Makers at the Carpark Area

Julianne is a 13 year old home schooler from Malaysia. She started learning to make jewellery as a hobby about 2 years ago. She now makes and sells online – bracelets, necklaces and earrings from charms, pearls and beads,both for children and adults.
At the MakerFaire Singapore 2017, visitors will be able to select their own charms and have them custom-made on the spot. Ready-made jewellery will be displayed with jewellery-making workshops, held at certain times of the day.
Her work can be viewed and ordered online at
From bracelets to neckalces, JeweLab produces handmade accessories fit for all ages. Learn how to craft your own accessories at their booth!
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Kids 4 Kids!
A community showcase, Kids 4 Kids! have turned children’s desires for entertainment into innovative ideas that are relevant to their development and learning!
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Dream Catcher / Chumbaka
Dream Catcher Technologies conducts training courses for professionals in the fields of EEE, Telecommunications, Life Sciences and Oil & Gas. Apart from which, Chumbaka caters to students and non-techinical adults, instilling an interest in Science and Technology.
Take a look at their DIY kits and workshops that are bound to enrich Makers with knowledge and passion for innovation!
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Rohaimi “Tech” Mohamed
Rohami is showcasing the smart device that has been developed for washing up before prayers in the mosque. This device acts as a water saving reminder for the users when they perform “wudhu”. This idea and concept won 3rd place in the Mosque Tech Challenge 2016 held in Gufran Mosque over the night during Fasting Month.
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Tertiary Infotech Pte Ltd
Showcase and sales of Raspberry Pi and Arduino kits
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Simple Treasures
Iris, 13+, a homeschooler has always been good with her hands. From beading to looming to crocheting, she’s in love with crafts. Painting is her second love. . Inspired by her work, Iris’ sister, Kylie, 9+ started to make pencil cases. Together, the sisters will be selling their creations in addition to displaying at the Faire.
Simple Treasures consists of sisters Iris, 13 and Kylie, 9. They have great passion in crafts that range from painting to crocheting, and they will be showcasing their creations for purchase.
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Circuit Stickers are electronic stickers that you can use to build glowing, sensing, and interac-tive projects without any complicated equipment or programming skills. All you need is your imagination. Use them to add electronics to any sticker-friendly surface: paper, fabric, plastic, the sky’s the limit!
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Come and Make
We are building a giant automatic drum. Come along and find out about how it works and maybe make your own mini version!
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The amazing creations of sophia curic
Make your own light saber and use it to shoot your opponents in the arena. Built using a microbit, sensors and a bunch of other stuff. Its like paintball, with light. The booth is designed and conceptualized by eight year old Sophia.
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With just some ice-cream sticks and some glue, let your imagination run wild and Make creations that will brighten up your living space. Find out more about what you can produce with Craftminds. Remember to get the team to show you their hydraulic creations!
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Infinite Engineers
A science project, a start of an experiential journey, and a box any young Maker can pick up and learn from! Dexter Box is a great way to start young Makers with their own projects.
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Instant water boiler using an ion exchange heater with a micro controller. Exhibits the advantages of a small one cup boiler and also showcases the rapid prototyping techniques used.
Check out how even a daily task of boiling water can be improved upon with technology that becomes more available everyday.
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Ferris Kwok
Popular controllers like Arduino, Raspberry Pi and micro:bit can be very useful in our lives. What are they, how can they help us, what differentiates them and how to choose between them ? Come learn, look and play with fun gadgets you can make with them. Just come.
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The goal of Freematics is to bring freedom into vehicle telematics. Freematics makes it easier than ever to utilize open-source hardware (basically Arduino) in vehicle telematics projects which normally involve OBD-II, high-resolution GPS, motion sensor (accelerometer & gyroscope) and various wireless communication technology
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Nerf Singapore
Nerf Singapore is an enthusiast group based around foan dart blaster toys. Using dart blasters for skirmish battle games, but also having a culture built aroound the customization of toy blasters. From painting and beautifying the blasters to create disiplay pieces to using 3D modellng / printing and machining to create practical, functional upgrades to enhance the performance of these blasters for gameplay. Or just tinkering with the mechanism of the toys for repair and maintainence. Come down to see some of the creations made from store bought blasters and try your hand at the shooting gallery!
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UWCSEA’s IDEAS Hub aims to provide a place that inspires and supports our community and the wider Singapore community to explore, innovate, collaborate and create sustainable solutions to shape a better world.
Our booth will showcase a few student creations as well as ways to get involved with the space. More information can be found at
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Making robotics popular
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Geeks’ Hangout
A military droid with a water filtration system, food storage, in-built spy drone and a survival kit. Mainly for soldiers however it can also be configured into a fire fighting, medical and family droid. It is definitely a showcase everyone has to see.
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Saturday Kids
At Saturday Kids, it’s all about making learning fun through coding.
Try your hands (and feet) out at various multiplayer games coded by kids – for kids.
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Rasheeda’s Craftopia
Head down to Rasheeda’s Craftopia to learn more about 3D origami and participate in the crafting workshops!
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hi! i am Nur shafeefa from NUR’S ART CLUB! i am doing recycled craft projects. In my booth, art, craft and science are combined. i conduct workshops which everyone enjoy making plastic insects and many more. see you all there!!!
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KAGE CodeDavinci
Classic games with Snap4Arduino!We reimplemented s ome classic games like Pong, Pacman, Pinball with Snap4arduino. We made controllers with some sensors and arduino board and visualized the game with LEDs. Many people will be able to enjoy the interactive gaming experience.
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We, the KAGE Makers’ group, have designed the 「How the Human Body Works?」 using Snap4Arduino, esistance Temperature Detectors Sensor, gsr Sensor, Pulse wave sensor. Through our 「How the Human Body Works?」, we want to experience the mystery of the human body that is happening in our body.
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We are a group of young makers, developers, thinker and innovators. We will be showcasing some of our projects including a Kerbal Space Programme control station, drones, and a table sized synthesizer.
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Startmaking Asia
Kits and curriculum for IoT, robotics, Machine learning using Genuino 101, Intel Joule/RealSense, Latte Panda
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NUS High School Engineering Interest Group
The NUS High Engineering Interest Group (EIG) is a group of avid students with a passion for making and building. We will be displaying a table soccer machine that we built, innovative ways to reuse plastics, as well as many other projects done by EIG students.
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St. Andrew’s Secondary School
A Remote Controlled Emergency Stop using Arduino and various Wifi enabled components to allow the emergency stop in a laboratory or workshop to be activated remotely by a portable controller in the event of an emergency.
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Woodlands Ring Secondary School
Students in Robotics Club at Woodlands Ring Secondary School will be exhibiting their 3D printed robots such as Sumo, Turtle robot, light activated robot, Battleballz robot and other 3D printed artifacts or projects.
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Greenview Secondary School Design & Engineering
Exhibition of final student work/innovations regarding how clean energy can be harnessed and put into good use. Examples of projects include – Solar powered toy dog, Solar powered vacuum cleaner, Hand-crank light, Wind-powered torch
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Survival game with Arduino Lazergun
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Students make use of solar panels, motors and recycled materials to design their own solar toy cars. The solar toy car can harness the solar energy and power itself at a decent speed.
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Singapore Academy of Young Engineers and Scientist (SAYES)
A electric arc furnace made with easily available materials, basic casting technique (sand casting).
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Escalators move millions of people in Singapore every day: at the MRT, in shopping malls, the airport, in office buildings and schools.But do you know how they actually work?In this demonstration, we will show you how to build a model that demonstrates the key components of an escalator.We will show you how to put the components together step-by-step, finishing with a live demonstration of a working model, with steps moving in a continuous loop.This demonstration will help you understand one of the most useful “people-moving” machines we come in contact with every day, and inspire you to develop your own ideas for better “people-movers”.
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Jamie and Faith
We are a pair of young makers with a keen interest in making a wide variety of play slime. We have experimented with various materials to create play slime with different textures as well as colours. While Borax is a common ingredient used overseas, it is not available in Singapore but there are various other ingredients that can give us the same effect but it is through lots of trial and error.We will like to share our experience with others and also in the process learn from others.
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Design for Learning
Aa showcase of Design for Learning’s Cardboard Bricks. The Cardboard Bricks allow young learners to put their creative hat on and let their imagination flow freely. With the Cardboard Bricks, young learns are able to imagine, design and build their ideas – realizing their dreams to build forts, cars and even dinosaurs!
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Fab Kominka
We are a fab space located at Ueda city in Nagano prefecture Japan. ‘Kominka’=古民家 means old Japanese-style house. We reformed the kominka and used as a fab space.
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The little maker
Isabel, aged 9, will be bringing a hydraulic powered robotic arm and potentially a combat bot.
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Maker Playground
Our exhibit demonstrates Maker Playground, tool for creating your own embedded project without the need to code. Visitors can test our application with real hardware and get a chance to win a special gift.
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Hobby Bounties
We are hobbyist who organise who build Airfix aircraft models, and do Scalextric slot car racing.
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Science Centre Holdings Pte Ltd
Established in 1997, Science Centre Holdings (SCH) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Science Centre Board and owns the attraction Snow City through Snow Venture Pte Ltd. It develops a wide array of science related products such as learning kits and publishes guide books and Science Spy magazine. It also provides professional development in science pedagogy training.
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The UoIL
Demonstrating the quirky side of physics phenomena using everyday objects found at home!
Anybody, with just a pinch of technical know-how from the internet, can tap into and invoke the intriguing and mysterious aspects of nature that underlie our universe and defy common understanding!
Featuring home-DIY projects such as: a Whimhurst machine, a plasma speaker, a cloud chamber, and a few other Works-in-Progress.
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Vangorro by Max
Vangorro is a two-player card game set in a mythical, mystical and magical world filled with monsters, elves, fairies and HobNogs. Lots of HobNogs. Vangorro allows you summon minions and cast spells to try and defeat your opponent’s characters. Vangorro is aimed at kids and tweens and empower them to strategize and think beyond the traditional continuum. The game us designed by 10 year old Max
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Admiralty Secondary School



SengKang Secondary School

SengKang Secondary School’s Applied Learning Programme (ALP) aims to ignite students’ interest in the field of “Health Science and Technology” by creating opportunities to allow them to explore technology to develop solutions towards better living.

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Pei Hwa Secondary School

We will be displaying some games that we have developed that are being used during Carnival for fund raising.

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Montfort Secondary School

Project titled : Smart Homes. In this project, we use a temperature sensor (LM35) to continuously measure the temperature of a room. This information is fed into an Arduino board, which converts the information to degree Celsius. When the ambient temperature rises to a pre-set trigger temperature ( 28 degree C), the cooling system kicks in, in this case the fan. The windows will also automatically open to let in fresh air.

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East View Secondary School

Five student-made projects, each using one sensor and one output device controlled by the Arduino microcontroller. These projects were completed during the Applied Learning Program and demonstrate how electronics can be used to solve real world problems.The students of East View Secondary School put their heads together to Make devices using Arduino controllers, and have come up with fascinating products that address everyday issues.

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Ping Yi Secondary School