Make Jewellery…with paper??

This MakerFaire Singapore, we are seeing the many different things that can be made out of paper. There is parchment crafts by Alice Choo, Staining, embossing and other really fun paper techniques by Madeline and then there is paper quilling by Priyanka.


11th July, 5.30pm-7.00pm Register
12th July, 11.30pm-1.00pm Register
Cost: $15/participant (excludes booking charges)
Registration details will be available later

For those who dont know, paper quilling is the art of coiling strips of paper to create works of art. The Quilling Jewellery workshop will be covering basics of this intricate craft and all the participants will be creating and taking home a beautiful and intricate pendant, pair of earrings and/or accessories entirely handcrafted by them with this technique.


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