Preschool Market

Lead Partner: Preschool Market

Participating Partners:

Association for Early Childhood Educators (Singapore) | Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) |

Infocomm Media Development Agency (IMDA) | DreamBig Playground | Young Smarties | Ricky Paper-preneur | ArKIDecture Beep SG |Participating Preschools (to be confirmed)



We would like to create a space to enable and empower children and parents to make and create! We hope to showcase the learning materials that our local preschools have created and have them share with the participants as they use recyclable materials and playmaker toys. There will be a free space where the children and parents can make-and-create using the materials.

This year, we will invite more preschools to share their creations and learning materials to share with parents and children.

Let’s Be Play-Makers!

Preschool Market is showcasing creations crafted by preschoolers from recyclable items and playmaker toys that are highly applicable to parents and their children’s learning.

Hands on activities and workshops will be available in the space throughout the duration of Maker Faire Singapore 2017



Let the CAT out of the bag! This year’s theme’s focus is on making Creative Learning materials incorporating Art and Technology. All participating children and families will get to listen to a 3D story-telling session in a dome, tinker with Tinker Kit X Playmaker, play with learning games in our Garden of Games and hear from our experts in the various making and community projects.


Based on the story book, The Karang Guni Boy – Ming is a very creative boy who loves to collect various scrape to create his fanciful inventions. With the use of 3D-hologram technology, join us in our half-hourly story-telling sessions in a cardboard dome and indulge in Ming’s resourcefulness and creativity.


Next, join us in tinkering and making with Tinker Kit X Playmaker – combining elements of making and technology. Let the children’s creative juices flow as they use various materials to create their own CAT-masterpieces with a touch of technology.


Have fun in our Garden of Games (facilitated by Young Smarties) where the concept of environmental awareness is brought alive through the various upcycled games by preschooler and their teachers.  You can even bring home a simple game of your own.


Last but not least, hear and learn from our experts in their various making and community projects.


Making Project: Paper Making

What can we make with paper? This question led to a series of tinkering with different types of paper from card stock to recycled milk carton. Join us and learn how various paper forms that evolved from exploration with paper: pop-ups, paper automata, paper craft and handmade books.




Community Project: Dream Big Playground

DreamBIG Playgrounds (DBPG) is a play advocacy project for all children by children. Under the lead of Big Dreamer, Sarah Lee-Wong, we return to Maker Faire for the second year with bigger dreams and bigger hearts.


DBPG 2017: Let’s All Play Together features innovative inclusive playground design proposals for an actual community site in the Margaret Drive-Dawson area. We believe that all children should have access to quality play experiences regardless of abilities.


Every DBPG playground is designed by our young talents to serve the needs and interests of children with diverse abilities in a refreshing and holistic fashion.


Come and be inspired to see new possibilities in play and playscape design.  You will also have a chance to chat our 13 advocates, aged 10 and under, and their mentors.


Making Project: ArKIDecture Beep SG

Our ability to create and be creative is part of who we are fundamentally as a human being. There is an innate desire in us to create objects that are useful and pleasing to our sense of our aesthetics. Our deep sense of curiosity and imagination in our mind could be to express a form of design thinking and brain storming. Through the process of sharing these creative ideas and bouncing ideas with one another, the collective ideas and knowledge would make a difference in the way we approach problem solving. We build relationships and trust with one another as we learn to share idea, discuss how to solve a problem and together we create and make an object as a response to our innate desire to make, create and build.

Invention of Davinci Project is a hand on learning experiential workshop for children age between 8 to 14 years to learn about science and design through series of hands on building projects.

We will be learning about the design principles and inspirations that Davinci innovated. By studying basic scientific principles such as forces, pressure and fluid dynamics. We design two hands on building project will be carried out in the form of building of a balloon propelled vehicle and a Fluid driven hydraulic Arm that is able to move and rotate. We hope to introduce these interesting design project to engage the children’s mind to problem solve, communicate as a team, sharing of ideas, constructive feed backs. Finally, we would like to encourage them to learn to develop their ideas into buildable products that are derived from the collective knowledge and ideas they shared as a group.