Maker Faire Singapore 2017 Navigation Guide

Thank you for your contribution to Maker Faire Singapore 2017! Stay tuned for more updates!

Maker Faire Singapore 2017 contains over 400 booths ranging from VR, robotics, technology, craft and more. More information on the Makers

Click the zones for more information. (If the image does not load correctly on your device, please click the links below.)

 Zone 1: Entrance   Zone 2: Marquee  Zone 3: Western Entrance
 Zone 4: Hall A  Zone 5: The Annexe  Zone 6: Carpark
Zone 7: The Tinkering Studio Zone 8: GEEK – Make, Meet, Play Workshops and talks – 22nd July
 Workshops and talks-23rd July Full day workshops  Community Partners
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Zone 3 Zone 2 Zone 5 Zone 6 Zone 4 Zone 1