Meet the Young Makers of 2017

JeweLab Booth, Workshop
Julianne is a 13 year old home schooler from Malaysia. She started learning to make jewellery as a hobby about 2 years ago. She now makes and sells online – bracelets, necklaces and earrings from charms, pearls and beads,both for children and adults.

At the MakerFaire Singapore 2017, visitors will be able to select their own charms and have them custom-made on the spot. Ready-made jewellery will be displayed with jewellery-making workshops, held at certain times of the day.

Her work can be viewed and ordered online at

From bracelets to neckalces, JeweLab produces handmade accessories fit for all ages. Learn how to craft your own accessories at their booth! Find out More
Workshop Timing: Continuous Workshops at booth (Details)

Kids 4 Kids! Booth, Workshop
A community showcase, Kids 4 Kids! have turned children’s desires for entertainment into innovative ideas that are relevant to their development and learning! Find out More
Workshop Timing: Continuous activities at the booth (Details)

ITE College West – Espace (ITE College West’s Makerspace) Booth, Workshop
Espace is ITE’s very first Makerspace. We specialize in developing pop-culture related projects that is infuse with latest technology. These “Maker” projects will interest and engage our youth to learn skills and learn the latest technology in the market. “Maker” Projects like lightsaber, Thor’s hammer, Nerf Gun Target System, Handheld Game Console, etc.

Espace consistently works on pop-culture projects that employ many advanced technologies, such as 3D printing. Being ITE’s first Makerspace, they strive to inculcate students with a thirst for innovation. Find out More
Workshop Timing: Sat 12.45 to 1.30 and Sun 2.30 to 3.15. Continuous workshops on soldering or other hands on at the booth (Details)

Simple Treasures Booth
Iris, 13+, a homeschooler has always been good with her hands. From beading to looming to crocheting, she’s in love with crafts. Painting is her second love. . Inspired by her work, Iris’ sister, Kylie, 9+ started to make pencil cases. Together, the sisters will be selling their creations in addition to displaying at the Faire.

Simple Treasures consists of sisters Iris, 13 and Kylie, 9. They have great passion in crafts that range from painting to crocheting, and they will be showcasing their creations for purchase. Find out More

Bryan Lee Choon Hoe, age 13 Booth
Problem of the Light Sensing Night-Light by Bryan Lee (13). If you want the sensor to be more sensitive the light will start blinking. I will be showing how to solve that problem in multiple different methods as well as the thought process.The way to solve it is by using color differentiation, orthogonal polarization of the light, using angled privacy filters, directional diversity, time differentiation and sensitivity.

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Seng Kang Secondary School Booth
Seng Kang Secondary School’s Applied Learning Programme (ALP) aims to ignite students’ interest in the field of “Health Science and Technology” by creating opportunities to allow them to explore technology to develop solutions towards better living.

Each student attends a 10 hour programme each year in Secondary 1 and 2, exploring microcontrollers, sensors and devices to build circuits which monitor and measure health related indicators such as temperature and heart rate (pulse).

Our students are proud to be at the Makers’ Faire Singapore showcasing their work to the public. Students make connections between knowledge and skills through real world context. They apply thinking skills, connect knowledge across subject disciplines, stretch their imagination and build interest in the areas of science and technology by working on projects such as Blood Pressure monitoring device, Temperature taking device and NAFA fitness stations using Arduino microcontrollers and electronic devices .

Seng Kang Secondary School’s booth is run by students showcasing their work through their experiential journey in handling electronics such as Arduino microcontrollers and sensors. See for yourself how students apply these skills and knowledge to a variety of challenges we face in our daily lives. Find out More

Commonwealth Secondary School Booth
The Bits and Atoms Club CCA of Commonwealth Secondary School aims to cultivate inventive thinking and problem-solving skills through robotic, programming and other maker activities. We will be showcasing the Arduino projects created by our upper secondary students as well as the 3D printed toys and scratch games which our lower secondary students have designed.

At the same time, there will be a showcase of student-initiated projects, as well as projects from the Maker Thursdays Programme in the areas of science, art, craft, engineering and technology. We run Maker Thursdays to allow our students to drop in after school to pick up a new skill, or for them to work on their projects.

Find out More

Come and Make Booth, Workshop
Come and Make will engage you in activities that continuously keep you thinking! Combining many concepts we learn in buidling up mechanisms, Makers turn many recyclable and common products into working devices such as rubber band-powered cars and lightsabers! Find out More
Workshop Timing: Continuous activities at the booth (Details)

The amazing creations of sophia curic Booth
A bad-ass pin ball machine, which has all kinds of obstacles and arduino controlled score points system. Work still in progress. People visiting the booth can make tiny pin ball machines as well, using carboard and other everyday materials

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Nanyang Polytechnic, School of Engineering would like to participate in this year Maker Faire Singapore 2017. We will be delighted to exhibits a min of 4 projects in the area of Smart Home, Smart Healthcare, Smart Mobility and Sustainability Living respectively. These 4 projects are done by the our students as part of their Final Year Project. Notably, these projects are done by team of students from different disciplines and domains and developed with Design Thinking methodology to solve real-world problem. The objectives to participate: 1. Create awareness in engineering, 2. Use of Design Thinking to develop solutions to solve real world problem.

The Final Year Students of Nanyang Polytechnic are showcasing their Final Year Projects that seek to address challenges we face in our homes. Our budding Makers come from differring disciplines and go through a similar Design Thinking process to innovate our real-world problems.
Find out More

East View Secondary School Booth
Five student-made projects, each using one sensor and one output device controlled by the Arduino microcontroller. These projects were completed during the Applied Learning Program and demonstrate how electronics can be used to solve real world problems.

The students of East View Secondary School put their heads together to Make devices using Arduino controllers, and have come up with fascinating products that address everyday issues. Find out More

Singapore Polytechnic Booth
To be confirmed Find out More

Republic Polytechnic – Diploma in Engineering Design with Business Booth, Workshop
Come and make your own blinking and moving creations with us! There will be live demonstrations to convert 3 dimensional models into build-able papercraft models using the software Pepakura. Participants get to make their own papercraft model by cutting, folding and gluing the flat template created by Pepakura. Participants can also opt to bring their papercraft models to life using electronic components and accessories. Brought to you by Republic Polytechnic, School of Engineering – Diploma in Engineering Design with Business. Find out More
Workshop Timing: Saturday 3pm to 3.30pm, Sunday 3.45pm to 4.15pm (Details)

Barangshop – D’Crafts Studio Booth, Workshop
At Barangshop’s booth, expect to learn about how simple tools can enable the Maker in you to craft intricate items such as leather shoes and wallets! You could even purchase the kits for your personal use. Find out More
Workshop Timing: Continuous activities at the booth (Details)

Ginkgo3D Booth, Workshop
Our booth is a collaboration with CHIJ (Kellock) Science Stretch Programme as part of our outreach efforts to engage youths in a culture of designing and making their own 3D printed solutions to their learning or everyday needs. Students participating in the project will conduct a show and tell about the creation process of their project. Students will display the products that they have designed and share their learning journey on how they learnt 3D modelling on a computer, and how they used a 3D printer to materialize their designs. Find out More
Workshop Timing: (Details)

Darin Kris Lobo Booth, Workshop
Introducing makers to biohacking and bioengineering. Creating a mind controlled prosthetic device with neural interface using electroencephalography to measure brain waves and electromyography to measure electrical impulses in muscles. And using transcranial magnetic and ultrasonic stimulation to illicit tactile sensation. Building a smart biohybrid heart using the decellularized extracellular matrix from a pig heart and culturing stem cells on the scaffold then interfacing it with an electromyograph sensors and other sensors that interface with IOT for heart function data streaming. And some other fun projects. If you want to collaborate, drop by and chat with Darin Find out More
Workshop Timing: (Details)

IDEAS Hub UWCSEA Booth, Workshop
UWCSEA’s IDEAS Hub aims to provide a place that inspires and supports our community and the wider Singapore community to explore, innovate, collaborate and create sustainable solutions to shape a better world.

Our booth will showcase a few student creations as well as ways to get involved with the space. More information can be found at Find out More
Workshop Timing: (Details)

Dunman High School Booth, Workshop
Two groups of secondary 3 students from the Computing/MakerEd programme will share our experience of making our own 3D printers from simple everyday parts. The focus is on the design, planning, creating and iterating process. We have learned the important difference between theory and practice, and how science concepts like mathematics and physics get applied in real life engineering contexts. With a little knowledge, imagination and can-do attitude, anyone can make your own 3D printer! We would like to acknowledge our mentor Mr Teng Kee Wee, maker-engineer-volunteer who has spent the past months guiding us through this journey and imparted to us valuable mindsets and life skills which will benefit us in school and in life. Find out More
Workshop Timing: (Details)

Nanyang Girls’ HIgh School Booth, Workshop
As the Maker Space at Nanyang Girls’ High School unfolds into Version 2.0 this year, Student Makers will demonstrate how making together provides transformative learning that transcends age, gender and culture. NYGH Students will guide visitors with hands on fun using a Die Cut machine. Visiting Makers will use beautiful paper to learn how to effortless cut 2D shapes that transform into 3D objects! [Die Cut machine is safe for all ages]. Find out More
Workshop Timing: (Details)

Makers’ Academy, Ngee Ann Polytechnic Booth, Workshop
Makers’ Academy is showcasing a series of interactive electronic machines that promises to delight and tease your senses. “Old Technologies made Smart” and “Tricks with Physics” are our projects-in-progress that aims to engage students and staff to grow the Maker Culture in Ngee Ann Polytechnic. We wish to share the knowledge and behind-the-scenes from making the machines with visitors at Maker Faire Singapore. Come say hi! Makers’ Academy is the prototyping lab of The Sandbox, Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s Innovation & Entrepreneurship Office. Find out More
Workshop Timing: (Details)

Korea Academy of Gifted Education Booth, Workshop
We, the KAGE Makers’ group, have designed a SMART home using Snap4Arduino, Peizo Sensor, Piezoelectric Sensor, Hall Sensor, and Passive Infrared Sensor. Through our SMART home, we built an an intelligent door, overheat warning system, human (movement) detection power system, and a self-expecting gate. These features will give us a direct experience on the world of IoT (Internet of Things). Find out More
Workshop Timing: (Details)

Montfort Secondary School Booth, Workshop
We use a temperature sensor (LM35) to continuously measure the temperature of a room. This information is fed into an Arduino board, which converts the information to degree Celsius. When the ambient temperature rises to a pre-set trigger temperature ( 28 degree C), the cooling system kicks in, in this case the fan. The windows will also automatically open to let in fresh air. Find out More
Workshop Timing: (Details)

Montfort Secondary School Booth, Workshop
A series of light sensor gates to measure the speed and acceleration of a sprinter. Our students built an automated timer gate system that does calibration and measurements automatically using simple electronics and the Arduino board. Find out More
Workshop Timing: (Details)

Innova Junior College Maker’s Academy iMAD Booth, Workshop
iMAD focuses on designing various interactive projects using basic coding, engineering skills, and 3D printing skills. We use a variety of software such as Arduino, Flashprint and Autodesk to design and power our projects. Find out More
Workshop Timing: (Details)

Saturday Kids Booth, Workshop
At Saturday Kids, it’s all about making learning fun through coding.
Try your hands (and feet) out at various multiplayer games coded by kids – for kids. Find out More
Workshop Timing: (Details)

rasheeda’s craftopia Booth, Workshop
Head down to Rasheeda’s Craftopia to learn more about 3D origami and participate in the crafting workshops! Find out More
Workshop Timing: (Details)

NUR’S ART CLUB Booth, Workshop
hi! i am Nur shafeefa from NUR’S ART CLUB! i am doing recycled craft projects. In my booth, art, craft and science are combined. i conduct workshops which everyone enjoy making plastic insects and many more. see you all there!!! Find out More
Workshop Timing: (Details)

Makerforce Booth, Workshop
We are a group of young makers, developers, thinker and innovators. We will be showcasing some of our projects including a Kerbal Space Programme control station, drones, and a table sized synthesizer. Find out More
Workshop Timing: (Details)

IES SUTD Booth, Workshop
Make your own musical instrument with a 555 timer and basic electronics Find out More
Workshop Timing: Saturday, 11am to 12.30pm, Sunday, 11am to 12.30pm (Details)