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Merlion’s Magic Garden – A Yarnbombing SG community project

This is the third year of yarnbombing at Maker Faire Singapore. Read the interview with Yarnbombing SG to find out more about this amazing craft project!

This year, you are making a really huge 3m x 2m project. What is it going to be?

Mona: Our project for Maker Faire is Merlion’s Magic Garden.  It is centred around the 3m by 2m picture of Merlion, which will be completed before Maker Faire 2016 and showcased there.

Its garden will be a continuing work in progress throughout the Maker Faire weekend. We invite visitors to come and contribute to it. Anything on a garden theme and that has been crocheted/knitted are welcome.

Can you share with us some basic information on the idea creation, the planning and the actual execution?

Mona: Three of us started brainstorming in November 2015. Yaney put the ideas together and came up with the final design. She couldn’t make it any smaller without affecting the design. So we decided to believe that the community will come together to make 2200 squares and THEY DID!!  We’ve received squares from Singapore, Malaysia and UK.

Work started in January 2016.  We met monthly  but many contributors made their squares at home and mailed in their squares.

Who are the people who contributed to this project?

Mona: There are a mix of people who participate in our projects.  Some are expert crocheters and enjoy our concept which is a different application of crochet. Some have just picked up the craft and enjoy the wacky ideas that bounce around the group.  Its much more fun to craft together.


How did the LED collaboration came about?

Mona: We have been collaborating with OneMaker Group (OMG) since Q4 2015 to create projects that have the element of electronics and textile, and we eventually gave birth to LEDmon (#LEDMON). They were keen to chip in when we shared our concept with them and are looking to breathe interactivity to the Merlion!


Yarnbombing SG Core Team and Robin (OMG)

Activity at Yarnbombing SG booth @ Maker Faire Singapore

Mona: We will be teaching  how to crochet flowers throughout the Faire. Learn, take one away and make one for Merlion.


We also have 2 scheduled workshops where we teach how to crochet 3D bees or mushrooms. Sign up at Crochet 3D Bees/Mushrooms.

We will also have a “Find US” puzzle for Maker Faire visitors. There will be a gift for those who can find them (while stocks last)!


Call to action

Mona: Yarnbombing SG would also like to call out for crafters who would like to donate 3D amigurumi to Merlion’s garden and the Find US puzzle activity. Just approach the volunteers at the booth!

Don’t forget that Maker Faire Singapore (5th edition!) will be taking place this weekend (25 & 26 June 2016) at the Singapore University of Technology and Design, between 10am to 6pm. See you there!

Glass painting at Art Lace Studio

Next, we introduce Ichchha Walimbe from Art Lace Studio who will be showcasing her glass painted projects.


Maker Faire Singapore (MFS): Can you share with us your background?

Ichchha: My background is in Interior Designing, and I worked as an Interior Designer for ten years until 2000. I have a passion for colours since childhood, and picked up sketching and drafting techniques during my professional work. I use my sense of colours and basic drawing skills in the glass painting that I do. I am inspired by nature, particularly flowers. I love flowers and like to observe their details and variations in colours. Flowers have a pleasant effect on our minds. I try to relay the same message through my creations.

My glass painting journey began in 2005 with couple of bottles of colours making gift articles for friends and relatives. Later some of my friends convinced me to participate in various fairs and start selling online. That is when I decided to reach the outside people and started active participation in fairs from 2014.

Traditionally, glass paints are used to colour any glass object but I have developed my own method to make flowers using glass paint and resins etc. I make my own hand painted jewellery accessories using a variety of materials. I make items that can be used/worn in your daily life which in other words means ‘an art in your day-today life’.

MFS: What will you be showcasing?

SAKURA_1111Ichchha: I will be showcasing hand painted tea light holders, coasters, key chains, home deco accessories and our special jewellery. Our special jewellery includes hand painted glass beads and flower jewellery. Some designs to mention for flower jewellery will be ‘Canna’, ‘Jasmin’, ‘Hibiscus’, ‘Frangipani’ and special ‘Sakura’ or ‘Cherry Blossom’ flower. I worked very hard to make the Cherry Blossom flowers but ultimately the pleasure was overwhelming. My products are smaller in size. Visitors to my booth will have to observe carefully to notice the detail work in smaller objects. I will also be displaying a cabinet door sample with hand painted glass. The ply at the back side of the glass can be dismantled. You can remove the ply and insert various background coloured/textured paper behind the glass. Every time you change the background, the cabinet will have a different look. I will be giving a demonstration on glass painting at the booth and providing small samples to those who want to try their hand in painting.

MFS: You have started glass painting in 2005. What or who inspired you to start then?

 Ichchha: Yes, somewhere around that time when I was walking through an art shop when I came across few glass paints. I had never used glass paints before that so I decided to try the colours. My first trial was with a couple of colours. As I became a master in using those colours, I started using them more creatively. So I will say curiosity was my inspiration.

MFS: You have a wide range of glass painted products, including tealight holders, jewellery etc. Is there a piece of work or project that you have done which is most memorable to you?

Ichchha: This will include a pair of yellow and red tea-light holders, a pair of earring with vibrant flowers, and

One of the most memorable project was the special Cherry Blossom flowers. Cherry Blossom flowers are not glass. Glass will make it very heavy and moulding the shape of petals using glass will be extremely difficult. I experimented on many different materials and correct method to bring that transparency in my product. It took me almost 2 months’ time to find the correct method and material for desired effect. For flower jewellery, I use glass paints and resins with some other trace materials. Resin and glass paints have curing time of at least 12 hrs. So you need proper mould to hold the colours and resin in place and retain the shape. I had to experiment a lot to develop a technique. It was a milestone for me to develop this new technique. So these products are really memorable for me. Cherry blossom flowers were particularly difficult  because of their small details, concave shape.

T_LIGHT_MAAD_copyAnother smaller project which is also memorable would be the ted and yellow tea-light holder. Red, yellow, orange, pink go very well with the light, creating quite a dramatic overall effect. I think it is the best tea light holder among all tea lights I have so far made.

MFS: How did you know of Maker Faire Singapore? Is this your first time participating? What do you hope to achieve from taking part in the Maker Faire?

Ichchha: I heard about Maker Faire from one of my friends last year. I will be participating for the first time. It is a good opportunity to showcase your work to a bigger audience, to see what other participants are making and to learn from them. There are very few such opportunities in Singapore. So Maker Faire Singapore is doing a good job.

MFS: Are you familiar with the Maker scene in Singapore? Do you want to share some views on it?

Ichchha: The concept of making is more limited to digital and technology. The love for handmade crafts should be encouraged.

Craft the City with POPIN Craft Community!

Walking into a pink room, you see a buffet spread of materials – Wooden blocks, cardboards scraps, felt, recycled materials and so forth. With an array of tools, you paint, cut, glue, paste and sew, and they morph into buildings, cars and plants of a city! Moreoever, you can make them whichever way you like!

If you think this is a video game of sorts, well it isn’t. In fact, this is something hands-on that you can do at the upcoming Maker Faire Singapore, an activity spearheaded by POPIN Craft Community, a group of artists, designers and creative individuals, who enjoy working with their hands using methods and materials traditionally associated with craft, spreading the passion of handmade and bringing people together through the act of making. We interviewed Shu Ning from POPIN to find out more about this project.

About the Community Craft Project

Since 2011, POPIN has been organising a yearly community craft project, where members of public are involved in the creation of an artwork which would be exhibited at the end of the year.

participants works 1

This year’s project, Craft the City invites everyone to contribute to building a miniature cityscape. The elements in the cityscape could be inspired by real places in our surroundings or from memories. They could also be completely imaginary­ a creative take of what one will associate with the city or things one hope to see in it. Craft the City explores how different people interpret the idea of a city and will result in a collective cityscape made up of multiple unique pieces handcrafted by many individuals. This year’s project is managed by Nathania and Shu Ning, with the rest of the POPIN team chipping in to bring it to the public.

What can participants expect to see or do

“We are excited to be bringing our Craft The City craft gathering to Maker Faire!” – Shu Ning

wip2Shu Ning’s enthusiasm can be contagious, even through email. She shared with us that participants can join in the making of miniature building blocks using a variety of craft techniques including: painting on wooden blocks, cut­-out cardboard constructions and the use of recycled materials. As mentioned earlier, materials will be laid out on the table (buffet-style) and participants can pick and select the materials they would like to use for their building piece. We learnt from Shu Ning that this is POPIN’s usual style for their craft sessions. Ultimately, their objective is for members of public to enjoy the slow process of crafting as well as the creativity and interaction that happens during the gatherings.

Since earlier this year, POPIN has made open call for artists and craft lovers to submit an art piece to contribute to this miniature cityscape. They have also held public craft gatherings, similar to the one that they are going to hold at Maker Faire Singapore. Take a look at this for a sneak preview!



Aspirations for the craft session at Maker Faire Singapore

Shu Ning shared that they hope to get inspired by everyone’s creativity as every participant has their own idea about how to add on to a city.

While the project was started with an image in mind, it has grown differently from what they first envisioned after a few sessions.

DSC_0775“That’s the beauty of a community craft project, we let ‘accidents’ happen and improvise along the way. We also look forward to meeting new people with different interests and see how it shapes the project organically.” – Shu Ning

Well, I can already imagine the possible different ways that our makers with different background can come up with, if they drop by to contribute a cityscape element. Maybe a mini car with blinking LED headlights, or a glass-decorated building? Endless computations, isn’t it? If you are joining, feel free to bring your own materials too!

Looking forward to join in the Craft The City session on 11 July (4 – 7pm) and 12 July (3 – 6pm) @ 15 Tampines Street 11, Level 1 (Pink Room)

Priyanka’s Quilling Passion

I sense a lot of passion when interviewing Ms Priyanka Gupta Sarvaiya about her quilling endeavour.

Priyanka quillingPriyanka from “Just Love Crafts” is a professional paper artist who works extensively with paper quilling, a craft which is very endearing to her. At the Singapore Mini Maker Faire (SMMF), Priyanka will showcase a wide selection of products and designs made with the art of paper quilling, such as tea light candle holders, photoframes, wall plaques, miniatures, shadow boxes, wall clocks and so forth. Through her participation at the event, Priyanka wishes to get more people acquainted with the potential of this craft which she said is fairly simple to learn. While she is already conducting regular quilling workshops, she felt that there are many who still do not know about this, hence motivating her to proactively create a greater level of awareness. To promote this craft, Priyanka has set up a meet-up group for quillers in Singapore and she was happy that non-quillers had turned up to find out more about it and even managed to leave with handmade items within a short span of 2 hours. Interested to join the meet-up? Check out more information here.

Views about the maker movement in Singapore

Priyanka has strong views about the maker movement. She felt that people of all age groups and background should be encouraged to learn something new. From Priyanka’s point of view, hands-on activities are not only enriching and therapeutic, but might even become a means of living for some. She hopes that people would be able to see it from a wider perspective and also take a collaborative approach in the process of making as it will both enrich themselves and the society, for example by recycling/upcycling resources and promoting local made products.

Having missed out on last year’s SMMF while travelling, Priyanka expressed excitement to participate both as a maker and as an attendee this year, with the objective of spreading the awareness of quilling to more people.

If you are interested to find out more about the craft of quilling, come by Priyanka’s maker booth at the Senja-Cashew CC this weekend or attend her workshops which will be conducted at 4.45pm – 5.15pm on both days. More about Priyanka can also be found at her “Just Love Crafts” blog and Facebook Page.

Have you heard of Tatting?

Joyce Lim is a cardmaker, jeweller and tatter. She started selling her own handmade Christmas cards in 1998 to her office colleagues and later proceed to sell her own range of handmade jewellery at markets and bazaars.In 2011, Joyce self published her first tatting book – Tatted Lace Patterns. In the following year, she decided to turn her hobbies into a full-time enterprise. We conducted an interview with Joyce to find out more about tatting.

So, what is tatting?

Clover DollieTatting is almost unheard of in many parts of the world. Also known as shuttle lace, it uses shuttle and thread to make jewellery, dollies, bookmarks, edgings, collars, table runners, motifs, handphone charms/strap and more. Sometimes beads are used to create interesting effect or to enhance a design. The end product can be used to adorn clothings, decorate and beautify the house, create fashion/hair accessories, doll up your pets or make a gift for someone special.

Tatting provides good training for left and right hand coordination. It has also been used in occupational therapy to keep convalescent patients’ hands and minds active during recovery, as documented, in Betty MacDonald’s “The Plague and I”.

How did you get started?

I came across tatting in a craft shop in the late 1990s and I signed up for the class immediately. I first taught tatting in 2000 but had to stop due to work commitment. I continue to tat over the years and started teaching again in 2009. My classes are mostly in small groups of 2-8 participants so that I can give each participant enough attention.

How did you learn about the Singapore Mini Maker Faire? 

I read about it on someone’s Facebook post last year but the event was already over. My friend was invited to participate this year. Knowing that I am actively looking out for suitable events to participate, he forwarded the message to me. This will be the first time I participate in the Singapore Mini Maker Faire.

As this is my full time job now I hope to create an awareness for my products and services, not only among the public but organisations as well (classes and corporate greeting cards), and eventually be able to make a living out of it.

Workshops at Singapore Mini Maker Faire

Are you keen to learn tatting? Joyce will be conducting two sessions of workshops during the event at Senja-Cashew CC (26 July, 1.45pm and 27 July, 1.30pm) at $35/ person, and a presentation about tatting on 26 July, 4.10pm. Online registration for workshops: https://www.regonline.sg/smmfWorkshops

If you are interested to find out more about Joyce and her tatting venture, you can check out Joyce’s website http://www.uniqcreations4u.com and drop by her booth and speak with her.

About Ms Chang Wei Mun and her DIY Cake Toppers and Wooden Dolls

LCLMakerFaire2014Ms Chang Wei Mun, one of the co-founders of Little Craft Loft, will be conducting a workshop on how to make cake toppers and wooden dolls on 27 July (Sunday), 3.15pm to 4.45pm at Senja Cashew Community Club. Check out this interview with Wei Mun to learn more about her and Little Craft Loft.

Can you share more about Little Craft Loft?

Little Craft Loft is about the love for our children. It is about discovering the meaning in designing and making for our children. The best gifts are made from scratch, showered with love, and crafted with imagination.

I have always loved crafting. I relish the simple joy of creating something beautiful from scratch. I get a lot of satisfaction from dreaming up a design to actually making it with my own hands. I adore my little three year old girl and have channeled this passion into making things for her.

It’s incredibly meaningful and fulfilling to put in time and effort into crafting projects and to see my daughter’s face light up when I finally complete it and give it to her. I’ve made simple toys, birthday decorations and lots of clothes so far.

It doesn’t matter if the end product isn’t perfect or of commercial quality. These don’t matter to children. What matters is that they know that mummy or daddy had specially made it for them. I learnt this when my daughter showed that she could understand, even when she was only 1 year old, that some of her clothes were made by me and would prefer to wear those clothes. It can be difficult sometimes to test fit clothes on her as she would adamantly refuse to take them off!

I started making cake toppers  a year ago as I wanted to create a special gift for my daughter’s second birthday. I came across adorable wedding wooden doll cake toppers in Etsy and wanted to try my hand at making a unique and personalised doll for her birthday.

After learning the basics of making a painted wooden doll, I applied my dress making experience and made whimsical little clothes for the wooden dolls. I hope to create a new doll for her every year based on her current interests.

What can participants expect to make for the course? Is it suitable for children or adult?

I hope to inspire other parents to design and make crafts for their loved ones, starting with wooden doll making. I will teach my own unique way of making a dressed-up doll with hand sewn outfits.

Workshop participants will get to learn this unique crafting hobby and take home their own wooden dolls. They will learn the basics in doll making that involves sketching, painting, selection of fabrics and sewing techniques. It is a hands-on workshop and participants will get all the materials needed to make their own unique dolls.

Parents are more than welcome to participate together with their children. However, as some painting, sewing and glueing work is involved, I would recommend that the children be aged at least 6 and above.

If you are interested in Wei Mun’s work, check out her website at www.littlecraftloft.com.

Paper Quilling, The fun way


Learn the vibrant and versatile art of paper quilling in this fun filled hands- on workshop. 

Each participant will be making motifs such as hearts, flower and leaves, butterfly etc. which can be used to make your own greeting cards, gift tags, bookmarks etc. or can be used to decorate photo frames, gift boxes, stationery and all or simply convert to a piece of jewellery. Sounds cool right! There is more!! 

All the supplies will be provided during the class including the blank greeting card/ gift tag base and jewellery supplies to convert your motif to a wearable pendant or earrings. Take home whatever you make in the workshop.

Also, get to lay your eyes on a wide collection of paper quilling projects including greeting cards, wall frames, miniatures, jewellery and an assortment of other projects.

Suitable for kids and adults alike.
Date: 26th July 2014
Time: 4.30pm-5.15pm

Date: 27th July 2014
Time: 5pm-5.45pm

Register:  https://www.regonline.sg/smmfWorkshops 

Meet the Crafters of SMMF 2014

The Bunglin’ Tinker: METAMORPHOSED TEES,  Upcycled Adornments (Booth)

Add pizzazz to your look with your expendable tees . . . not your wallet! These fun, breezy no-sew projects will illuminate the wonders & versatility of a humble tee. Psst. Helps reduce fashion wastage for our globe too!  Upcycled Adornments include  T-Shirt Scarf, T-Shirt Bracelet, T-Shirt Belt, T-Shirt Headband, T-Shirt Slippers. All materials and tools provided.


Pooja Makhijani: Portfolio! (Booth, workshop)

Make a beautiful, hardcover portfolio for holding stationery, a stamp collection, wall paper samples, or pressed flowers or for carrying drawings, sheet music, or photographs.

http://notabilia.wordpress.com  twitter.com/notabilia

Ong Sze Sze: Otterly Fun with Clay – Add a touch of wildlife to your home with this otter making workshop! (Booth, Workshop)

Have you caught on the excitement with the increased sightings of wild otters in Singapore? While it’s illegal to keep a real otter as a pet, it’s way more fun to make your own pet otter.

Learn the basic concept of designing a character and crafting the idea out of clay. This is the perfect hands-on session to get started on clay crafting for young and old.


Little Craft Loft: Custom Cake Topper and Wooden Doll Making for Birthdays and Special Occasions (Workshop)

See your imagination come to life as you make your own custom cake topper and wooden dolls. Learn the basics in designing, crafting and painting cake toppers and wooden dolls. Have a delightful afternoon of hand-making goodness! All materials will be provided.


Xiaomi-Leathercraft (100% Handmade Leather Bag): (Booth)

Xiaomi the founder is a typical Kampung girl who had spent her childhood in the little mountain away from concrete jungle. Natural surrounding like waterfall, bird singing, dog barking and children laughter in these day younger generation can never experience but she had spent her 18 years growing up from the tranquil forest.

Dreams to reality when she had her 1st baby girl in year 2012. The exciting experience of the baby girl arrival has reminded of her childhood dream when at the age of 14, the same feeling she had when she make her first handmade bag from her old torn jeans.

It’s time she decided to continue her passion of making handbag, not from her old torn jeans anymore but genuine leather, that’s the story began of Xiaomi’s Handmade Leather Bag.

Davy YOUNG Pak Nang: Leaves with Memories (Booth)

I will be selling fine hand-crafted ceramic leaves.  These are suitable for ornamental and functional purposes.

Each ceramic leaf is pressed from a real natural leaf onto a thin slab of fine white clay, then fired in a kiln at 1,000 degrees Celsius.  The fired piece is then glazed in tones of green and/or brown, then fired a second time at 1,2000 degrees.

Each leaf is unique, and no two pieces of the finished product are ever identical.

Production is carried out in small batches of about 20 leaves at a time.


Hang Li Kheng: Hangmade by Gladys (Booth)

Self made fabric craft items such as bags, stuffed toys,
cases, cushions, cushion covers and others.
Connect with Gladys: https://www.facebook.com/HangmadebyGladys

Priyanka Gupta: Just Love Crafts (Booth, Workshop)

Handmade crafts such as greeting cards, photo frames, tealight candle holders, Jewellery made from paper and other natural materials.
Everything will be handmade and OOAK.
All my products are handmade in Singapore and ecofriendly.


Barangshop (Booth, Workshop)

Love bags or shoes? Want to know to how make them? Join our workshops and you’ll get to learn to make a leather card wallet or even a mini shoe!

Connect With Barangshop www.barangshop.com.sg , www.facebook.com/barangshop

Tay Swee Siong: Clay Modelling Character Design (Booth, Workshop)

This exhibition is a showcase of scale model character designs using clay as a sculpting medium. The exhibition will demonstrate to the public how a figurine character can be sculpted by showing the tools and techniques used. The objective of this exhibition is to increase public appreciation and nurture more local talents in the genres of scale modelling, figurines, 3D illustration in Singapore.


Benjamin Tan: Crafts of Origami (Booth)

Have you ever wonder what models can be made by folding sheets of paper?

Connect with Benjamin:


Joyce Lim: Introduction to Tatting (Booth, workshop, presentation)

Learn to make handmade lace and expand your creativity. Don’t let technological advancement kill our creative life.

Connect with Joyce: http://www.uniqcreations4u.com

David Liew: Steampunk art and other Strangeness (Booth, Workshop)

David Liew is a model-maker, animator and children’s book illustrator.  Working with things he finds around him in his daily life, he gives them a new lease of life as artwork

Connect with David: https://www.facebook.com/pages/David-Wolfe-Liew/133971020120363

Tang Zhi Jie: Photography (Booth)

A Photography exhibition by Jordan’s Photography which mainly focus on Landscape & Urban Architecture photography.

Connect with Jordan: https://www.facebook.com/SshutterMmoments

Sew Fun! @ Art Loft: A craft initiative (Booth)

Drop by to experience how electronics and textiles can be combined

Zheng Hao Choo: The Green Club Project: Making your own JUGGLING props using recycled material (Booth, Presentation)

The unique skill of juggling and circus arts can sometimes limited by the cost of the props required. In order to reduce this limitation, the Green Club Project was started by the Bornfire Community Circus to create a large number of juggling clubs at reasonable costs. Come have a look at our DIY props, and try your hand at making them, or just learning some circus skills!

Presentation description: Juggling: a physically and intellectually demanding skill which happens to be strangely addictive too. Learn how juggling as a hobby has evolved over the last few decades with the pervasive reach of the Internet. Take a look how social media has radically changed this obscure hobby into a global interactive community.


Introducing Benjamin Tan and his origami friends

DSCF2041a Benjamin and friends took part at the Singapore Mini Maker Faire last year at SCAPE, where they showcased the origami works they have done, and introduced the art of paper folding to visitors of the Faire.

He shared that he started folding origami some 20 years back when he came across a Chinese book on origami. His interest developed after having folded the models from this book, and he bought a second book “Teach Yourself Origami” by Robert Harbin, which showed him that there is a lot more to origami than the traditional models. His interest has sustained until today.

Benjamin has his own origami website here.  He and his friends are also members of the group “Origami Singapore”, an informal gathering of origami enthusiasts in Singapore.

Takeaway from SMMF13 and advice for first time participating maker

When asked about his takeaway from his involvement in the Singapore Mini Maker Faire last year, Benjamin shared that it is a good platform for makers to meet each other. During the event, he learnt that there are many people making different kind of things. He also observed that there were many children participants and he hope to see more adults showing interest as well.

As a word of advice, he would like to remind all first time participating makers to make good use of their set-up time, and also to take the time to walk around no matter how busy you are at your booth. He felt that it would be important to also learn from other makers and make friends with them.


Good maker spirit, Benjamin! We hope you get to know more makers this time round! Who knows what kind of exciting new projects you might end up doing together?

About Pooja, Bookbinding and a Collaborative Installation

I had an interesting chat with Pooja on the afternoon before she went back to New York for her break.

Although Pooja ran a workshop on concertina-spine binding last year at the Singapore Mini Maker Faire 2013, I had no chance to meet up with her and speak with her. I had written a blog post then to introduce her based on some email exchanges, so this time round, I was glad to be able to arrange a chit-chat session.

Pooja offered to use a co-working space she has reserved. It is called Grey Projects and the location was at Kim Tian, Tiong Bahru. It is a nice quiet place and it also happened to be the day before an exhibition of self-published books that the Grey Projects has planned. So, thanks to Pooja, I had a quick glimpse of this interesting exhibition’s behind-the-scene preparation!

Opinion of the Singapore Maker Movement

As it is Pooja’s third-year experience at the Singapore Mini Maker Faire (she was a visitor in the first year!), I was rather interested to find out her view of the maker movement here in Singapore. Compared to when Pooja first came to Singapore, she felt that the maker movement here had became more organised. She observes more ground-up efforts, more meet-up sessions, more people trying their hands on DIY stuff. She remarked that it is a dramatic development.

When asked whether there is any community that she thinks we can still reach out to, Pooja gave an interesting reply. Instead of highlighting a hobby group (which I was expecting), Pooja replied that we should look into programmes that can reach the senior citizens and the National Servicemen, based on her own observation at the classes she conducts for the National Arts Council (NAC). She elaborated that these two communities seem to have a lot of interest to pick up new skills. So, for makers out there, keep a look out for chances to reach out to these two communities!

Portfolio-making workshop

image_3Pooja will run a workshop to create a cloth-covered portfolio for holding stationery, drawings, photographs and so forth, using luscious book cloth and beautiful Japanese Chiyogami papers.

Her workshop will be held on 27 July, Sunday, 2.45pm – 4.15pm at the Singapore Mini Maker Faire at Senja-Cashew CC and you can find the registration site here.

Special Highlight : Bookbinding Day and Collaborative Installation

Besides conducting a workshop, Pooja is also participating in this year’s Maker Faire in two different ways. In three weeks’ time, Pooja will be part of the SMMF2014: Bookbinding Day where she joins Ian Tan, Mariko Watanabe and S T Leng in a series of bookbinding workshops to teach different bookbinding projects.

Pooja will also be embarking on an exciting project for all visitors of the Singapore Mini Maker Faire, where everyone gets a chance to participate and create a “folded element” of a collaborative-sculpture book object. On the first day of the Faire, Pooja will be personally guiding interested visitors on the project from the opening of the event until 1pm. She will also be around on Sunday, both to conduct her bookbinding workshop from 2.45pm to 4.15pm and to conclude her collaborative project towards the end of the event. It’ll be another exciting component of this year’s Singapore Mini Maker Faire. If you are not able to drop by when Pooja is around, do not worry as we will also have volunteers who will help to guide you. Do come join us and have some fun creating!

Want to know what other things Pooja do? You can check out her blog here.