Maker Culture – Maker Faire Singapore 2017

Let us talk about Maker culture – a culture where anyone can be a maker, and making involves getting empowered with a combination of tools, technologies, art, craft, science and maths for the sheer fun of creating something awesome. Here are a few of the makers you will be meeting this year who dabble in the intersection of a few disciplines

SoapLah by HMS Eco Booth
Natural handmade soaps, balms and lotions that use locally / regionally sourced ingredients. On the spot soap making demonstrations.  Find out More

The Green Capsule Booth, Workshop
The Green Capsule is founded in 2014 by two green enthusiasts. Together, we want to bring our love for greening to a whole new level and aims to be one of first online terrarium shops in Singapore to provide the option of full customisation. A product of design and love for who you care for ; A personalised gift that encapsulates a story that one will like to share on; a memory that one can keep. Tell us your story and make unforgettable memories with our gift options. Find out More
Workshop Timing: Continuous Workshops at booth (Details)

Mei’s Creations Booth, Workshop
Mei s Creations specializes in hand forged sterling silver jewelry.
Every piece is lovingly crafted in our little home studio.
We oversee every element of the crafting process, from the melting of silver to the designing and the actual forging.
Our jewelry are all unique and one of a kind due to the crafting process and no two pieces are ever alike. In fact, we rarely even re-stock our designs as we like to keep pushing the boundaries and come up with new, more interesting designs.
All materials used are carefully selected and we do our best to strike a balance between quality and price. Find out More
Workshop Timing: Sat: 2.30pm to 5.00pm (Details)

Pencaster Booth
Custom pens out of exotic woods and other materials from all around the world like none you have ever seen. All My handmade pens are hand turned one at a time to assure the finest quality of writing instrument possible. include : Fountain Pen , Roller Pen , Ball Pen , Letter opener & Mechanical pencil…… Find out More

Anjali Design Booth, Workshop
I will be teaching different techniques of working with glass during Maker Faire Singapore Find out More
Workshop Timing: Continuous activities at the booth (Details)

Fat Anvil Studios Booth
Our jewelry are all hand forged in the comforts of our studio and are made of either 14k gold, 925 silver with some gemstones.

We also conduct silversmithing workshops for those who are interested in learning more about what we do. Traditional methods of silversmithing that encompasses melting and soldering, piercing, filing and polishing. Find out More

Odoroki Studio Booth
At Odoroki, we always aim to bring surprises by creating unique, one of a kind resin pieces which include jewellry, accessories and home decor art pieces.

For 2017 Makers Faire, we would like to showcase how versatile resin can be, as a raw material to create different items and its ability to achieve different effects. On top of common commercial use such as varnish and lamination, resin can create glass like products or semi translucent item after adding pigment. Jewellry is only one of the may items we can create using resin. We will make a simple board explaining how 2 part resin works (how it is converted from liquid to solid form) as well as explaining beginner’s techniques
At the booth, we will use uv resin and show case a few technique to create the unique effect. eg. colouring, marbling, casting of few flowers etc. UV resin dres within minutes on each layer and participant will bring back at least 1 finished product.
The 45 minutes workshop will cover:
– preparation of resin
– design concept
– Difference between different types of resin
– Explaination on layering, curing and embedding/casting
– Mixing of colour, paint and any other interesting elements
– Tips and trick (eg. How to avoid bubble and dust, how to make shiny or matt pieces)
– Doming and finishing
The activity aims to equip visitors with enough details to try out resin art in the future.

Odoroki Studio Jewellry & Accessories:
Our style can be fun, quirky and kawaii such as the lego man charm. It can also be whimsical and elegant like our Alice in Wonderland or real flowers series. Each piece of Odoroki’s jewellery takes at least 3-7 days to make and hours of sanding are required to get that perfect shine and smooth edges. We conceptualise, design and produce every single piece from scratch locally and no 2 items are the same. In fact, certain designs are has only 1 piece which makes the item uniquely for the owner. We will be selling some of our popular pieces during the faire. Find out More

Timba Booth, Workshop
I am maker from Timba. Timba improve local and waste material to create environment friendly products. Addressing on sustainable development, We currently working with furniture industry waste, coffee waste. and fashion industry waste. And in the near future, I am responsible to develop product from Agricultural industry waste such as banana trunks, leaves, bamboo. Find out More
Workshop Timing: Sunday 11.45 to 12.30 (Details)

GoFlyKite Booth
Michael Lim, founder of GoFlyKite, was a jewelry designer for more than 20 years. At leisure, he enjoyed flying remote control planes and helicopters… and kites!

Flying RC planes were never easy and involved high maintenance cost. It was also a kind of hobby that did not require group activity. Michael noticed the need in in creating a hobby that can be enjoyed in numbers and that is easy to learn and of low in maintenance costs. Michael was inspired to combine his two hobbies together and the idea of the RC Kite was born.

At the beginning, Research & Development (R&D) was the biggest challenge as he did not have any reference from any existing aero modeling design. Despite multiple issues with aerodynamics, Michael continued with determination to succeed. After many experiments, in 2000 the first RC Kite made its maiden flight.

Michael realised that his interest lied in flying more than anything else. Hence in 2001, he decided to switch his business combining his hobby with his profession.

One day his daughter incidentally pointed out to the stars in the night sky. This instantly triggered off his imagination on how it will be like to add lights to the kites and will also enable it to be flown at night. Michael added LED lights to the kites and today GFK RC Kites are all beautifully designed with colorful LED lights.

Without realizing, Michael wrote a little piece of Aviation History in Singapore. After 1000 years of kite flying, he changed the concept of kite flying. Without strings, RC Kites are able to do loops, rolls, stall turns, hover, acrobatic stunts and play games such as kite soccer, dog fighting, speed racing and drop zone.

Flying a kite is an experience as never before!

” I am trying to change history by introducing kites without strings… ”
Michael Lim
Inventor of the RC Kite Find out More

Digital cardboard Wonderland Booth, Workshop
Remember Caine’s Arcade, the cardboard arcade built by a 9-year old American kid that took the world by storm in 2012? We’re not quite that young, but we’ll do our best to bring this magic to Maker Faire with our cardboard-based, electronics-infused (Arduino or micro:bit) arcade games. Visitors will get to play with life-size arcade games, such as basketball shooting and a claw crane, and can build table-top versions to bring home (while stocks last). Find out More
Workshop Timing: Continuous activities at the booth (Details)

Craftminds Booth, Workshop
Discover how to make functional and beautiful creations for your living/workspace using just ice-cream sticks.

For the kids( and young at heart): Choose your favorite photo, combine with ice-cream sticks and fashion a personalized DIY puzzle.

For the avid home decorator: 1) Create lanterns/candle holders with interesting geometric designs, 2) Construct lightweight shelves with different template designs and maximize your vertical space

For the DIYers: Let your creative juices flow! Make bookmarks, ornaments, boxes,bracelets, magnets, wreaths… the list is endless. We provide the materials, you supply the imagination. Find out More
Workshop Timing: Saturday, 1.15pm to 2.45pm (Details)

Sustainable Living Lab Booth
To be confirmed Find out More

Ground Up Initiative Booth
To be confirmed Find out More