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It’s no ordinary Jam. It’s a Tech Jam!

I Saw the Science

“You have 5 minutes left! Do your finishing touches on your products!”

On hearing the emcee’s countdown, some participants frantically attempted to assemble their artefact, while others laid back in their chairs, brimming with confidence in their winning pieces on the competition table.

At this year’s Caltex Fuel Your School – Tech Jam 2017, students from several primary schools came to Science Centre Singapore’s Marquee to work hands-on on 4 projects designed by experts at the Science Centre. The idea was to spark the students’ interests in coding and tinkering, incorporating music, art, and design with science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

Below are the stations where participants got hands on with basic coding and circuits:

22308565_1693833633983585_5294610305494139494_n This station featured basic circuits and sewing, where participants lighted up an LED on a piece of fabric. They used conductive thread to connect the LED with the battery. This was an introduction to…

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