Zone 3 makers at Maker Faire Singapore

Early Childhood Corner Makers


MOE Kindergarten@ PunggolView


– Arcademia, Sat 22, 11am – 12.30pm: Be a part of this exciting and creative workshop where your child and you can team up and create a unique arcade of your own! Build games, make designs and go crazy turning ideas into reality! Every team will get to use a fun learning tool – the Imagin8ors App! The App will help support the teams in their journey of creation.

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– Toys Transformed, Sat 22, 4pm – 5.30pmCurious about what is inside toys? Let your child dismantle toys and put them back together in a creative way! Your child and you will get to experience and inspire from the Imagin8ors app through the process of your toy transformation journey!

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– Marble Maze, Sun 23, 11am – 12.30pmIf your child and you enjoy playing maze, join us at the Marble Maze workshop at Maker Faire 2017 and create your own twists and turns. Make your own passages with the use of recycled materials. Get to use the Imagin8ors App while building your complex cardboard networks to get inspiration from the many videos and activities available.

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Big Tree Edu

Big Tree’s Makers approach youth development in schools is wholesome, having struck a balance between the arts and techonology when it comes to imparting creativity and expression to our Young Makers. Come down and learn how modern electronics have brought a new dimension to greeting cards!

big tree


Strawbees is an award-winning prototyping toy for makers of all ages. It is a kit based on one simple unit (Strawbees) that lets you connect straws to each other and build little to huge mechanical objects from just standard straws and cardboard, and which stimulates the imagination and encourages storytelling endlessly.

Strawbees is an invention that will keep Makers of all ages occupied with the limitless possible creations and mechanisms put together in a project.


Loshberry Code Studio

Loshberry Code Studio offers kids coding and computational thinking camps and classes in Singapore. We provide a unique blend of physical and on-screen activities in our specially designed courses to help our students grasp the concepts behind how day-to-day technologies work. Our students gain a higher level of appreciation for the tools and technologies around them.

Come on down to our booth to check out what our students have created in our classes using the array of technologies we use – Ozobot, Scratch, Raspberry Pi and MIT App Inventor!

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Playcoding SEA LLP

Play Coding is a professional educational institution that can easily learn computer programs from children to adults.

We are teaching
– BBC micro:bit
– Arduino with Scratch.
– FischerTechnik for STEM kit.

Play Coding is an instituition offering courses related to Arduino controllers, FischerTechnik and BBC micro:bit. Makers of all ages are welcome to sign up!


Tan Sock Fong



PAPERRAZI – Exposing the Joys of Paper!
Paperrazi pushes the boundaries of Paper as a Creative and Functional medium. Using an amalgamation of Paper manipulation techniques, works of Art and Functional Products are explored. Examples of these artWorks by Paperrazi are on display and Demos are scheduled.


Check out Yoshihiro Rayama’s DIY compact vacuum forming machine! rayama1.jpg


In this hands-on workshop, we invite you to create an interactive flapping artifact for catching new experiences. Blu Friend, uses bluetooth and smartphone to control a bespoke balloon at indoor venues. This helium-filled small blimp makes you happy and you will enjoy piloting the Blu Friend at your fingertips. You can also try to make different variations of balloon shapes. The other workshop, DIY Iron Man Arc Reactor, uses a simple parallel LED circuit and craft to make a small wearable toy, much like Tony Stark’s. It is powered by a 3-volt battery and slips under your shirt. It is comfortable to wear for several hours at a time.

These two workshops engage parents and child to collaborate and bond, inspiring them to communicate, tinker and learn. Our workshops welcome makers, artists, technologists and educators of all ages.

Jason Koh

Plastic Origami Craft – The use of paper fasteners to create mini-sculptures of birds, fishes, animals, dragons, dinosaurs, robot figures etc.

Maker Jason Koh’s exhibit showcases his original plastic origami crafts, where Makers can derive inspiration to craft designs from reusable plastics.


NETPIE platform is a cloud-based platform-as-a-service that facilitates interconnecting IoT devices (“things”) together in a most seamless and transparent manner possible by pushing the complexity of connecting IoT devices from the hands of application developers or device manufacturers to the cloud.

Photonics Technology Laboratory – NECTEC

Would it be nice to see a tiny world with your smartphone?
Does it need an expensive tool to acquire high magnification images?
Our “MuEye Microscope” can provide an excellent solution. Find out our lated model and experience a microworld by yourself.

Family Science Club and Citizen Science

The purpose of our exhibit is to showcase selected toys and activities from workshops that was co-developed with parent support groups. These co-developed programmes aim to promote family bonding as well as to create the interest in science for the families.


Autonomy in education, innovation in learning. At Codomo, we spark the passion in children to learn beyond their classrooms and apply tech skills to real world problems or areas they are interested in. We will be showcasing some of the projects done by our codominions (students) and also Potato Pirates – our proprietary card game that teaches coding without computers.

All IoT Cloud Inc

We are trying to create a friendly spaces for students, makers and every single engineers who wants to get involved creating IoT solutions or services. we provide HW, SW tools, sensors, even production services to bridge the gap from dream to reality.
We also provide total solution courses including mentors and teaching materials to teach people who wants to learn IoT solutions and Industrial 4.0 integration solutions.