SciCraft Makers of 2017

SoapLah by HMS Eco Booth
Natural handmade soaps, balms and lotions with locally/regionally sourced ingredients, soap making demonstrations!
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The Green Capsule Booth, Workshop
The Green Capsule is founded in 2014 by two green enthusiasts. Together, we want to bring our love for greening to a whole new level and aims to be one of first online terrarium shops in Singapore to provide the option of full customisation. A product of design and love for who you care for ; A personalised gift that encapsulates a story that one will like to share on; a memory that one can keep. Tell us your story and make unforgettable memories with our gift options.

The Green Capsule is showing the artistic and DIY value encapsulated by their carefully handcrafted terrariums not bound to your usual pots and jars! Find out More
Workshop Timing: Continuous Workshops at booth (Details)

Mei’s Creations Booth, Workshop
A showcase of hand forged silver jewelry, unique crafts that take great skill to create. Sign up for Mei’s Creations’ workshop to have a go at forging your own jewelry! Find out More
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Pencaster Booth
Pencaster’ collection of custom crafted writing instruments include (but is not limited to) Fountain pens to Letter openers. Demonstrations of pen making with Gary’s lathe Find out More

Anjali Design Booth, Workshop
Drop into Anjali Design and find out how to bend fuse and mix glass. Anjali promises soldering and melting glass this year and is bringing down her kiln, so don’t miss it! Find out More
Workshop Timing: Continuous activities at the booth (Details)

Fat Anvil Studios Booth, Workshop
Fat Anvil Studios conducts silversmithing workshops that cater to those tho are interested in making their own jewelry. The designs accomodate individuality, imagination and innovation. Find out More
Workshop Timing: Sat: 2.30pm to 5.00pm (Details)

Odoroki Studio Booth
Odoroki Studio offers a wide range of resin-based art pieces from jewelry, accessories and home decor. At Maker Faire, you can sign up for a resin craft workshop to explore the possible designs and crafts you can make with resin. Find out More

Timba Booth, Workshop
I am a maker from Timba. Timba improvises local waste material to create environmentally friendly products. Addressing sustainable development, we currently work with furniture industry waste, coffee waste. and fashion industry waste. And in the near future, I am responsible for developing products from Agricultural industry waste such as banana trunks, leaves and bamboo. Find out More
Workshop Timing: Sunday 11.45 to 12.30 (Details)

Bartholomew Ting and Tinkertanker Booth, Workshop
Inspired by Caine’s Arcade, we are building a game arcade made from cardboard. Visitors will get to play with popular life-size arcade games such as basketball shooting and the claw crane. Electronics using the Arduino or microBit micro-controllers will be incorporated for timekeeping and scorekeeping. We also hope to create tabletop versions of the arcade games that visitors can build on their own and bring home.

Ever heard of a boy named Caine and his cardboard arcade? You can experience a similar product from TinkerTanker and their version of a cardboard arcade. Equipped with Arduino boards and other electronics, Makers can learn how TinkerTanker incorporated science and techology into every boy’s dream. Find out More
Workshop Timing: Continuous activities at the booth (Details)

Craftminds Booth, Workshop
With just some ice-cream sticks and some glue, let your imagination run wild and Make creations that will brighten up your living space. Find out more about what you can produce with Craftminds. Remember to get the team to show you their hydraulic creations! Find out More
Workshop Timing: Saturday, 1.15pm to 2.45pm (Details)

Sustainable Living Lab Booth
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Ground Up Initiative Booth
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teamLab Booth, Workshop
How do you make an emotional project? teamLab, the renowned Japanese art collective, recognized for challenging and expanding the digital art making practice, asks this question in their art installations. Takasu from teamLab will talk about their deeply interactive works and their unique ability to nurture creativity and curiosity through technology. Find out More
Workshop Timing: Saturday, 2pm-2.30pm, Sunday 2pm-2.30pm (Details)

Big Tree Booth, Workshop
Big Tree’s Makers approach youth development in schools is wholesome, having struck a balance between the arts and techonology when it comes to imparting creativity and expression to our Young Makers. Come down and learn how modern electronics have brought a new dimension to greeting cards! Find out More
Workshop Timing: Continuous activities at the booth (Details)

Jason Koh Booth, Workshop
Maker Jason Koh’s exhibit showcases his original plastic origami crafts, with the use of paper fasteners to create mini-sculptures of birds, fishes, animals, dragons, dinosaurs, robot figures etc. Find out More
Workshop Timing: Continuous workshops at the booth (Details)

Craftel Booth, Workshop
Craftel is a robot made from paper that is powered by the wind. By using everyday items such as skewers and rubber bands, and printing the published patterns, anyone can start building robots.
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Workshop Timing: Place in prominent location (Details)

Nerf Singapore Booth, Workshop
Nerf Singapore is an enthusiast group based around foan dart blaster toys. Using dart blasters for skirmish battle games, but also having a culture built aroound the customization of toy blasters. From painting and beautifying the blasters to create disiplay pieces to using 3D modellng / printing and machining to create practical, functional upgrades to enhance the performance of these blasters for gameplay. Or just tinkering with the mechanism of the toys for repair and maintainence. Come down to see some of the creations made from store bought blasters and try your hand at the shooting gallery! Find out More
Workshop Timing: (Details)

Sew Fun Booth, Workshop
Sew Fun is the educational arm of Uyii Studio. Started by designers and crafters, Sew Fun is our avenue to share our experience in textiles and sewing with others. This year we will be showcasing our explorations in e-textiles, a combination of electronics and textile. Visit our booth to learn more about sewing and e-textiles!

We will sell vintage fabric and sewing project kits at our booth =)

Sew Fun website:
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Molecular Engineering Lab Booth, Workshop
We are a group of scientists in a local research institute that are enthusiastic about science communication. Last year, we participated in MakerFaire, with a hologram exhibit that allowed participants to interact with 3D models including that of the green fluorescence protein (GFP), handle 3D printed GFP model that lit up, view solutions of fluorescing GFP under excitation, and also a hand bacteria assay that surveyed participants’ bacteria. This year, we will expand on some of these ideas, and hope to further involve the public in the scientific enterprise. Find out More
Workshop Timing: (Details)

Tan Sock Fong Booth, Workshop
A showcase of glass art by sock fong Find out More
Workshop Timing: (Details)

Family Science Club and Citizen Science Booth, Workshop
The purpose of our exhibit is to showcase selected toys and activities from workshops that was co-developed with parent support grooups. These co-developed programmes aim to promote family bonding as well as to create the interest in science for the families. Find out More
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