Maker Culture

Playeum (Booth):

Children can make their own ‘Bug Hotels’, which are structures consisting of small strips of bamboo stacked in rows on top of each other-essentially lots of little, long spaces in which creepy-crawlies can reside. We won’t have real insects to hand, but children can make their own Bug Hotels and take them home, hang them outside and then check them to see what insects have moved in. In addition,  one or two habitats can be created and sat within over the two days.  We propose bringing long bamboo sticks and making with children one or two tetrahedron structures (each side measuring about 2m), and then covering these with natural materials as the weekend progresses. Children can help and once they are completed, just sit in there absorbing the environment if they wish.

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Happiness Makers (Workshop,Presentation):

The future won’t wait. Let’s rethink our education system. Preparing your child to succeed in the new global economy. ​Our culture places a lot of emphasis on what’s on paper. Scoring well in exams matters more than understanding, questioning and creating. For our children to thrive in this new economy, they need to be able to create innovative breakthroughs by integrating ideas from diverse fields to meet complex human needs.

THROUGH THIS PROGRAMME, YOUR ​KID​ CAN FINALLY BEGIN TO:                                             1. ​Be comfortable in expressing their opinions                                                                                   2. Discover opportunities that everyone cannot see                                                                         3. Not being overly sensitive to criticism but seeing it as an opportunity instead                  4. Viewing failure as a gift. Part of the workshop is about failing fast and failing forward   5. Uncover possibilities, surfacing latent issues and finding unexpected problems              6. ​Inspire ​kids by ​us​ing​ curiosity, empathy and play to solve difficult problems

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Imagin8ors (Booth, Workshop) :

Imagin8ors are a diverse team of makers, technologists, educators, artists who seek to nurture the imagination and creativity in each child and build a mindset, from an early age, of tinkering with technology. They treat the child as a self-directed, natural learner and engage the parent as a coach and co-player in the child’s learning.

They design creative experiences for children 3-10 years old and parents, and are building a digital app platform that helps extend the play, tinkering and child-parent bonding around learning to their homes.

Imagin8ors love to co-create with and learn from makers, artists and organizations. They also welcome opportunities to showcase other makers through their platforms.

Check out their facebook page: