The Tech makers of Maker Faire Singapore 2017

Funbie Studios Booth
A showcase of arts and craft, pop culture and gaming enthusiasts’ creations which entail 3D design and 3D printing Find out More

Srijith Jayakumar Booth
Using the most accesible electronics, this Arduino project gives users great aid in their everyday commutes by displaying bus arrival timings based on real-time information. Find out More

Experience Ace Booth, Workshop
Experience Ace is showcasing their innovation in programming and coding with tools that are widely available to us including various projects of Arduino, Scratch and MIT app inventor. 3D Music Within: Audboz will also be showcase for public to listen to live music. Find out More
Workshop Timing: Sat – 11am to 12.30pm and Sun 11.00am to 12.30pm (Details)

CELLS@Science Center
Creative Experimental Learning Lab of Science
Booth, Workshop
An expiriential learning lab, CELLS is showcasing its design and innovation in popular fields such as 3D printing, coding and robotics. Find out More
Workshop Timing: Continuous Workshops at booth (Details)

Robor R Us Booth
Robot R Us puts together many elements of electronics and programming to offer Robotic parts and kits for creative minds alike. Find out More

Area 51 tech shop Booth
Paul and his friendds are back at Maker Faire Singapore sharing about lean pipe joinits and how you can make (almost) everything with PVC and leanpipe joints, with the maker’s favorite tool – the allen key Find out More

Strawbees Booth, Workshop
Strawbees is an invention that will keep Makers of all ages occupied with the limitless possible creations and mechanisms put together in a project. Find out More
Workshop Timing: Sat 1.45 to 2.30 (Details)

Quirkbot Booth
‘Quirkbot’ is the worlds first microcontroller that allows you to build robots using normal drinking straws. This is made possible through it’s compatibility with the construction toy ‘Strawbees’ and the ‘Arduino’ programming environment.

With ‘Quirkbot’ you can build interactive projects using only drinking straws and off-the-shelf components. You don’t need to know any programming or electronics to get started.

Find out More

Dream Catcher / Chumbaka Booth
Dream Catcher Technologies conducts training courses for professionals in the fields of EEE, Telecommunications, Life Sciences and Oil & Gas. Apart from which, Chumbaka caters to students and non-techinical adults, instilling an interest in Science and Technology.
Take a look at their DIY kits and workshops that are bound to enrich Makers with knowledge and passion for innovation! Find out More

Rohaimi “Tech” Mohamed Booth
Rohami is showcasing the smart device that has been developed for washing up before prayers in the mosque. This device acts as a water saving reminder for the users when they perform “wudhu”. This idea and concept won 3rd place in the Mosque Tech Challenge 2016 held in Gufran Mosque over the night during Fasting Month. Find out More

Tertiary Infotech Pte Ltd Booth
Showcase and sales of Raspberry Pi and Arduino kits Find out More

Circuit Stickers are electronic stickers that you can use to build glowing, sensing, and interac-tive projects without any complicated equipment or programming skills. All you need is your imagination. Use them to add electronics to any sticker-friendly surface: paper, fabric, plastic, the sky’s the limit! Find out More

Kiwi’s Creations Booth, Workshop
Kiwi’s Creations offers an endless number of possibilites for Makers with their DIY CNC tools. Infusing a multitude of ideas with the capabilities technology offers us, watch as your imagination transforms into working tools and materials. Find out More
Workshop Timing: Continuous activities at the booth (Details)

Din Chan Booth
An Art Science exhibition of cool blue running flame running across a vinyl pipe. Find out More

fvauz. Booth
fvauz. will be showcasing its inventions utilising 3D printing technology in various materials namely plastics, stainless steel, bronze steel and porcelain (ceramics). Innovative, fresh and functional, the designs include world’s first 3D printed buttons for malay traditional baju melayu (cufflinks convertible) and its latest creation of 3D printed honey dipper. Find out More

Annikken Pte Ltd Booth
We have been making simple games using Arduino. Games that use the Arduino board and mobile phone. I want to build a shooting gallery game with sensors. The target will display an animation when you have been hit by a plastic dart. Players can download a mobile app and control the blaster with their phones. 2 players will challenge each other to hit their opponents target. Find out More

smartDIYs Booth
FABOOL Laser Mini is an innovative, cutting-edge solution to increasing access to laser cutting and engraving technology. With laser technology being so multi-functional, it’s not bound to any single discipline or convention, and Makers from all fields can definitely see its worth. Find out More

Computational Thinkerer Booth, Workshop
Computational Thinking has been said to be the fourth R, in, in tandem with the current 3R (Reading, wRiting, and aRithmetic). And many have recognized the importance of CT as a life skill for all in the 21st century and beyond. Do you have what it takes to be a Computational Thinker? Try out thought-provoking hands-on activities that expose participants to the fun and the thinking processes behind CT at the booth! “Come with an open mind and a questioning attitude.” Find out More
Workshop Timing: Sunday 12.45 to 2.15pm (Details)

Cytron Technologies Sdn Bhd Booth, Workshop
Cytron team is a group of robot enthusiast and makers in pursue of spreading the love for robotics and electronics. We have been providing tons of tutorials and sharing on robotics and electronics, series of reliable off-the-shelf development boards, electronic modules and accessories to assist makers, inventors and engineers in experimenting with their ideas. With our past experience in building products (ex:, we have reached out to makers, turning their prototypes into commercial products. We assisted them from engineering design all the way to manufacturing their product. Dear makers, let’s learn together, build together and grow together.

Find out More
Workshop Timing: Saturday 3.30 to 4.30, Sunday 2.30 to 3.30 (Details)

GoFlyKite Booth
Flying RC planes were never easy and involved high maintenance cost. It was also a kind of hobby that did not require group activity. Michael noticed the need in in creating a hobby that can be enjoyed in numbers and that is easy to learn and of low in maintenance costs. Michael was inspired to combine his two hobbies together and the idea of the RC Kite was born. Without realizing, Michael wrote a little piece of Aviation History in Singapore. After 1000 years of kite flying, he changed the concept of kite flying. Without strings, RC Kites are able to do loops, rolls, stall turns, hover, acrobatic stunts and play games such as kite soccer, dog fighting, speed racing and drop zone.
Find out More

littleBits Booth
LittleBits makes a platform of easy-to-use electronic building blocks empowering everyone to create inventions, large and small. Makers of all ages and interests are welcome! Find out More

IXEN Robotics Pte. Ltd. Booth, Workshop
From 3D-printing to coding and robotics, IXEN has a variety of workshops tailored for your little ones to develop their passion for Making. Find out More
Workshop Timing: Sunday 3.45pm to 5.15pm. (Details)

Infinite Engineers Booth

A science project, a start of an experiential journey, and a box any young Maker can pick up and learn from! Dexter Box is a great way to start young Makers with their own projects. Find out More

Homemake Cardboard Bladeless Fan Booth, Workshop

Always been wondering how the bladeless fan works? Might have even been wanting to have one for yourself? Drop in to Pan Yew’s booth and learn how to make your bladeless fan from cardboard Find out More
Workshop Timing: Saturday 3pm to 3.45pm and Sunday 3pm to 3.45pm (Details)

Prextron Booth
Instant water boiler using an ion exchange heater with a micro controller. Exhibits the advantages of a small one cup boiler and also showcases the rapid prototyping techniques used.

Check out how even a daily task of boiling water can be improved upon with technology that becomes more available everyday. Find out More

Ferris Kwok Booth
Popular controllers like Arduino, Raspberry Pi and micro:bit can be very useful in our lives. What are they, how can they help us, what differentiates them and how to choose between them ? Come learn, look and play with fun gadgets you can make with them. Just come.

Find out More

IMDA-pixel labs Booth
To be confirmed Find out More

3D print Hub Booth
To be confirmed Find out More

Hackerspace Booth
To be confirmed Find out More

Nico-Tech Booth, Workshop
The Nico-Tech community is exhibiting many innovations and ideas that greatly improve our lives in ways we would have never thought of. Come check out what Makers in Japan have innovated over the years. Find out More
Workshop Timing: (Details)

Freematics Booth, Workshop
The goal of Freematics is to bring freedom into vehicle telematics. Freematics makes it easier than ever to utilize open-source hardware (basically Arduino) in vehicle telematics projects which normally involve OBD-II, high-resolution GPS, motion sensor (accelerometer & gyroscope) and various wireless communication technology Find out More
Workshop Timing: (Details)

Teoh Swee Siang Booth, Workshop
This is a Voice activated/commanded light whereby user will speak to an app that is on Android phone. User command will be issued to a base unit which will turn on/off a lamp or RGB LEDs that is connected to the main.

User may also issue voice command to change the RGB LED lights to various color and brightness. e.g turn the Red LED 70%, turn the Blue LED 50%, etc Find out More
Workshop Timing: (Details)

Play Coding is an instituition offering courses related to Arduino controllers, FischerTechnik and BBC micro:bit. Makers of all ages are welcome to sign up! Find out More
Workshop Timing: (Details)

Pocket Hologram Booth, Workshop
Our team is inspired by the ubiquity of holograms and strongly believe in their future pervasiveness in our daily lives. Inspired by Microsoft’s HoloLens, our team wants to put holograms into the hands of each Maker, by producing pocket hologram kits that anyone can assemble. Once assembled, these laser cut pieces simply need to be placed above a screen that plays holographic videos off YouTube and it will instantly pull images out of that 2D world and into life like 3D. Find out More
Workshop Timing: Sunday, 2.45pm to 3.45pm (Details)

Loshberry Code Studio Booth, Workshop
Come on down to our booth to check out what our students have created in our classes using the array of technologies we use – Ozobot, Scratch, Raspberry Pi and MIT App Inventor! Find out More
Workshop Timing: (Details)

MYBOTIC Booth, Workshop
Making robotics popular Find out More
Workshop Timing: (Details)

Codomo Booth, Workshop
Autonomy in education, innovation in learning. At Codomo, we spark the passion in children to learn beyond their classrooms and apply tech skills to real world problems or areas they are interested in. We will be showcasing some of the projects done by our codominions (students) and also Potato Pirates – our proprietary card game that teaches coding without computers. Find out More
Workshop Timing: Saturday, 10am to 11.30am (Details)

Tetsuji Katsuda Booth, Workshop
A bunch of 80cm robots that can stand. Four of them play electronic drums, two metallophones, and a set of bells. One of them is a singer with voice synthesis. In dark places, the LED of each robot glows beautifully. The robots are my origlal productions. They look similar but different from each other and there is only one in the world. I made their frames with CNC and 3D printer. The servo motors and a controller are by Japanese maker KONDO-KAGAKU corp. I also developed a dedicated software which synchronizes the robots. The acrylic electronic drums played by a robot are also origlal production. Hi hat, cymbal, snare drum and bass drum are beautifully designed. Every drum sends signal to the sound generator when it is hit. (The sound generator is a commercial product by KORG. It takes triger from audio cable and generates drum sounds.). All robots are connected to one laptop computer. A standard MIDI file is loaded into the dedicated software. A standard MIDI file can be made by normal musical sequence software. One of the MIDI channels is assigned to each robot. For example, data of channel 1 is sent to robot A, and data of channel 2 is sent to robot B. When data is played back, commands for controlling the servomotors from dedicated software are sent to each robot through a serial cable. The audio signals of the song are also sent to a voice synthesis device. (The voice synthesis is a commercial product by KORG. It generates VOCALOID Hatune-Miku voice.) For the singer robot, commands to take the pose are sent instead of voice data. Find out More
Workshop Timing: (Details)

Sutd Gunpla Club Booth, Workshop
Check out how far a community’s hobby has taken its enthusiasts at SUTD Gunpla Club’s booth, where they have made their very own Gundam! Find out More
Workshop Timing: (Details)

Geeks’ Hangout Booth, Workshop
A military droid with a water filtration system, food storage, in-built spy drone and a survival kit. Mainly for soldiers however it can also be configured into a fire fighting, medical and family droid. It is definitely a showcase everyone has to see. Find out More
Workshop Timing: (Details)

ThinkerBit Booth, Workshop
In this hands-on workshop, we invite you to create an interactive flapping artifact for catching new experiences. From bluetooth-controlled flying blimps to Tony Stark’s wearables, Makers can expect to create out of the ordinary. Find out More
Workshop Timing: Saturday: 12nn to 1.30pm. Sunday workshop will be confirmed based on the availability of slots (Details)

Urban PlaySpace Booth, Workshop
Never grow out of your early passions with Urban PlaySpace’s workshops where Makers can assemble and pit their RC Cars against each other! Do set aside timme to learn to build your own RC car! Find out More
Workshop Timing: Continuous workshops at the booth (Details)

NECTEC, Thailand Booth, Workshop
NETPIE platform is a cloud-based platform-as-a-service that facilitates interconnecting IoT devices (“things”) together in a most seamless and transparent manner possible by pushing the complexity of connecting IoT devices from the hands of application developers or device manufacturers to the cloud. Find out More
Workshop Timing: Sunday 1pm to 2.30pm (Details)

Gravity Industries Booth, Workshop
See the innovation behind the vision of human flight, and grasp an insight of how humans can attain flight like Iron Man! Find out More
Workshop Timing: Saturday and Sunday presentations confirmed. Time to be determined later (Details)

Red Dot Drone Booth, Workshop
We are going to show first-person view (FPV) drone race. FPV live stream and lighting arrangement in racing course will significantly enhance experience of audiences. Between races, we will have several drone trial sessions for kids or adults. Find out More
Workshop Timing: Continuous workshops at the booth (Details)

Gimbal Bros. (season2) Booth, Workshop
Gimbal Bros. is coming to Maker Faire! We are making various type of gimbal cameras (and some other devices) for drone, animals, monitoring, and etc. In this Maker Faire, we’ll show our latest gimbal prototypes including Micro Stabilized FPV camera and cool FPV equipments w/ head tracking! Find out More
Workshop Timing: (Details)

KAGE CodeDavinci Booth, Workshop
Classic games with Snap4Arduino!We reimplemented s ome classic games like Pong, Pacman, Pinball with Snap4arduino. We made controllers with some sensors and arduino board and visualized the game with LEDs. Many people will be able to enjoy the interactive gaming experience. Find out More
Workshop Timing: (Details)

WorldClassEdu Booth, Workshop
We, the KAGE Makers’ group, have designed the 「How the Human Body Works?」 using Snap4Arduino, esistance Temperature Detectors Sensor, gsr Sensor, Pulse wave sensor. Through our 「How the Human Body Works?」, we want to experience the mystery of the human body that is happening in our body. Find out More
Workshop Timing: (Details)

Ivan Rodionov, GESS Booth, Workshop
My exhibit will consist of a medium power Audio Modulated Solid State Tesla Coil. The unique feature of my exhibit is an unusually high efficiency driving circuit and a clean electro-magnetic field with almost no fluctuations and harmonics due to the use of a Slayer Exciter design. Another feature of my design is the ability to produce a singing arc thanks to the modulating transformer. Find out More
Workshop Timing: Presentation near booth (Details)

Autodesk Booth, Workshop
Coming soon.. Find out More
Workshop Timing: Workshop time to be allocated (Details)

Cognizant Booth, Workshop
Coming soon… Find out More
Workshop Timing: Workshop time to be allocated (Details)