Team 2016

Eileen Tan

Eileen is a Scientist, Maker and Tinkerer and the Head of Physical Sciences at Science Centre Singapore. She brings into Maker Faire her experience in content development and Education outreach.

Kiruthika Ramanathan

Kiruthika is a Maker and a firm believer of the power of the Maker mindset in developing creativity and innovation.  She enjoys working with Makers and with children and dreams of a day when every home has a makerspace. When she is not Making stuff, Kiruthika works with schools in the Education Department at Science Centre.

Mazakazu Takasu

Masakazu Takasu is a crazy Japanese fab-geek and Maker/Tech enthusiast. from Japan. Takasu is one of the main advocates of the Maker movement in Asia and is in the committee for Maker Faires in many parts of Asia including Tokyo, Shenzhen, Taipei and Singapore.

Sue Li Chan

Sue works with the Upstream Department at the Science Centre and has extensive experience in marketing and events management. In Sue’s non working life, she loves to fix things in her home.

Yit Chee Wong

Yit Chee works with school students and runs events in the Education Department at the Science Centre. She loves tinkering and making things, and sharing them with others. She brings to Maker Faire her many years of experience in event management and her love in art and crafts.

Charlene Wong

Charlene works with the IDAlabs at the National Design Centre. She brings to Maker Faire extensive experience in Tech events and Business Development.

Jothilingam Niharika

Niharika is an intern with the Maker Faire Singapore team. Relatively new to the Maker movement, she has discovered her instant liking towards making and in particular crafting. Having gained much knowledge and experience from the movement, she intends to continue to making.

Kiat Teng Goh

Kiat Teng can be seen either with a crochet needle or a keyboard. Crafter and Writer, KIat Teng works on most of the communications and social media for Maker Faire Singapore.

Ling Ling Chew

Ling Ling is working on the upcoming Tinkering Studio at Science Centre Singapore. She is also interested to research and evaluate the impact of Making and Tinkering experiences.

Nur Syaizza

Syaizza is an intern with Maker Faire Singapore. Fresh in the Maker Movement programme, she has been involved much in the movement and finds it genuinely remarkable. She intends to pursue making as her side interest.

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