Maker Conference 2017


The maker conference aims to bring practitioners of the maker movement with people who are interested to find out more about the role and impact of the movement.

Payment-Button2-300px Ticket for Maker Conference
(Includes one day pass to Maker Faire Singapore and 3 day complimentary admission to Science Centre Singapore and invitation to Maker Summit 2017)

20th July 2pm-5pm, Newton Room, Science Centre Singapore

Time Activity
2pm: Workshop:  Babbling Beasts: The use of Near Field Communication Technology to create Magical Cuddly Toy Audio Tour Trails / Games – John  Sear Workshop: Potato Pirates – learn coding without computers –Codomo
2.45pm Break
3.00pm Sharings:

Making as an essential part of the Singapore Polytechnic Curriculum – Teo Shin Jen

My journey as a Maker – Karthikey Agarwal

Title TBD – Navyansh Malhotra

Making Gen Z to Make – the ITE way- William Tan

SMART Learning Management System (LMS): an Intelligent Learning Management System for Training and Education – Dang Hong Phuc

4.15pm Unconference: Young makers: a sharing of journeys

Join young makers from Singapore and the region as they discuss why they find value in the maker journey and what keeps their curiosity and willingness to build going.

5.00pm Panel: The power of daydreaming, tinkering and rolling worms – Kate Kneal, Nicola Schauerman, Dr Carol MacGillivray, John Sears

 How can educators unlock pupil’s minds? The panel, which consists of cross-disciplinary creative innovators, teachers and workshop leaders, discusses how to become a facilitator of action learning, where participants and students are encouraged to make mess, think outside the box and problem-solve.

6.00pm End

21st July, 9am to 4pm, Newton Room, Science Centre Singapore

Time Activity
8.30am Breakfast
9.00am Workshop: Making a cardboard robotic arm within one hour – Leornadus Adi Workshop: Be an IoT (Internet of Things) Maker! – Ivan Sim
10.00am Workshop: How long does it take to build a bridge – Quang Nguyen
11.00am Break
11.15am Sharing:

Digital art makes relationships among people – Mazakasu Takasu

Chain Reaction – Introducing Engineers to the Art of Making – Carol MacGillivray

How to think creatively – Pranav Joshi

Making a Makers company (and how we almost went bankrupt) – Allan Yong

12.15pm Lunch
1.45pm Sharing: Geek – Permission to Play -Kate Kneale
2.00pm Workshop: Micro worlds Demonstration – Tim Pickup and Nicola Schauerman
2.45pm Sharing: Genetic Moo: Interactive Art and Collaborative Coding – Nicola Schauerman
3.00pm Break
3.15pm Unconference:  Making in the Asia Pacific Region – Dale Dougherty with makers and attendees from the Asia Pacific region.
6.00pm Maker Faire networking dinner