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Thoughts from the HomeSchool Singapore network on Making in Singapore

Homeschool Singapore, a network of several home educating families in Singapore, will be participating in this year’s Maker Faire Singapore. We checked in with Crystal Charles on what we can see at their booth area.

Showcases and Past Experiences

BlurImage(5-7-2015 5-53-18)Crystal shared that they will be having a range of interactive exhibits for kids to have fun learning scientific concepts such as weight, rockets science, buoyancy, geology and solar power. The idea was inspired by a craft fair which the group held successfully at the Singapore Art Museum (SAM), and they decided to adapt it to become a science fair so that the homeschool educated children aged between 4 and 8 can collaborate on projects to learn science, whilst at the same time build confidence and presentation skills at the booth.

2015-07-05 18.06.17Crystal also shared that their previous experience selling craft items at the SAM craft fair taught the children a lot. Through the experience, they cultivated their creativity, put their mathematics into practice, learnt about demand and supply, and built patience, persistence and confidence. At the end of the event, they sold craft items to raise fund for the Singapore Children’s Society and managed to raise over $1000. The group hoped that Maker Faire would provide a similar dynamic learning opportunity.

Learning about Maker Faire Singapore

Crystal also shared with us that she was pleasantly surprised when she found out about Maker Faire Singapore (while she was looking for science events in Singapore), that while she has not attended it, the reviews had promised her a good platform for creative expression and innovation. We hope we live up to her expectations!

“A show like this is not mere entertainment or spectacle. It’s a celebration of the connection between the human brain and hands.” – Crystal

Thoughts on the Maker Culture in Singapore

“Singaporeans don’t need to look far to be inspired. Where things are being constructed, there is a need for innovative design. Where there is much waste, there is opportunity for renewal, and reinvention. Where time goes faster, there is a need for things that help us reflect and see beauty. Most people just need an introduction on how to get started, to meet someone who has made something wonderful or to hear a story from someone who is passionate. Seminars, workshops and talks can help them build confidence, then their own work will flow.” – Crystal

I love Crystal’s reflection on the maker culture. How true it is, that sometimes we just need an inspiration to get started. We certainly hope that Maker Faire Singapore will be that place where you can be inspired and also inspire.

Gearing up with the harmonograph

It is coming to half a year since the inaugural Singapore Mini Maker Faire which was held on 4 & 5 August last year at Science Centre Singapore. So, what have all the makers been doing in this half a year? What projects have everybody been doing? It would be great if you could share them with us.

To start the ball rolling, we will share what some students under the club “Singapore Academy of Young Engineers and Scientists (SAYES)” have been tinkering with in the month of December.


The harmonograph


Drawing of a harmonograph

Want to try your hands on it as well? The harmonograph they built will be set up for the first time in public on 19 January 2013 at Fort Canning as part of the Handmade Movement Singapore’s Indie Craft Fair and you are free to express your drawing creativity with this specially designed paper!

Harmonograph drawing on Singapore Mini Maker Faire 2013 design paper

Harmonograph drawing on Singapore Mini Maker Faire 2013 design paper

So, come look for us at Fort Canning Green and Patio, 52 Canning Rise, this coming Saturday!