Makers at Hall A

Mei’s Creations
A showcase of hand forged silver jewelry, unique crafts that take great skill to create. Sign up for Mei’s Creations’ workshop to have a go at forging your own jewelry!
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Pencaster’ collection of custom crafted writing instruments include (but is not limited to) Fountain pens to Letter openers. Demonstrations of pen making with Gary’s lathe
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Preschool Market
We would like to create a space to enable and empower children and parents to make and create! We hope to showcase the learning materials that our local preschools have created and have them share with the participants as they use recyclable materials and playmaker toys. There will be a free space where the children and parents can make-and-create using the materials.
This year, we will invite more preschools to share their creations and learning materials to share with parents and children.
Let’s Be Play-Makers!
Preschool Market is showcasing creations crafted by preschoolers from recyclable items and playmaker toys that are highly applicable to parents and their children’s learning.
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Computational Thinkerer
Computational Thinking has been said to be the fourth R, in, in tandem with the current 3R (Reading, wRiting, and aRithmetic). And many have recognized the importance of CT as a life skill for all in the 21st century and beyond. Do you have what it takes to be a Computational Thinker? Try out thought-provoking hands-on activities that expose participants to the fun and the thinking processes behind CT at the booth! “Come with an open mind and a questioning attitude.”
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Sew Fun
Sew Fun is the educational arm of Uyii Studio. Started by designers and crafters, Sew Fun is our avenue to share our experience in textiles and sewing with others. This year we will be showcasing our explorations in e-textiles, a combination of electronics and textile. Visit our booth to learn more about sewing and e-textiles!
We will sell vintage fabric and sewing project kits at our booth =)
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Red Dot Drone
We are going to show first-person view (FPV) drone race. FPV live stream and lighting arrangement in racing course will significantly enhance experience of audiences. Between races, we will have several drone trial sessions for kids or adults.
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Gimbal Bros. (season2)
Gimbal Bros. is coming to Maker Faire! We are making various type of gimbal cameras (and some other devices) for drone, animals, monitoring, and etc. In this Maker Faire, we’ll show our latest gimbal prototypes including Micro Stabilized FPV camera and cool FPV equipments w/ head tracking!
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Electro-Magnetic Projects & Experiments Interactive Demonstrations, “Green” Solutions (Water Management + Indoor / Urban Gardening + Fun ways to generate electricity)
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