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Imagin8rs workshop at Maker Faire Singapore

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Build your own Micro-Bot and Design your own LED Fashion

11th July 2015 – 3.30pm-5.00pm, $20 – Register

For children 4-10 years old and their parents / grandparents. Participants will imagine and create fun micro-bots and Jewellery integrating Pipecleaners, LED lights and motors.

Early Maker Mindset : Reimagining the role of Parents in nurturing their child’s inherent imagination & creative potential. 12th July 2015 – 2.15pm-3.45pm, $20 –   Register

45 minute hands on workshop engaging parents to create fun things, followed by a short presentation and a dialogue and q&a with a panel of experts (educators, curators, makers)

Leaves with Memories- Workshop by Davy Young at Maker Faire Singapore 2015

12th July 2015 – 10.30am-11.15am, 11.20am-12.05pm, 12.15pm-1.00pm
Cost: $15/ participant. Participants may register directly with Davy at the Faire.

The hands-on workshop is on leaf-making, using air-drying clay. Participants will be guided step-by-step to make a ceramic leaf pressed from a real natural leaf.

All consumable materials (viz air-drying clay, a selection of fresh natural leaves, and air-tight plastic bags for participants to take home the completed project) will be supplied. Hand-tools to make the leaf will be provided on a loan basis.

Electronics made Easy workshop at Maker Faire Singapore


Gabriel Perumal and his group of passionate Makers will be over at Maker Faire Singapore 2015 and teaching young children about the wonders of electronics. Learn about breadboards, LEDs, capacitors and even arduino programming.

Make a Tiny Switch Kit
11th July 2015: 1.30pm-3.00pm
Cost: FREE  – To register, contact Gabriel at 

Make a  Tiny Lights KitElectronics Made Easy will be teaching how to make the Tiny Switch Kit and the participants will be learning how to make a water level sensor. Workshop includes an electronic kit, manual and also a water level sensor project.

11th July 2015: 3.30pm-5.00pm
Cost: FREE — To register contact Gabriel at

Learn how to make a led blinker. Workshop includes an electronic kit and manual. This kit includes a reprogrammable IC Chip so kids interested to program will be taught how to program the chip through the use of the Awesome Arduino.

Science-y tinkering with Pan Yew – Workshop at Maker Faire Singapore 2015

kaleidoscope penguin roly poly

11th July: 12.30pm – 1.15pm
12th July: 11.30pm – 12.15pm
Cost: $10/ participant (Register)
Registration details will be available soon

Ever tried creating attractive kaleidoscopes using recycled materials? Building your own roly-poly from scratch? Or learning science concepts like magnetism whilst making your own origami penguin that functions like a compass? Head down to  “Build Your Own Kaleidoscope”,”Build Your Own Roly-Poly” or “Help Your Penguin Find Home” to find out how to do so! In these three workshops, trainer Mr Ng Pan Yew will show you how you can put your hands-on skills to good use.

At “Build Your Own Kaleidoscope”, not only will you get to build a kaleidoscope from scratch, but you will also have the opportunity to observe how science concepts like multi-light reflection come to life. As for “Build Your Own Roly-Poly”, you will get to relive your childhood moments by constructing your own roly-poly, and observe how science concepts like center of gravity work in our everyday lives. “Help Your Penguin Find Home” not only teaches you how to fold an origami penguin, but also shows you how science concepts like magnetic force can be applied to arts and crafts.

Make Jewellery…with paper??

This MakerFaire Singapore, we are seeing the many different things that can be made out of paper. There is parchment crafts by Alice Choo, Staining, embossing and other really fun paper techniques by Madeline and then there is paper quilling by Priyanka.


11th July, 5.30pm-7.00pm Register
12th July, 11.30pm-1.00pm Register
Cost: $15/participant (excludes booking charges)
Registration details will be available later

For those who dont know, paper quilling is the art of coiling strips of paper to create works of art. The Quilling Jewellery workshop will be covering basics of this intricate craft and all the participants will be creating and taking home a beautiful and intricate pendant, pair of earrings and/or accessories entirely handcrafted by them with this technique.

Parchment crafts workshop at Maker Faire Singapore

butterfly parchment parchment crafts spoon art

Did you catch Alice’s fantastic work in our earlier interview with her?. Would you like to learn how to make some of the things that Alice does? Join Scottie crafts workshops at Maker Faire Singapore

11th July: 3.45pm-5.15pm
12th July: 3pm-4.30pm
Cost: $10

Contact to register.

Used the heat from lighted candle to soften the plastic spoons then with the plier to shape up the petal, no glue is used to join the spoons together and is all by softening the plastic spoons and join them together.
Also, with simple tools you can make beautiful cards, photoframes, gift boxes and many more. It looks like lace which is amazing.

Stochastic Elegance: Beautiful paper crafts: Workshop at Maker Faire Singapore 2015

11th July: 12-15-1.45pm @Rodin room. Register
12th July: 1.15-2.45pm@Rodin room. Register

Cost: $18/ participant

Lessons tutorials on hand-designed cards and gift tags which includes techniques such as heat embossing, stamping, background-designing, etc.

At Stochastic Elegance, we place emphasise originality and creativity and as such, all our products (including background design) are made from blank papers. We hope to share our knowledge with local crafters and people who are passionate in card making.

All required materials for the workshop will be provided by Stochastic Elegance for the duration of the lesson.

Additional requirements:

Participants should be capable of handling sharp tools such as pen-knifes and scissors. Participants should be aware that they might get their hands stained as the lesson involves the use of craft ink.

3D printing and Robotics- workshop at Maker Faire

The Robotica Basic kit set consist of 10 electronic components and a battery holder and allows you to assemble their first robot from scratch using all kinds of materials including 3D printing.

Participants will learn about each component and it’s functionality and be given a project and encouraged to create their own robots

– Participants are required to bring their laptops (optional). Android phones are encouraged as they will learn how to use bluetooth to communicate with their robots.


11th july: 5.15pm-6.45pm at Lovelace Room
12th July: 12.30pm-2.00pm at Tesla Room

Cost: $35/ partcipant, Register

robotics brochure

Check out this Quirky Butt-Activated Selfie Booth!

It is probably not difficult to be intrigued by the title of this showcase by Saad Chinoy.

Saad Chinoy is not new to the Maker community. For me, I remembered him from the Sustainable Living Lab (SL2) space two years back at *SCAPE. He was explaining his caffeinator (something he built and which he described as his obsession), and giving treats of DIY cookies and drinks. This year, Saad is back to entertain the crowd with his “ButtActivated Selfie Booth”.

In Saad’s own words, the “Butt-Activated Selfie Booth” is an IKEA-Hack with cardboard, duct tape and many cable-ties featuring “the-world’s-most-energy-efficient-high-resolution-analog-selfie-screen”. This booth lets you take a selfie with a touch of a butt and with a count of three, and photo-bombings are highly encouraged!

How did the idea come along?

It started in response to a call for makers for the Singapore Maker Festival. As the idea puts a smile on people’s faces, Saad decided to give it a try and build it. It was also in line with an image crowd-sourcing project that he was working on as part of his work, bringing what he does at work closer to what he does outside it.

This was Saad’s artist impression of the selfie booth.

selfie booth illustration

These are the actual photos.

The creator can always spot the imperfection but to the onlooker, it is simply awesome. Of course, we noted that lots of effort went into prototyping, improvising and iterating.

How does it work?

Check out these precious work-in-progress photos that Saad revealed to help us understand the inner workings.

inner workings inner workings2

Saad also shared that the selfie-booth made its way to the RaspberryJAM#9 meetup as it runs on RaspberryPi and was written in Python code which Saad described as “awfully untidy hacky self-taught”.


Through the meetup, Saad received feedback which led to him spending another caffeinated night upgrading the electronics to a RaspberryPi2 (faster and better) for IDA’s TechSaturday as part of the HackerSpaceSG booth, appearing as “SelfieMirror” rather than “SelfieBooth” (see photos below). Interesting, isn’t it?

mirror mirror2

More photos can be found here:-

When asked if there is a video to show how this booth works, Saad shared that while a video works best that way, it also takes away the surprise through self-discovery. As much as I wish to see a video, I must say that I couldn’t agree any lesser with what he said as well. Now, I’m really looking forward to discover the magic of the booth myself! In Saad’s words, this could either be #ridiculouslySimple or #simplyRidiculous 🙂

Selfie Booth for Maker Faire Singapore

As the Selfie Booth has made its round like a travelling exhibition, it faces the challenges of maintenance, which Saad is taking time to work on whenever he is not working (a familiar situation most hobbyists find themselves in). In addition, he is also looking at decorating the booth exterior with “random acts of artsy-vandalism that can take place during the course of the Faire”. Wow, that sounds like an open invitation!

About Saad

Saad shared that he can’t really pin point when he first started making, but tinkering has always been part of his childhood. He shared that coming into public view was the scary part, i.e. to showcase what you made to people. It was great to hear that the Singapore Mini Maker Faire 2013 was his first step for that. How many of you also share this thought before? If you still do, take Saad as an example. Come forth and share your creation. It just gets better.

I couldn’t help grinning at Saad’s Syllogism (or #SillyGism) that he ended our interview with – “The world depends on technology. Technology depends on the Geek. The Geek depends on caffeine. Therefore, the world depends on coffee.” Well, that’s one coffee-obsessed geek for you.

Build your own 3D printer at Maker Faire 2015

This Maker Faire Singapore 2015, Tiguu3D is, once again, conducting a 3D printer build workshop. Join us on 11th and 12th July 2015 to build a RepRap 3D printer that you can bring home.

Cost: $800 per printer. Recommended for 2-3 participants to form a team to build a printer.

For optimal learning, we have to limit this workshop to a minimum of 5 and maximum of 10 printer projects.  Registrations close on 20th June to give the organizers time to procure additional materials.

Register here to start your 3D printing journey

Flyer Tiguu3D Reprap Prusa i3