Electronics made Easy workshop at Maker Faire Singapore


Gabriel Perumal and his group of passionate Makers will be over at Maker Faire Singapore 2015 and teaching young children about the wonders of electronics. Learn about breadboards, LEDs, capacitors and even arduino programming.

Make a Tiny Switch Kit
11th July 2015: 1.30pm-3.00pm
Cost: FREE  – To register, contact Gabriel at chessmasterg@gmail.com 

Make a  Tiny Lights KitElectronics Made Easy will be teaching how to make the Tiny Switch Kit and the participants will be learning how to make a water level sensor. Workshop includes an electronic kit, manual and also a water level sensor project.

11th July 2015: 3.30pm-5.00pm
Cost: FREE — To register contact Gabriel at chessmasterg@gmail.com

Learn how to make a led blinker. Workshop includes an electronic kit and manual. This kit includes a reprogrammable IC Chip so kids interested to program will be taught how to program the chip through the use of the Awesome Arduino.


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