Sustainable Living Lab at Maker Faire Singapore

sustainable living lab

Sustainable Living lab is taking part in Maker Faire Singapore for the sixth year running. One of our most valued community partners SL2 has never failed to dazzle visitors with wow inspiring and thoughtful showcases. This  year will be just as educational to visitors with the following eight zones in the Sustainable Living Lab area.

Repair Kopitiam


Repair Kopitiam is a movement to combat the buy and throw away culture in Singapore through sharing repair skills to public. Activities include learning about the working of 3pin plugs, diagnose faulty fan circuits, explore energy generation, mud battery etc.

Urban Farming


Here, we are showcasing the FarmBOT, an automatic CNC Farm. • Possibly creating a manual controller for the FarmBOT to let participants control the FarmBOT and water the plant.


The DIY lab showcases some machines used in a typical biology laboratory including the DIY Paper Centrifuge: Make your own Centrifuge using cardboard and use it to separate soil sample, color Extraction from plants: Extracting color pigment from plants, use it to create beautiful painting.

Universal Makerspace

A makerspace that feature tools suitable to be used by various users including children and the blind. It features safe tools so that children have a chance to use tools that they normally forbidden to use such as a child safe ruler and penknife for cutting cardboard, the child-safe saw or nibbler


Arcade made of recycled material, and powered with electronics invention kits such as the Arduino, Makey Makey, Circuit Scribe, Microbits. Participants also have a chance to make their own arcade games and place them in the arcade.

Solar Zone

Here we are showcasing several solar-power applications such as the Solar food dryer and Solar water-pasteurisation device

Dangerous Demos

Dangerous activities such as Aluminium Melting/ foundry Welding Mini hydrogen balloon explosion


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