Press Coverage for 2016

Maker Faire Singapore press coverage 2016

15 activities for kids during the June holidays, The Straits Times, 27 May  ST listed Make Faire as an activity for children to participate in. The Slime Synthesizer exhibit and Kudo Game Lab were featured.


June holidays: Give children free time and space, The Straits Times, 30 May ST reported on several educational events that could help children develop sustained interest in things around them. Amid the Smart Nation push for more innovation in society, events such as the Maker Faire, have proven increasingly popular.

Local maker culture gaining ground in Singapore, Channel News Asia, 15 June CNA reported on Maker Faire and the maker culture in Singapore. The event is one of the key highlights of this year’s Singapore Science Festival (SSF), which aims to spark interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) among youth, and to encourage participants to use design and engineering to create new solutions for everyday problems. Assoc Prof Lim Tit Meng said: “Maker Faire Singapore is a family-friendly celebration of do-it-yourself culture combining innovation, creativity and resourcefulness. The event draws generations of Singaporeans and allows them to share knowledge and ideas.” 

 Learning made fun, The Business Times, Avanti Nim, 24 June BT reported on Maker Faire, tracing its growth from 2012 and highlighting its strong educational aspect. Quoting Prof Lim, “While we’re keen to advance lifelong learning, it’s actually more of a bottom-up phenomenon. Because the community responds so well to the educational aspect of the fair, it grows each year. I think local makers are keener to share their skills with other enthusiasts than to just build alone. It’s a very social community.” Featured projects include the slime synthesizer, creating robots and silversmith projects.

At the heart of creating value is a ‘maker mindset’, TODAY, Regina Lee, 24 June TODAY reported on Maker Faire, profiling Mr Jaron Lee, 26, and Mr Brandon Chen, 28, creators of the Freedom Electric Vehicle, a bicycle-hoverboard fusion.  The article points to Singapore’s growing movement of self-made product makers in Singapore who create things using science and technology. While many “makerspaces” and maker programmes begin in schools, some are taking it beyond the classroom and creating products that they hope to commercialise. Quoting Prof Lim, “We want people to be not just a consumer, but a creator of products using science and technology.”  The Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) said that developing a “maker mindset” by promoting innovation, embracing technology and encouraging experimentation is critical to Singapore’s Smart Nation vision. “As our economy matures and amidst more intense global competition, we must go beyond adding value, to creating value,” said an IDA spokesperson.

 Record numbers for Maker Faire, Channel News Asia Singapore Tonight 10pm, 24 June CNA attended the media preview of Maker Faire with Minister Vivian Balakrishnan. Maker Faire was featured on 10pm Singapore Tonight.

Record numbers for Maker Faire, Channel 8 News Tonight 10.30pm, 24 June Channel 8 reported on Maker Faire, highlighting the bicycle-hoverboard project. Maker Faire was featured on 10.30pm News Tonight.


Maker Faire 2016 opens its doors, Channel News Asia Singapore Tonight 10pm, 25 June Channel NewsAsia featured the official opening of Maker Faire as the biggest faire yet during 10pm Singapore Tonight. Minister Yaacob Ibrahim was interviewed. Communications and Information Minister Yaacob Ibrahim, who officiated the opening on Saturday (Jun 25), said the event is important to draw in and invite people from all walks of life to create new ideas, products and services relevant to Singapore. 

Infocomm Development Authority: Neighbourhood will see fourth laboratory in two years, Channel 8 Singapore Today 6.30pm, 25 June Channel 8 featured the official opening of Maker Faire as the biggest faire yet during 6.30pm Singapore Today. Minister of Information and Communication Yaacob Ibrahim was at the official opening of the Maker Faire. Channel 8 also published its story on Maker Faire online, highlighting that the public can enjoy a new laboratory in two years where they can experience the scientific process and test new technologies.


Biggest Maker Faire in five years, Channel 5 News Tonight 9pm, 25 June Channel 5 featured the official opening of Maker Faire as the biggest faire yet during 9pm News Tonight.

Biggest Maker Faire in five years, Channel U News Tonight 11pm, 25 June Channel U featured the official opening of Maker Faire as the biggest faire yet during 11pm News Tonight.

600 creations on display at Maker Faire event – the largest number, Suria Berita News 8pm, 25 June Suria featured the official opening of Maker Faire as the biggest faire yet during 8pm Berita News. The story was published online on the Berita news portal.

Biggest Maker Faire in five years: exhibition will highlight role of science in daily life, Vasantham Tamil News 8.30pm, 25 June Vasantham featured the official opening of Maker Faire as the biggest faire yet during 8.30pm Tamil News. The story was published online on the Seithi news portal.

TODAY Weekend Guide 25-26 June, TODAY, 25 June TODAY featured Maker Faire as an activity for the weekend, highlighting that 600 inventors creators and enthusiasts would display their quirky and fun projects in science, art, craft, technology and engineering.

Yaacob : Cultivating interest in Maker movement vital to Singapore, Berita Minggu, 26 June Without young people who are able to create new products and services, Singapore will be an ‘ordinary’ country only. Instead, citizens’ creations have allowed Singapore to remain an exceptional country, said Minister of Communications and Information, Dr Yaacob Ibrahim. The Minister said this after Singapore Maker Faire – the first event in this year’s Singapore Science Festival.

27 June 2016 Building a smart future at science festival, The Straits Times, 27 June ST published Professor Lim Tit Meng’s opinion editorial on Singapore Science Festival as a platform that aims to nurture Singapore’s budding inventors and entrepreneurs of all ages, further promoting a diverse science and technology landscape at the grassroots level.

 Maker Faire Singapore: Turning ideas into reality, The Straits Times, 27 June ST featured Maker Faire’s opening over the weekend, including the youngest maker Anjali who built a story garden inspired by Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree, the oldest maker Mr Davy Young, 69 who creates clay replicas of natural leaves. ST also reported on maker Kartikey Agarwal from Overseas Family School who designed a hovercraft with a wooden base floating above cushions of air, created using two leaf blowers and discarded plastics. 

 Inventors Assemble, TODAY Facebook page, 24 June TODAY’s Facebook page featured the bicycle-hoverboard project in a video, garnering 6.7k views, 72 shares and 82 reactions.


Maker Faire Singapore press coverage 2015
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