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Introducing Roan Yong – Presenting on “The Rise of Enchanters”

Roan Yong

Roan Yong (@roanyong) is the author of Social Collaboration e-book. He describes himself as an expert on intranet, and a thought leader on exploiting self-interest to enable bottom-up collaboration, innovation, and community-building. He gives free talks on collaboration to non-profit organisations and public agencies.

Roan started talking about social collaboration and the importance of the intranet because he enjoyed tinkering with the concept of intranet and sharing ideas with other people. His objective is to pull like-minded people to have fun talking about these issues, and also to build their interest to be intranet citizen developer.

More a tinkerer than a maker, that was what he said to us. He would design, revamp, or build a sub-site in the intranet using widely-available intranet “webparts” to improve the user experience.

When asked on the maker scene in Singapore, Roan expressed outright that it is not as big as that in the United States. He felt that Singaporeans should be encouraged to dream bigger.

Quoting Steve Jobs, “Stay hungry, stay foolish”. That’s what he uses to stay motivated. Would this be applicable for you too? Give it a thought.

If you are interested to speak with Roan Yong on social collaboration, look out for this presentation on 4 August 2012.