Makers at the Annexe

I am a maker from Timba. Timba improvises local waste material to create environmentally friendly products. Addressing sustainable development, we currently work with furniture industry waste, coffee waste. and fashion industry waste. And in the near future, I am responsible for developing products from Agricultural industry waste such as banana trunks, leaves and bamboo.
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Ever heard of a boy named Caine and his cardboard arcade? You can experience a similar product from TinkerTanker and their version of a cardboard arcade. Equipped with Arduino boards and other electronics, Makers can learn how TinkerTanker incorporated science and techology into every boy’s dream.
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Craftel is a robot made from paper that is powered by the wind. By using everyday items such as skewers and rubber bands, and printing the published patterns, anyone can start building robots.
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Funbie Studios
A showcase of arts and craft, pop culture and gaming enthusiasts’ creations which entail 3D design and 3D printing
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Srijith Jayakumar
Using the most accesible electronics, this Arduino project gives users great aid in their everyday commutes by displaying bus arrival timings based on real-time information.
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Experience Ace
Experience Ace is showcasing their innovation in programming and coding with tools that are widely available to us including various projects of Arduino, Scratch and MIT app inventor. 3D Music Within: Audboz will also be showcase for public to listen to live music.
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Robot R Us
Robot R Us puts together many elements of electronics and programming to offer Robotic parts and kits for creative minds alike.
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Area 51 tech shop
Paul and his friendds are back at Maker Faire Singapore sharing about lean pipe joinits and how you can make (almost) everything with PVC and leanpipe joints, with the maker’s favorite tool – the allen key
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Kiwi’s Creations
Kiwi’s Creations offers an endless number of possibilites for Makers with their DIY CNC tools. Infusing a multitude of ideas with the capabilities technology offers us, watch as your imagination transforms into working tools and materials.
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Din Chan
An Art Science exhibition of cool blue running flame running across a vinyl pipe.
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fvauz. will be showcasing its inventions utilising 3D printing technology in various materials namely plastics, stainless steel, bronze steel and porcelain (ceramics). Innovative, fresh and functional, the designs include world’s first 3D printed buttons for malay traditional baju melayu (cufflinks convertible) and its latest creation of 3D printed honey dipper.
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Annikken Pte Ltd
We have been making simple games using Arduino. Games that use the Arduino board and mobile phone. I want to build a shooting gallery game with sensors. The target will display an animation when you have been hit by a plastic dart. Players can download a mobile app and control the blaster with their phones. 2 players will challenge each other to hit their opponents target.
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Cytron Technologies Sdn Bhd
Cytron team is a group of robot enthusiast and makers in pursue of spreading the love for robotics and electronics. We have been providing tons of tutorials and sharing on robotics and electronics, series of reliable off-the-shelf development boards, electronic modules and accessories to assist makers, inventors and engineers in experimenting with their ideas. With our past experience in building products (ex:, we have reached out to makers, turning their prototypes into commercial products. We assisted them from engineering design all the way to manufacturing their product. Dear makers, let’s learn together, build together and grow together.
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Flying RC planes were never easy and involved high maintenance cost. It was also a kind of hobby that did not require group activity. Michael noticed the need in in creating a hobby that can be enjoyed in numbers and that is easy to learn and of low in maintenance costs. Michael was inspired to combine his two hobbies together and the idea of the RC Kite was born. Without realizing, Michael wrote a little piece of Aviation History in Singapore. After 1000 years of kite flying, he changed the concept of kite flying. Without strings, RC Kites are able to do loops, rolls, stall turns, hover, acrobatic stunts and play games such as kite soccer, dog fighting, speed racing and drop zone.
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LittleBits makes a platform of easy-to-use electronic building blocks empowering everyone to create inventions, large and small. Makers of all ages and interests are welcome!
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IXEN Robotics Pte. Ltd.
From 3D-printing to coding and robotics, IXEN has a variety of workshops tailored for your little ones to develop their passion for Making.
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Homemade Cardboard Bladeless Fan
Always been wondering how the bladeless fan works? Might have even been wanting to have one for yourself? Drop in to Pan Yew’s booth and learn how to make your bladeless fan from cardboard
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IMDA-pixel labs
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The Nico-Tech community is exhibiting many innovations and ideas that greatly improve our lives in ways we would have never thought of. Come check out what Makers in Japan have innovated over the years.

Techno Cosplay (Hiroko Ashiyama)

“ColorGirl” Wearable Digital Signage Dress with Japanese idol “Moca WHITE”


Rapid-Prototyping Board, FPGA

kasanetarium (Kasanetarium)

kasanavi & Thermal Name Cards Printer & Heartbeat Lump

Indonesian batik and LED accessory (Naka Uki)

Omicro (Ichise Takuya)

Omicro : Spherical type robotic ball

Neochi-solver & Muscle Music Instruments (MorningProjectSamurai)

LED Helmet (Neco & Robot company)
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Teoh Swee Siang
This is a Voice activated/commanded light whereby user will speak to an app that is on Android phone. User command will be issued to a base unit which will turn on/off a lamp or RGB LEDs that is connected to the main.
User may also issue voice command to change the RGB LED lights to various color and brightness. e.g turn the Red LED 70%, turn the Blue LED 50%, etc
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Pocket Hologram
Our team is inspired by the ubiquity of holograms and strongly believe in their future pervasiveness in our daily lives. Inspired by Microsoft’s HoloLens, our team wants to put holograms into the hands of each Maker, by producing pocket hologram kits that anyone can assemble. Once assembled, these laser cut pieces simply need to be placed above a screen that plays holographic videos off YouTube and it will instantly pull images out of that 2D world and into life like 3D.
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Yuichiro Katsumoto
Our daily life is surrounded by so many static things, especially letters and numbers. These are two-dimensional symbols, and usually static images. But we originally cannot write a letter or number without moving our bodies and spending time. Thus, we can consider that each number or letter potentially has a time axis. In order to reveal this hidden time axis and express its secret movement, I created “Mojigen”. Mojigen has eight control points, and draws a single line in the midair by expanding and contracting coil springs with robot arms. Its trajectory seems alphabet when viewed from the front. However, if the audience change the viewpoint, its time axis and the trace of movement will appear. This research is supported by the National Research Foundation of the government of Singapore under a funding initiative from the Interactive Digital Media Programme Office.
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Tetsuji Katsuda
A bunch of 80cm robots that can stand. Four of them play electronic drums, two metallophones, and a set of bells. One of them is a singer with voice synthesis. In dark places, the LED of each robot glows beautifully. The robots are my original productions. They look similar but different from each other and there is only one in the world. I made their frames with CNC and 3D printer. The servo motors and a controller are by Japanese maker KONDO-KAGAKU corp. I also developed a dedicated software which synchronises the robots. The acrylic electronic drums played by a robot are also original production. Hi hat, cymbal, snare drum and bass drum are beautifully designed. Every drum sends signal to the sound generator when it is hit. (The sound generator is a commercial product by KORG. It takes trigger from audio cable and generates drum sounds.). All robots are connected to one laptop computer. A standard MIDI file is loaded into the dedicated software. A standard MIDI file can be made by normal musical sequence software. One of the MIDI channels is assigned to each robot. For example, data of channel 1 is sent to robot A, and data of channel 2 is sent to robot B. When data is played back, commands for controlling the servomotors from dedicated software are sent to each robot through a serial cable. The audio signals of the song are also sent to a voice synthesis device. (The voice synthesis is a commercial product by KORG. It generates VOCALOID Hatsune-Miku voice.) For the singer robot, commands to take the pose are sent instead of voice data.
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SUTD Gunpla Club
Check out how far a community’s hobby has taken its enthusiasts at SUTD Gunpla Club’s booth, where they have made their very own Gundam!
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Urban PlaySpace
Never grow out of your early passions with Urban PlaySpace’s workshops where Makers can assemble and pit their RC Cars against each other! Do set aside timme to learn to build your own RC car!
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Molecular Engineering Lab
We are a group of scientists in a local research institute that are enthusiastic about science communication. Last year, we participated in MakerFaire, with a hologram exhibit that allowed participants to interact with 3D models including that of the green fluorescence protein (GFP), handle 3D printed GFP model that lit up, view solutions of fluorescing GFP under excitation, and also a hand bacteria assay that surveyed participants’ bacteria. This year, we will expand on some of these ideas, and hope to further involve the public in the scientific enterprise.
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DFRobot is a world-leading robotics and open source hardware provider with a large community catering to future creators. We keep creating innovative, user-friendly hardware & software products that become the building blocks in all kinds of electronic projects and fostering a strong community of learners around it.
A Dream Factory for Robo-holics
DFRobot is a dynamic group with diversified backgrounds and culture: from former nuclear submarine technician, bluechip company senior engineer, artist, hacker to software guru. All of them share one thing in common: the love for making robots.
Empowering makers since 2008
DFRobot was among the first to embrace open source hardware – especially Arduino,Raspberry Pi and LattePanda. Our ever-growing product catalog boasts over 1300 components and widgets and we have delivered 1.5 million units to 220 countries around the world. Our mission is to form a community with easy access to whether hardware, software and ideas that allow makers and younger generation to achieve their goals and realize creative ideas in an effective manner.
Reshaping the STEM education
With a mission to teach more people to make, DFRobot create comprehensive learning kits and bring it to both teachers and parents. These kits of Arduino/Electronics and DIY robots have been introduced to schools across the globe. Books and tutorials bring students knowledge and they can experiment soon with hardware in the kit. For the effort we do, we believe the seed of making and creating will grow inside our future generation, and one day they will change the world with what they make.
The future is all robots. Will you join the game with us?
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The goal of the SMART LMS is to increase the efficacy of conventional training and education delivery through the use interactive Learning Management System (LMS) with an Artificial Intelligence that is trained with advanced instructional padegogies. The SMART LMS combined structured LMS to deliver controlled learning material and content with highly responsive Virtual Instructor (VI) to achieve highly interactive and customised training delovery in accordance to individual’s learning needs. SMART LMS’s VI replace human instructor/educator to due with dynamic human learning behaviours and prescribe corresponding instructional methodology to achieve learning objectives. The SMART LMS aims to address manpower limitation and to cost effectively provide dynamic training customisation to cope with emerging training needs.
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EMMA by Mobearlize is an add-on device to motorise manual wheelchairs. It aims to be adaptable to most wheelchairs, affordable and suitable for urban environments. It is designed mainly for elderly users. Manual wheelchair users now have an affordable option to go on longer adventures while still having a comfortable journey!
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We are a small group of SUTD graduates with a passion in hardware engineering and have started a new business with the aim of providing hardware engineering design services. Our current focus is in the educational sector, where we help teachers and professors to design, prototype and test lab kits or demonstration apparatus for use in classes or courses to improve the students’ learning experience. Our design methodology is largely based on our empathy in the learning experience and the importance of appearance and user experience. We want to showcase some of our completed projects to share how the maker culture can benefit education.
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OMNi- Smart Motorcycle Helmet
OMNi- is a smart motorcycle helmet that aims to empower motorcyclists to ride more defensively by providing them information that can potentially save their lives. It uses an augmented reality display to provide information to riders such as a video feed of the rear. Through computer vision, the helmet is also capable of alerting riders to potential collisions from errand road users. A GPS can also be displayed to the rider, reducing the need to constantly take their eyes off the road to look at their smartphone’s GPS.
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ITE College West – Espace (ITE College West’s Makerspace)
Espace is ITE’s very first Makerspace. We specialize in developing pop-culture related projects that is infuse with latest technology. These “Maker” projects will interest and engage our youth to learn skills and learn the latest technology in the market. “Maker” Projects like lightsaber, Thor’s hammer, Nerf Gun Target System, Handheld Game Console, etc.
Espace consistently works on pop-culture projects that employ many advanced technologies, such as 3D printing. Being ITE’s first Makerspace, they strive to inculcate students with a thirst for innovation.
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Bryan Lee Choon Hoe, age 13
Problem of the Light Sensing Night-Light by Bryan Lee (13). If you want the sensor to be more sensitive the light will start blinking. I will be showing how to solve that problem in multiple different methods as well as the thought process.The way to solve it is by using color differentiation, orthogonal polarization of the light, using angled privacy filters, directional diversity, time differentiation and sensitivity.
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Commonwealth Secondary School
The Bits and Atoms Club CCA of Commonwealth Secondary School aims to cultivate inventive thinking and problem-solving skills through robotic, programming and other maker activities. We will be showcasing the Arduino projects created by our upper secondary students as well as the 3D printed toys and scratch games which our lower secondary students have designed.
At the same time, there will be a showcase of student-initiated projects, as well as projects from the Maker Thursdays Programme in the areas of science, art, craft, engineering and technology. We run Maker Thursdays to allow our students to drop in after school to pick up a new skill, or for them to work on their projects.
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Nanyang Polytechnic, School of Engineering would like to participate in this year Maker Faire Singapore 2017. We will be delighted to exhibits a min of 4 projects in the area of Smart Home, Smart Healthcare, Smart Mobility and Sustainability Living respectively. These 4 projects are done by the our students as part of their Final Year Project. Notably, these projects are done by team of students from different disciplines and domains and developed with Design Thinking methodology to solve real-world problem. The objectives to participate: 1. Create awareness in engineering, 2. Use of Design Thinking to develop solutions to solve real world problem.
The Final Year Students of Nanyang Polytechnic are showcasing their Final Year Projects that seek to address challenges we face in our homes. Our budding Makers come from differring disciplines and go through a similar Design Thinking process to innovate our real-world problems.
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Singapore Polytechnic

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Republic Polytechnic – Diploma in Engineering Design with Business

Come and make your own blinking and moving creations with us!

Participants get to make their own paper craft model by cutting, folding and gluing the flat template provided. Lucky participants may stand a chance to bring their paper craft models to life using electronic components and accessories. There will be live demonstrations to convert 3 dimensional models into build-able paper craft models at allocated times.

Brought to you by Republic Polytechnic, School of Engineering – Diploma in Engineering Design with Business.

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Barangshop – D’Crafts Studio
At Barangshop’s booth, expect to learn about how simple tools can enable the Maker in you to craft intricate items such as leather shoes and wallets! You could even purchase the kits for your personal use.
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Our booth is a collaboration with CHIJ (Kellock) Science Stretch Programme as part of our outreach efforts to engage youths in a culture of designing and making their own 3D printed solutions to their learning or everyday needs. Students participating in the project will conduct a show and tell about the creation process of their project. Students will display the products that they have designed and share their learning journey on how they learnt 3D modelling on a computer, and how they used a 3D printer to materialize their designs.
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Darin Kris Lobo
Introducing makers to biohacking and bioengineering. Creating a mind controlled prosthetic device with neural interface using electroencephalography to measure brain waves and electromyography to measure electrical impulses in muscles. And using transcranial magnetic and ultrasonic stimulation to illicit tactile sensation. Building a smart biohybrid heart using the decellularized extracellular matrix from a pig heart and culturing stem cells on the scaffold then interfacing it with an electromyograph sensors and other sensors that interface with IOT for heart function data streaming. And some other fun projects. If you want to collaborate, drop by and chat with Darin
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Dunman High School
Two groups of secondary 3 students from the Computing/MakerEd programme will share our experience of making our own 3D printers from simple everyday parts. The focus is on the design, planning, creating and iterating process. We have learned the important difference between theory and practice, and how science concepts like mathematics and physics get applied in real life engineering contexts. With a little knowledge, imagination and can-do attitude, anyone can make your own 3D printer! We would like to acknowledge our mentor Mr Teng Kee Wee, maker-engineer-volunteer who has spent the past months guiding us through this journey and imparted to us valuable mindsets and life skills which will benefit us in school and in life.
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Nanyang Girls’ High School
As the Maker Space at Nanyang Girls’ High School unfolds into Version 2.0 this year, Student Makers will demonstrate how making together provides transformative learning that transcends age, gender and culture. NYGH Students will guide visitors with hands on fun using a Die Cut machine. Visiting Makers will use beautiful paper to learn how to effortless cut 2D shapes that transform into 3D objects! [Die Cut machine is safe for all ages].
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Makers’ Academy, Ngee Ann Polytechnic
Makers’ Academy is showcasing a series of interactive electronic machines that promises to delight and tease your senses. “Old Technologies made Smart” and “Tricks with Physics” are our projects-in-progress that aims to engage students and staff to grow the Maker Culture in Ngee Ann Polytechnic. We wish to share the knowledge and behind-the-scenes from making the machines with visitors at Maker Faire Singapore. Come say hi! Makers’ Academy is the prototyping lab of The Sandbox, Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s Innovation & Entrepreneurship Office.
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Korea Academy of Gifted Education
We, the KAGE Makers’ group, have designed a SMART home using Snap4Arduino, Peizo Sensor, Piezoelectric Sensor, Hall Sensor, and Passive Infrared Sensor. Through our SMART home, we built an an intelligent door, overheat warning system, human (movement) detection power system, and a self-expecting gate. These features will give us a direct experience on the world of IoT (Internet of Things).
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Innova Junior College Maker’s Academy iMAD
iMAD focuses on designing various interactive projects using basic coding, engineering skills, and 3D printing skills. We use a variety of software such as Arduino, Flashprint and Autodesk to design and power our projects.
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Future City
Our exhibit showcases a reduced reliance on traditional power in an urban housing estate, and maximization of alternative energy sources such as use of solar panels on rooftops, piezoelectric panels on footpaths with high human traffic, even tapping on hydroelectric power by reusing household wastewater, or through rainwater collection.
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The “AirQ-M” is a mobile and wearable IoT device designed to collect real-time air quality and environmental data. The data to be collected include air quality parameters (PM 2.5, PM 10, etc), and environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, etc. The AirQ-M utilizes wireless communication technologies such as BLE, WiFi, etc. to send the data to a smartphone. As the AirQ-M is small and inexpensive, it will be a useful participatory sensing (crowdsourcing) device to enable people to contribute real-time air quality and environmental data on the go.
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Barangshop – D’Crafts Studio

Retail + Demonstration of DIY Science & Car Kits.
Retail of Leathercraft- Shoemaking & Sewing Kits & Supplies.
Demonstration of Leathercrafting / Shoemaking.
Retail of Handcrafted Jewellery- Fabric & Leather Goods & Accessories.
On-the-spot Workshops.

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ChongZheng Primary School

he Innokidz in Inno Club will like to showcase the innovative products that they have created and also the Community Problem Solving Project (Our Kampung Kindness) to the makers community and the public. We have published our first empathy storybook and will like to promote our storybooks to children and parents. Also, we will be sharing how to make motivational shrink art keychains with children too.

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Montfort Junior School

Kids can make. Showcasing the efforts of our young Makers, our students will be sharing on how they utilised the “Design Sprint” process to design, prototype and create their projects. The students will demonstrate their DIY “Light Sabre” and how they utilise different materials to create different effects in the search of the best sabre. You don’t have to use expensive materials but all it takes is imagination and a little of ingenuity and a huge sense of wanting to have fun.
The students will also make available materials to help young children make their own light sabres.

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