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From traditional printing press to blinky circuits

Were you here with us at the Marquee, Science Centre Singapore for our first lead-up family workshop for the Singapore Mini Maker Faire last Saturday? It was an amazing array of activities and we hope you had managed to cover everything if you were here.

Check out some of the station activities that were arranged!
LED activities/ Using DIY remote buttons for Scratch software
Learn about simple circuits by making a blingtastic circuit


Sciencey games: Kendama
Amaker3D: Open source 3D printing
3D modelling and design with Henry Wong and Darren See
Quilling and paper crafting with Priyanka Datta
Solder your own wireframe models by Pan Yew
Colour Me – by artist Richard Kearns
Communicate your Science: a “Be a writer” talent hunt and children’s talk show, by Sindu Sreebhavan of Kids Parade Magazine

If you had missed this workshop, no worries, there will be other opportunities. Do watch this space or follow us on our Singapore Mini Maker Faire Facebook Page! Remember to block your calendar for our actual Singapore Mini Maker Faire 2014 which will happen on 26 & 27 July 2014 at Senja-Cashew Community Club.

From Paper to Porcelain – Alternative ceramics art work

Can you imagine turning paper into porcelain? I was awed when I read about the idea, and totally amazed and impressed when I realised the lengthy and detailed production processes.

Singapore Mini Maker Faire 2013 would like to introduce Teo Huey Ling, the person behind this alternative ceramics artwork.

The artist

Huey Ling is a practising visual artist who specialises in ceramics, having gone through a 3-year apprenticeship in a bowl and plate-making ceramic workshop in Malaysia before going on to further study in Australia.

She shares a work space with three other artists at the Bedok Industrial Park where they have a kiln to fire ceramics art pieces.

Although she prefers to spend more time on her art works, the NAFA graduate also teaches part time in many places, sometimes in primary schools, mostly in NAFA and Temasek Polytechnic, covering subjects like 2D drawing and painting to 3D clay and wire.

The artwork

Through our interview, Huey Ling expressed her observation of a conservative and repetitive local ceramics environment due to the demand for more functional ceramic ware. However, in her opinion, the word ceramics should transcend beyond functionality into something more contemporary. What is interesting is that her porcelain art works are made of a diverse range of materials, including rice papers and even wool that are used for felting. Hence, her art works are considered unconventional by most in the Ceramics field. Huey Ling believed that the concentrated activity of the making processes will uncover the responsiveness hidden in the materials, hence bring forward the spirit of the process and its energy to the viewer.

Although her art works focus more on the aesthetic aspects, she had chosen to title them “Vessels” just like the wares she made as a potter, which contain and carry things. She sees her artworks as vessels of aesthetics, of the form, of the translucency and whiteness of the porcelain material. Below is an extract from Huey Ling’s blog on what the knitted vessel series is about.

Knitted vessel

Knitted vessel

“Knitted vessel series is an on-going exploration of form, paper, porcelain and slip casting. It is a combination of multiple methods and processes where rice papers were first cut and twisted into cords, then meticulously crocheted into shapes. The paper crochet shapes were then dipped into porcelain slips to form a slip cast on the paper crochet. Finally, the work is put in a kiln where the paper is fired away to produce the porcelain form.”

It is not difficult to imagine the tedious process where the artist has to go through trials and errors to master the materials and understand what works, and also the agony she probably went through when a full kiln of work failed 2 weeks before an important exhibition. As Huey Ling highlighted, it takes a lot of discipline and perseverance for one to become an artist in Singapore. I guess many makers will also find the challenges familiar.

The Faire

Huey Ling had learnt about the Singapore Mini Maker Faire through a friend and she was keen to get to know other people who like to make things. If you drop by her booth, do say “Hi’ to her!

Introducing E’von LeAngelis S.

The Singapore Mini Maker Faire brings a different range of makers this year. On top of electronics & 3D printing enthusiasts, tinkerers and crafters, we will also have an illustration artist who will demonstrate her work live at her maker booth at the two-day event at SCAPE – Yvonne Soh from “E’von  LeAngelis S.”.

Her background

Yvonne shared that drawing has been very close to her heart since she was a child. She had taken part in drawing competitions in the local community centres and primary school and had been recognised by her teachers in her potential in art. Despite so, she had taken up her parents’ advice to pursue Science and Mathematics classes in her Secondary School years. However, she said that these subjects did not get to her and at the same time, she missed the opportunity to gain the knowledge of an art student. She caught on with illustration when she went to the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) to pursue her studies in graphic design, and that was after she graduated with a Diploma in Interior Design from Singapore Polytechnic.

Some people probably find her story familiar. How many of you had to pursue something which you did not fancy, but did so anyway for some other reasons?

In Yvonne’s case, she had pursued her passion in drawing at a later part of her study life, and has now found her way forward with it.

Her illustrations

When asked about her technique, Yvonne shared that most of her original illustrations are in black and white and are done either in ink or pencil with detail rendering/ shading before she puts them into Photoshop for colouring. To a layman like me, it is an interesting mixture of traditional and digital techniques. But apparently, most of the illustrations we see these days are done digitally as they speed up the process compared to traditional ways. However, Yvonne expressed an interest to master both skills.

Yvonne said that her inspiration comes from nature and dreams, and her illustrations revolved creations from imagination and memories. In fact, she still recalled her first illustration was based on a dream she had. In a way, her illustrations have become a way for her to translate messages and remember stories.

As she progresses, she also like to help people capture their stories or memories through her illustrations. Hence, she sometimes work on commissioned projects by individuals and organisations.

Her experiences

Yvonne's illustration which won 3rd place in the Downtown Line 3 Hoarding Competition

Yvonne’s illustration which won 3rd place in the Downtown Line 3 Hoarding Competition

Besides working commissioned projects, Yvonne also takes part in competitions.

One that impressed upon me was the one she drew of a train passing through Fort Canning as it portrayed families admiring the greens while they passed through the park. The sight was a pretty one.

The illustration won third place in the Downtown Line 3 Hoarding Competition and is placed at hoardings of the construction at some various spots.

Yvonne had also taken part in Noise Singapore Festival a couple of years back, and found it a memorable experience where her works were even featured on temporary box installations and at bus-stop advertisement panels.


Yvonne with her artwork at a temporary box installation

Her showcase at the Singapore Mini Maker Faire

At the Singapore Mini Maker Faire 2013, Yvonne will be showcasing some of her past and present works, including two bilingual flip-up books she did with MandarinaKids – “Grandma’s Eightieth Birthday” and “Little Jay Writes an Adventure”. She will also be showcasing one of her persona project – “Outside the Gadget City” which I personally like due to the interactivity. Find out more about the book through the video she did of “Outside the Gadget City”.

When she is not talking to visitors, she will also be working on her illustrations at her booth. 🙂

You can check out more of Yvonne’s illustration pieces at her website or her Facebook page. Drop by the Singapore Mini Maker Faire 2013 on 27 & 28 July at SCAPE Warehouse to check her booth out!