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How do you sell the things you made? – A sharing by Seah Ying Cong

Laughter (small)Seah Ying Cong, 21-year-old Co-founder and Operations Director of Glints, will be sharing his sales tips to makers at this year’s Singapore Mini Maker Faire, and how to adopt a customer-centric approach to produce development.

In our interview with Ying Cong, he shared his previous experience in entrepreneurship and why he wanted to get involved in the Singapore Mini Maker Faire.

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About Ying Cong

Ying Cong shared his interest in entrepreneurship and how he learnt through business plan competitions. He started a social enterprise but it did not work out. His success came about when he started Glints, an internship portal that recommends candidates for internships based on skills and personality, which he described to have obtained a pretty sustainable growth path.

Getting involved in Singapore Mini Maker Faire

Last year, Ying Cong got involved in the Singapore Mini Maker Faire through his friend Qin En when they came together with another friend to co-deliver a presentation and a workshop on product sales to our makers. Ying Cong shared that when he first heard about the event, he was excited because he likes to build his own things in his free time and he felt that 3D printing will have an impact on how we consume and buy goods in the next decade.

The trio received a good turn-out for their workshop and they also took time to explore the maker booths, when Ying Cong was awed by the Ironman suit. At the same time, he also observed that there was a saturation of makers doing 3D printing. While that was of interest to him, he expressed that he hope to see more diversity in the type of maker booths.

While he declared that he is not actively plugged into the maker movement, he is aware that it is gaining currency and traction, especially with the increasing popularity of Arduino amongst certain local enthusiast groups. When asked on his expected take-away from his participation this year, he felt that there is value that they can bring to the makers from a business point of view, and he looks forward to meeting interesting people and checking out cool gadgets that other participants made.

Don’t miss the chance to speak with Ying Cong personally at his workshop though! More details will be out on the Singapore Mini Maker Faire website www.makerfairesingapore.com.



Do you sell the things you make?

While some pursue “making” purely as a hobby, others consider starting a sustainable business. At this year’s Singapore Mini Maker Faire, a youth entrepreneur speaker shares his views on starting a sustainable business and product development and validation – Looi Qin En.

The speaker

Qin En is dedicated to accelerate business growth through best practices, knowledge and a pair of hands. He enjoys working with startups to catalyse growth, and believe that brand & marketing is vital to success. He will be enrolling in Stanford University in Fall 2014.

Qin En

Qin En

The presentation and workshop

Qin En shared with us that this would be the second time that he conducts a talk on business sustainability (the first was back at his alma mater, Hwa Chong Institute to a 800-strong crowd of youths), but the product validation workshop is novel, hence it would be pretty interesting to see how it would be run. From what we heard, participants would actually be required to walk the streets of Orchard Road to get customer feedback!

Curious about Qin En’s motivation? He shared that he would like to champion action-oriented entrepreneurship, to call for action rather than mere discussion. He will be co-delivering the presentation and workshop with two other friends Oswald and Ying Cong who are passionate about the same cause, and will be sharing their own experiences running an online apparel enterprise and an intern matching programme. Want to know more about Qin En? Check out his website.

If you are someone who wants to take action and experience entrepreneurship, regardless of whether you have your own business idea to start with, Qin En would like to encourage you to attend this presentation on “Starting a Sustainable Business to Sell Your Product” (27 July, 4 – 5pm) and a workshop on “Developing & Validating a Product which Customers Are Willing to Pay For” (27 July, 5 – 6.30pm). Curious enough? If you are, check out the pre-registration site here.