Meet the Young Makers of 2017

Every Year, our young makers have been wowing us with their projects. From 13 year old Julianne who comes all the way from Malaysia with her home made jewellery to showcase by students from our local schools, ITEs, polytechnics and universities, we all know the real stars of maker Faire SG are our young makers. Here is a preview of some of the passion that the children and youth at Maker Faire Singapore will share. (This is an early list and more makers will be added as we move towards Maker Faire Singapore)

JeweLab Booth, Workshop
Julianne is a 13 year old home schooler from Malaysia. She started learning to make jewellery as a hobby about 2 years ago. She now makes and sells online – bracelets, necklaces and earrings from charms, pearls and beads,both for children and adults.

At the MakerFaire Singapore 2017, visitors will be able to select their own charms and have them custom-made on the spot. Ready-made jewellery will be displayed with jewellery-making workshops, held at certain times of the day.

Her work can be viewed and ordered online at Find out More
Workshop Timing: Continuous activities at the booth (Details)

Kids 4 Kids! Booth, Workshop
This booth is setup by a group of daddies/mummies (around 5 families) for their children to showcase their own practical crafts, for Children. As we travel alot be it within Singapore, or even overseas holidays, we pack our own play kits & pack them into small portable packs (Kids Travel Kits). Because each child has their own favourite type of game, they pack different. One day, my child started creating her own – she designed her own sudoku puzzles, cross word puzzles, maze pictures, coloring pictures, set of riddles etc and I was amazed. We would like to inculcate a culture of innovation when the kids are young and we think this is such a good avenue.

This booth is to show case the different kits we have designed – for both boys & girls, as well as allow children/families to come visit our booths & create their own.

The booth will have at least 7 sets to create & choose from (our children will be the teachers to the children who visit our booth) these puzzles, and then form their very own kit. The 7 sets are:

Set 1: Sudoku puzzle

Set 2: Crossword puzzle (key words from popular reading books e.g. Guffalo, Charlie the Chocolate Factory etc)

Set 3: Colouring pictures

Set 4: DIY Magnets or Pebble Painting

Set 5: Portable Car Kit

Set 6: Different Riddle Sets

Set 7: DIY Spot-on card sets

Special station: Video to There will also be a video setup for the children/families to create their own video using an animation app. This experience is to show the children how easy it is to create their own video (with the help of child-friendly apps), to teach them how to create their own script, story lines, lead in a mini production & enjoy learning.

Also, each child/family will get a set of crayons, stickers to be included in their own DIY pack. Find out More
Workshop Timing: Continuous activities at the booth (Details)

ITE College West – Espace (ITE College West’s Makerspace) Booth, Workshop
Espace is ITE’s very first Makerspace. We specialize in developing pop-culture related projects that is infuse with latest technology. These “Maker” projects will interest and engage our youth to learn skills and learn the latest technology in the market. “Maker” Projects like lightsaber, Thor’s hammer, Nerf Gun Target System, Handheld Game Console, etc. Find out More
Workshop Timing: Sat 12.45 to 1.30 and Sun 2.30 to 3.15. Continuous workshops on soldering or other hands on at the booth (Details)

Simple Treasures Booth
Iris, 13+, a homeschooler has always been good with her hands. From beading to looming to crocheting, she’s in love with crafts. Painting is her second love. . Inspired by her work, Iris’ sister, Kylie, 9+ started to make pencil cases. Together, the sisters will be selling their creations in addition to displaying at the Faire. Find out More

Bryan Lee Choon Hoe, age 13 Booth
Problem of the Light Sensing Night-Light by Bryan Lee (13). If you want the sensor to be more sensitive the light will start blinking. I will be showing how to solve that problem in multiple different methods as well as the thought process.The way to solve it is by using color differentiation, orthogonal polarization of the light, using angled privacy filters, directional diversity, time differentiation and sensitivity. Find out More

Seng Kang Secondary School Booth
Seng Kang Secondary School’s Applied Learning Programme (ALP) aims to ignite students’ interest in the field of “Health Science and Technology” by creating opportunities to allow them to explore technology to develop solutions towards better living.

Each student attends a 10 hour programme each year in Secondary 1 and 2, exploring microcontrollers, sensors and devices to build circuits which monitor and measure health related indicators such as temperature and heart rate (pulse).

Our students are proud to be at the Makers’ Faire Singapore showcasing their work to the public. Students make connections between knowledge and skills through real world context. They apply thinking skills, connect knowledge across subject disciplines, stretch their imagination and build interest in the areas of science and technology by working on projects such as Blood Pressure monitoring device, Temperature taking device and NAFA fitness stations using Arduino microcontrollers and electronic devices .

Find out More

Commonwealth Secondary School Booth
The Bits and Atoms Club CCA of Commonwealth Secondary School aims to cultivate inventive thinking and problem-solving skills through robotic, programming and other maker activities. We will be showcasing the Arduino projects created by our upper secondary students as well as the 3D printed toys and scratch games which our lower secondary students have designed.

At the same time, there will be a showcase of student-initiated projects, as well as projects from the Maker Thursdays Programme in the areas of science, art, craft, engineering and technology. We run Maker Thursdays to allow our students to drop in after school to pick up a new skill, or for them to work on their projects. Find out More

Come and Make Booth, Workshop
We are doing the best of the come and make activities that were the most successful in our community sessions – some examples are marble runs, vehicles, and a giant knitting nancy Find out More
Workshop Timing: Continuous activities at the booth (Details)

The amazing creations of sophia curic Booth
A bad ass pin ball machine, which has all kinds of obstacles and arduino controlled score points system. Work still in progress. People visiting the booth can make tiny pin ball machines as well, using carboard and other everyday materials Find out More

Nanyang Polytechnic, School of Engineering would like to participate in this year Maker Faire Singapore 2017. We will be delighted to exhibits a min of 4 projects in the area of Smart Home, Smart Healthcare, Smart Mobility and Sustainability Living respectively. These 4 projects are done by the our students as part of their Final Year Project. Notably, these projects are done by team of students from different disciplines and domains and developed with Design Thinking methodology to solve real-world problem. The objectives to participate: 1. Create awareness in engineering, 2. Use of Design Thinking to develop solutions to solve real world problem. Find out More

East View Secondary School Booth
Five student-made projects, each using one sensor and one output device controlled by the Arduino microcontroller. These projects were completed during the Applied Learning Program and demonstrate how electronics can be used to solve real world problems. Find out More

Singapore Polytechnic  Booth
Singapore Polytechnic is taking part in Maker Faire Singapore for the sixth year running! Each time, the students’ projeects are more and more ambitious. This is ofcourse partly due to a very strong makerspace and fablab culture that SP is putting in place. For more details, refer to Find out More

SUTD Booth
To be confirmed Find out More