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Makers from Singapore Polytechnic

This is the fourth year Singapore Polytechnic (SP) is taking part in Maker Faire as a group. This year, SP is taking part with project showcases from staff and student makers. This list is not exhaustive, find out what you will see at their booth these two days!

Maker: Teo Shin Jen
Showcase: techno Mohawk v2.0: A fancy electronic wearables made with ATtiny85 microcontroller, custom PCB, RGB LED, and fiber optic cable


Maker: Goh Chong Hao Louis
Showcase: DIY Ukulele using scrap materials (Cookie tin, scrap wooden plank, strings, screws and other scrap materials)


Maker: Muhammad Firasfidin B Razali
Showcase: Savvy Teddy: Baby co-sleeping Protection; 4X4X4 LED Cube

savvy teddy


Maker: Muhammad Hassanul Ihsan
1)      Arduino Smartwatch – Connects to an android phone through a specially developed app, syncs time and displays SMS received

2)      P.E.T- Personal Easy Transporter, personal transporter controlled by an android smartphone, multi-use



Maker: Ng Yu Jie
Showcase: Recycled li-ion batteries retrofitted to be rechargeable with multiple sources.

SP Makers Picture 5

Maker: Tan Jing Yu William
Showcase: IoT Enabled Food Cover with Contactless Thermometer and Humidtiy Sensor to prevent food poisoning.


Maker:  Andy Lim Guo Cong
Showcase: 3D Printed Zoetrope [zoh-ee-trohp] that makes images come alive through frame animation


Maker: Mark Ng Wai Yeung
Showcase: Arduino-powered Honest Ted that allow an adorable bear to nod or shake his head when you ask a question over the microphone.


Maker: Low Kok Hee
Showcase: DIY Windmill, DIY Mini Solar Car, DIY Line Follower

  1. https://www.facebook.com/ken.low.756/videos/vb.100001055281556/976390472406120/?type=3
  2. https://www.facebook.com/ken.low.756/videos/vb.100001055281556/959517137426787/?type=3
  3. https://www.facebook.com/ken.low.756/videos/vb.100001055281556/558963814148790/?type=3

Maker: Goh Kok Hong
Showcase: An automated portable fingerprinting attendance taking system


Maker: Fong Jia Yi
Showcase: Remind Me, Alight: Device to wake passengers up at respective bus stops

Remind Me

Maker: Chong Kai Ming and group members
Showcase: Mechanical Water Wheel Clock


Maker: Bryan Goh
Showcase: Monitor sleep pattern of my grandma with my IoT inventions


Maker: Ng Shu Xyan
Showcase: Labradox, a five buttons mini keyboard that helps disabled people to type. With a combination of four buttons, it is able to generate characters found on an ordinary keyboard


Maker: Jolyon Caplin & family
Showcase: Assortment of electronic projects