The crafters of Maker Faire Singapore 2017

PK Goh Booth
Turning reusable by-products into objects with practical and aesthetic value, this booth will show you how to make every little trinket a part of home. Find out More

Saikotique Artistry Booth
While Saikotique Artistry specialises in many craft projects, puppets will be the focus for this exhibition. There are many types of puppets from many different places and cultures and they have been used in a lot of ways. As a teaching aid, a toy, a theatrical prop, and even in therapy.

The puppets that will be brought to this exhibit are sock puppets, hand puppets and hand-and-rod puppets (Yes. Like Sesame Street’s).

Meet and play with the puppets at the tabletop theatre.

Puppet patterns and kits, of varying difficulties, will be sold at the booth to promote the maker culture.

Completed puppets are also on sale at a special Maker Faire only price. While stock lasts.

Handcrafted puppets, puppet making kits are on show and sale. Saikotique is showcasing puppets that embrace many different cultures. Find out More

Wood Flower Cottage Booth
From cute animals to colourful fruits, Wood Flower Cottage’s flower arrangement shows us how much thought and creativity can go into piecing petals together! Find out More

Rebel Customz Booth
Check out Rebel Customz’s DIY Stormtrooper Helmets that were transformed from cardboard! Find out More

Stochastic Elegance Crafts Booth, Workshop
Stochastic Elegance Crafts’s showcase of handmade cards, gift tags and different unique crafts are perfect for those who take a hands-on approach to personalized gifts for any occasion. Find out More
Workshop Timing: Continuour activities at the booth (Details)

Leaves with Memories Booth, Workshop

Leaves with Memories is precisely what it sounds like; they transform your favorite leaves into works of art that would look perfect on any table. Find out More
Workshop Timing: Sat 11am to 12.30pm and Sun 12.45pm to 2.15pm (Details)

Sze Sze Booth
Feast your eyes on a variety of hand-crafted characters, customised Lego figures, toys and display cases. All these projects are driven purely by the joy of hand crafting and curiosity. Just because! Come by for a look or start a spontaneous discussion on hand crafting. Perhaps if you’re lucky enough, you might get a rare hands-on session at the booth. Find out More

Yarnbombing Singapore- Campfire Booth, Workshop

Check out the Yarnbombing influence locally! The Yarnbombing Singapore community will be showcasing a yarnbombed teepee tent, fire and cushions. There will be giveaways and activities around the booth for anyone who’d like to check out yarnbombing for themselves. Who knew yarn wasn’t limited to christmas sweaters and wooly mittens? Find out More
Workshop Timing: Continuous activities at the booth (Details)

Art Lace Studio Booth, Workshop
Art Lace Studio’s designs are based on glass painted jewelry and other crafts. Witness first hand how different colours and flowers are bled into jewelry and glass crafts! Find out More
Workshop Timing: Continuous activities at the booth (Details)

Skill Swap by The ReLOVution Booth, Workshop
Skill Swap is a platform where individuals and communities with a thirst for knowledge connect. Everyone has a skill set they are able to impart to others, and likewise able to pick up other’s skills. At the booth, expect to pick up Maker skills not limited to crocheting, yarn bombing and upcycling projects! Find out More
Workshop Timing: Sat -2.45pm to 3.15pm. Sun 11am to 11.30am (Details)

Handmade Community SG Booth, Workshop
We are a community of passionate creatives engaged in a variety of crafts, looking to extend the crafting experience through workshops, inspirational products that showcase the possibilities of our craft and nurturing community through the sharing of our experiences and skills.

Handmade Community Singapore is one of the largest communities that regularly come together to share their crafting ideas and experiences through workshops and their products. Any craft from fridge magnets to jewelry, they are always seeking new ways to express their Maker talents! Find out More
Workshop Timing: Schedule will be shared shortly (Details)

Luv N Co Booth, Workshop
Only the imagination is the limit when you get your hands working on Polymer Clay and Wire Sculptures! Take a look at Luv N Co’s creations and take part in their hands-on workshop! Find out More
Workshop Timing: Saturday, 11am to 1pm (Details)

CraftasticSG Booth, Workshop
Get a hands-on experience of Making beatiful art pieces with different materials like Clay, Satin, Paper modelling and Amigurumi. From flowers to clay food presentations, freely express yourself with the makers of CraftasticSG. CraftasticSG is a consortium of 7 crafters specializing in different crafts Find out More
Workshop Timing: Continuous activities at the booth (Details)

Ihsan’s Dioramas and DIY Booth, Workshop
Dioramas are models representing a scene with three-dimensional figures, either in miniature or as a large-scale exhibit. In my case, they were a perfect way to create “living worlds” for my action figures. With this exhibit, i aim to display some of my projects and show other collectors how easy it is to start crafting their own. Other projects include custom action figures and props. Come and have a look if you wish to know some of the cool techniques I’ve learnt in my journey as a DIY, action figures and props enthusiast. Find out More
Workshop Timing: Sunday 11am to 12.30pm (Details)

Sunshine & Love Booth, Workshop
Sunshine & Love is about the creation of whimsical handpainted gifts from your everyday objects like mason jars, plates, mugs, beer bottles, and even pasta sauce bottles! We love seeing these seemingly mundane items get transformed into unique works of art that can be used as vases, drinking jars, stationery holders, money banks, home decorations etc Find out More
Workshop Timing: Saturday 3pm to 5pm, Sunday 12.45pm to 2.45pm (Details)

My Art Buddy Pte Ltd Booth, Workshop
We believe that the child’s early years of formative learning is crucial. Our unique Art module is specially designed to nurture the child creativity through Clay and Mosaic. Through our workshop, children develop a sense of expression, communication and creativity. The emphasis is on exploration of techniques, the different applications of mediums and on the unique experiences and wishes of each individual child.

To introduce creative Clay/Mosiac art project to spark the interest of art creation and to encourage children to think and express in an unique and original way.

Find out More
Workshop Timing: Saturday, 5.15pm to 6.00pm, Sunday workshop will be allocated based on number of free slots (Details)

SP_CE Craft Booth, Workshop
SP_CE’s Craft is a unique and underrated new form of craft, where the Makers of SP_CE take everyday materials and unexpected objects, turning them into wearable accessories, preserving the material’s original charm. Find out More
Workshop Timing: (Details)

PAPERRAZI Booth, Workshop
Paperrazi pushes the boundaries of Paper as a Creative and Functional medium. Using an amalgamation of Paper manipulation techniques, works of Art and Functional Products are explored. Check out the scheduled demonstrations at the booth Find out More
Workshop Timing: Saturday 4pm-4.45pm, Sunday 4pm to 4.45pm (Details)

Crafty Makers Booth, Workshop
This time it will be a consortium of 7 hands on crafters coming together to the Maker Faire as Crafty Makers. The 7 crafters are –
1. Just Love Crafts – A design studio working with paper and various upcycled crafts such as Paper Quilling, Paper upcycling, decoupage and Sospeso. As always we will be bringing something new to the maker faire.

2. Hangmade by Gladys – Everything fabric from handsewn bag charms to stuff toys to tote bags.

3. Scottie Crafts – Another creative artist doing roses from disposable party spoons and decoupage on wine bottles.

4. Sunshine n Love – Glass painting artist (had already put in separate application)

5. Blink a bottle – LED lights in upcycled glass bottles and other crafty items with lights.

6. Sebastian Soh – Origami artist – Build from pieces of cut out papers to create a 3D figure model. From the simple small sizes animal to the most detail robot figure. Children from the range from 9 to 12 can have fun crafting at the same time express their creativity. Where else teenager can go on to the advance classes where they can craft a much larger scale. Expert classes are those who will focus more in detail.

7. The Green capsule – Terrariums craft (had already put in a separate application) Find out More
Workshop Timing: Schedule to be given by Makers (Details)

San Merinos Booth, Workshop
We love everything craft but especially needlecraft like knitting and crochet where we are able to create beautiful projects from just yarns. Find out More
Workshop Timing: (Details)

SVAN Creations Booth, Workshop
SVAN Creations focuses on handcrafting women’s jewelry from beads, crystals and pearls. Find out More
Workshop Timing: (Details)

Understand the chemistry of Paints. Create your own paints for creating art work. the paints use everyday materials available in home kitchens to create paints. paints usually have three components: pigment, binder and medium. the pigments are usually powdered forms of colour and they need a binding element to hold it together. the medium for the paints is water to allow painting on paper surfaces. Find out More
Workshop Timing: Saturday, 5pm to 5.45pm (Details)

Crafts of Origami Booth, Workshop
Origami has many possibilities which have made many designs possible. Come and take a look at the different types of beautiful origami models. Discover the beauty and fun of origami with Crafts of Origami. Find out More
Workshop Timing: (Details)

iArtsg Booth, Workshop
Makers will always find a way to create and share their art with the community, no matter the challenge they face. iArtsg is no different, where you can see the crafts of artists with disabilities and even try your hand at Making art-in-the-dark! Find out More
Workshop Timing: (Details)

Design Up Asia Booth, Workshop
Display handmade fashion accessories by local marginalised women. Find out More
Workshop Timing: (Details)

Shemakers Collective Booth, Workshop
Showcase for female makers and friends including Miss Kim Ong, who as female inventor and member of Singapore Inventors’ Development Association has won the most number of local invention competitions, will display articles and news about her maker affairs since Inventime 1988 and the devices she makes. Also highlights about the ideas she pitched at hackathons recently. Find out More
Workshop Timing: (Details)

Brush Lettering Basic Booth, Workshop

Brush Lettering Basics: 11.00am-12.00pm Adrianna from the Handmade Community will be teaching the basics of brush lettering! We will start with learning the different types of brush pens and paper- how to control brush pen pressure- and the fundamental strokes that make up cursive brush letters. After that- we will move on to forming letters- first- by tracing over provided letter worksheets- and then by writing them out individually. Finally- participants will learn how to link letters (in a proper straight line as well as bounce lettering)- and use their new skills to complete a postcard design. Workshop cost $15 per participant. Suitable for Ages 10 and up. Find out more
Workshop Timing: (Details)

Craft Jam – pick a kit and make it Booth, Workshop

Craft Jam – pick a kit and make it: 12.00pm-1.00pm 1) Memo Boards (French Style) – making of fabric covered memo boards + Bonus of upcycling of paper towel bracelets
2) Friendship Bracelets – basic knotting of friendship bracelets
3) Memory wire Bracelets/ear-rings – basics of how to make a proper wire loop for ear-rings and bracelets. Suitable for 5 years and above. Price: 1) S$20; 2) S$12; 3) S$15. Register and pay on site at the workshops. Find out more

Workshop Timing: (Details)

Introduction to Hand Brew Coffee Booth ,Workshop

Introduction to Hand Brew Coffee: 12.00pm-1.00pm Coffee is a staple that many of us consume. Did you know that beyond the instant coffee- there’s a world of flavors that can be experienced from your daily cuppa?
This workshop will gives you a sneak peek into the vast world of coffee.

You will learn:
– Different types of coffee
– Hand brew vs Espresso Based Coffee
– How to hand brew your coffee [Hands on]

Max: 4 pax Suitable for 20s to 40s. Price: $30.90 / pax, $52.20 for 2 pax.

Workshop Timing: (Details)

Leather working: Slip-On Footwear  Booth ,Workshop

(Slipper or Sandal): 1.00pm-4.00pm Participants will learn how to fabricate their own leather slip-on (footwear) for themselves. They will learn how to make a simple pair slipper or sandal made out of leather from scratch. By the end of their workshop- they will walk away with designs which will be one of a kind. Suitable for 10 years and above. Price: 120.
Workshop Timing:  (Details)

Have Fun with creative fold and cut paper dollies  Booth ,Workshop

Have Fun with creative fold and cut paper dollies: 4.00pm-5.00pm Participants learn the creative fun way to making 5-fold star-shape dollies designs. Suitable for 4 to 80 . Price: 25.

Workshop Timing: (Details)

 Make-a-Bear Workshop Booth ,Workshop

Make-a-Bear Workshop: 5.00pm-8.00pm Join us and have fun learning how to make a 5 inch sitting bear from Award winning Teddy Bear Artist- Wayne Lim.

What you will learn in the workshop:
– Setting of eyes & nose
– Stuffing of the bear with poly fibre
– Stitching and closing up the bear

Includes: Materials & instructions to complete the bear
(Some parts of the bear will be pre-sewn.) Suitable for 13 years old and above. Price: 70 Find out more

Workshop Timing: (Details)

Knots Craft mini workshop  Booth ,Workshop

Knots Craft mini workshop: 11.00am-11.30am Knotting is an ancient technique used in many cultures around the world. The technique of tying knots on ropes have been around since the earliest civilisations. However- it is only “recently”- in the past few thousand years- that decorative knots are used as status symbols or with added spiritual elements.
A) The Heart knot is a celtic knot- named because it can be molded into the shape that we normally use to depict the heart. It is a very easy knot to tie without tools- thus especially appropriate for beginners.
B) The Lucky knot is a Chinese knot- but the actual reasoning behind its name is not known. An easy knot to teach- but tools are needed to properly tie it.
At our specially tailored workshops for Maker Faire 2017- you will learn how to tie one or both of the above knots- and attach your craft work onto a key holder with metal frame. Though originally meant as a photo frame- you can also insert dried flowers- famous quotes- paper cuttings- confetti- or whatever you like. Use it as a tag to identify your property. In our fast aging society- gift this to a forgetful loved one and pen your contact number as an insert in case he/she gets lost. Do let me know if you find new ways to use them.
My name is Ai Geok- and I will bring you into the beautiful world of ancient knots- and you can happily savour the looks of admiration for your unique creations. Suitable for above 10 years old . Price: Per pax, $8 one session, $15 both sessions. Find out more

Workshop Timing: (Details)

Decoupage on Canvas  Booth ,Workshop

Decoupage on Canvas: 3.00pm-5.00pm 1. Soap Making + Decoupage Workshop
In this workshop- participants will be taught how to make soap (2 pieces) using the melt and pour method with a piece of decorative napkin embedded inside between the soap layers together with fragrance and colour.
Workshop Fees: SGD$18/-
Duration: 2 hrs
2. 3D Pop Up Flowers on Resin Photo Frame (11cm x 13.5cm)
In this workshop- participants will be taught how to use printed thermal film to create 3D Pop Up Flowers to decorate a resin photo frame.
Workshop Fees: SGD$20/-
Duration: 2 hrs 30mins Suitable for 12 years & above. Price: 1)$18; 2) $20

Workshop Timing: (Details)