the Makers of Maker Faire 2015

The call for makers for 2016 is now open! Register as a Maker/ Commercial Maker/ Community Groups/ Vendor (

The response from the community for Maker Faire 2015 was overwhelming! We had over 250 makers ranging from students, crafters, hobbyists, professionals and families. To get an idea of the makers involved in Maker Faire Singapore 2015 and their works, here is a sneak peek of the makers arranged (rather loosely) by category.

Maker Culture Craft Technology Engineering
Young Makers (<25) 3D printing



4 responses to “Meet the Makers of Maker Faire 2015

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  3. Hi,
    Do you have any course for arduino?
    Beat Regards,
    Zin Win

  4. May I know when will the makers’ fare be held?and the location?I do sewing and crafting and would like to share my works.You can view my work in my FB page.

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