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Introduction of IDA Labs booth @ Maker Faire Singapore

Next, we would like to introduce one of our Maker Faire Singapore co-organisers, IDA Labs.

About IDA Labs

IDA Labs, located at IDA’s headquarters at Mapletree Business City and the National Design Centre (NDC) were officially opened in April 2014.

Since then, IDA Labs has been collaborating with various industry partners, government agencies and education institutions to co-develop and commercialise innovations and projects. . It enables them to work on areas such as generating new ideas, developing new technologies and testing out proof of concepts. IDA Labs seek to achieve three objectives – foster a culture of creating and building; support talented individuals and companies to generate innovative IP from ideation to productisation; and strengthen tech capabilities within government agencies. IDA will be allocating up to S$10 million for the development and execution of the IDA Labs and its suite of programmes and activities.

Showcases @ Maker Faire Singapore

IDA Labs will be showcasing some of their projects, and also projects from individuals and companies that they are working with.

Albert Lim from the IDA Labs will be bringing the following to the Maker Faire:-

Spherical Robot, Gesture Control Drone, Obstacle Avoidance Drone, Leap Motion Robotic Arm and Arduino Uno Hexapod

Gesture Control Drone

Gesture Control Drone

EP-TEC Solutions, a regional technology solutions provider, will be bringing mOway, an educational tool that facilitates the learning of programming, creativity thinking and teamwork in an effective manner.



Artec Educational, that specialised in the design and distribution of teaching materials and educational kits, will be showcasing Robolink that focuses on the mechanical linkage within a robot, and Robotist that focuses on the programming aspect.

Lastly, Engineers Without Borders Asia, a Singapore-based non-profit organisation that empowers disadvantaged communities by improving their quality of life through sustainable engineering solutions, will be showcasing prototypes and products from their Hack-a-Toy project. Toys with small ON and OFF buttons were switched to bigger push buttons for easier activation by children with special needs, enabling the children to enjoy playing with the toys, yet at the same time, encourages movement and improvement of motor skills.

EWB4 (1)

Toy Hacking by Engineers Without Borders