Handmade Singapore Community at Maker Faire SG


Handmade community SG is presenting the many faces of craftin this year. From silkscreen printing to upcycling and vintage fabric crafts, the Handmade SG community will be having several hands on activities in their space of over over 20 crafters.

The LOOMs Workshops Workshop. Booth.


Founded on the belief that art transforms lives, The LOOMs Workshops is a social enterprise that provides education and employment for disadvantaged women through the creation and sale of handcrafted homeware and fashion accessories.

The LOOMs Sewing and Crafting Mums are mothers who are fiercely dedicated to improving the lives of their families and breaking the crippling cycle of poverty. The LOOMs Workshops endeavours to equip them with the knowledge and ability to do so through a unique education and training programme:

• The educational aspect that sets The LOOMs Workshops apart is conducted in partnership with training consultancy, TwoFish Pte Ltd. Personal development workshops are designed in order to allow each of the LOOMs Sewing and Crafting Mums to turn their lives around and to sustain this transformation over the long term. Aspects covered in these workshops include: self-improvement, confidence, motivation as well as vital financial management and planning skills.
• The requisite skills training work sessions enable the mothers to learn the techniques necessary for them to produce pieces of handcrafted, artisanal items that you will be happy to wear or use in your home.
• Upon completing the education and training programme, The LOOMs Workshops offers these women a job progression path designed so that these women can continually work towards enabling a greater change in their lives.

At The LOOMs Workshops, every single product is a striking artistic creation handcrafted with love. Every purchase you make contributes to the beautiful tapestry of life that these women are painstakingly weaving for themselves – one hand-sewn product at a time.

The LOOMs Workshops booth will feature an exhibition detailing its social mission, vision and programmes. There will be aprons, coasters and a range of carryall for sale. Bespoke and customized pre-orders will also be accepted.

Faire goers who purchase a tote bag for $1 can also take part in a mini ‘Customise My Tote’ workshop facilitated by The LOOMs Sewing and Crafting Mums.

Claydaysg Booth.


Ceramic beads, entirely handmade by a group of socially underprivileged women in Cambodia. Individually hand-rolled, painted, glazed and fired twice in gas kilns. Crafted with care, the entire process of making these beads out from clay takes 15 days. Every bead is unique. Perfection lies in their differences.

Claydaysg aims to create minimalist jewelries out from these ceramic beads, spreading positive vibes through meaningful notes which goes along with every handcrafted piece. Every piece is a reminder that each individual is unique and special, just like the beads. Jewelries are made with 14K gold-plated chain and clasp (anti-tarnish), some unique pieces comes with vintage findings and Swarovski crystals too!

Dottieshop X Happyness is Homemade Booth.


Dottieshop seeks to create beautiful and unique cards, prints and keepsakes that inspire, encourage and remind us of the most important things in life. Choose from a range of ready-made brush calligraphy, water colour and scrapbooking creations, or customise your own, for any occasion.

|ryan| by happynessishomemade creates a variety of handmade fabric goods, ranging from key fobs and wristlets, to fabric bins and tote bags. With a wide range of fabrics used, you’re sure to find a design that suits your style and fancy! Customization services are available as well.

Ribbons n craft Workshop. Booth.

Basic decoupage on small wooden box workshop. Booth to sell decoupaged items as well as handmade sewing items from students of Ribbons n Craft

The Upcycling Factory Workshop. Booth.


The Upcycling Factory is a social enterprise that promotes women empowerment through green upcycling projects with the community. Through these projects, we seek to empower women and elderlys with skills based training giving them the opportunity to achieve better and sustainable economic and psycho-social support. All products and workshops at The Upcycling Factory is an integral part of a story of renewed hope and empowerment. A story of courage and resilience of women and their families determined to make social change. #support tufwomen #support independence #supporttufxmakerzfaire

JessLee Collection Workshop. Booth.


Alliance Coffee Booth.

Mobile Coffee Cart selling freshly brewed coffee, tea and other non-caffeinated drinks.

Messy Rooms Products Booth.

Our booth caters to families. We have products ranging from finger puppets for children to bags for mothers. Included in our range of products are trinkets/jewellery for teens, onesies/activity sets for babies/toddlers, and pouches/bags for the mums.

LuvNCo  /JanetChui Booth.

We will be teaching adults and kids how to do Glass and Polymer Clay Magnets

Yas crafts studio Workshop. Booth.

Making fabric dolls and tote bags to sell. Will be doing simple sewing workshops for kids and some puppet and picture frame making workshop.

Vintage Fabric Crafts Workshop. Booth.

Creating handmade items using vintage fabrics. Items include tissue pouch with additional room for name cards, light weight shopping tote bags that folds into a handy pocket size, aprons from upcycle vintage full circle skirts.
Screen printing workshop of unique custom-design templates to provide a designer look on vintage fabrics which can be sewn into pouches, table linens, bibs, etc. In this screen printing workshop, you get hands on experience on printing precut stencils onto fat quarter vintage fabric pieces, or pre-made tote bags, handkerchief, etc.

Odoroki Studio Booth.

Odoroki Studio sells one of a kind resin jewellery and accessories.

Our Kawaii line is well received from people from all ages as the creation is built around whimsical, floral and quirkiness. We also carry a premium sophisticate jewel line to showcase the elegance side of a woman.

Each item is handmade from scratch which requires minimum 3-7 days of design, molding, shaping, painting, varnishing, sanding and polishing. No two item are the same which makes our creation uniquely yours.

From Me To You Booth.

handmade jewellery using semi-precious stones, crystals, pearls and others

DrJosworkshop Booth.


Uniquely 100% handcrafted polymer clay figurines and accessories that will make delightful gifts and bring smiles to your loved ones. Custom made options available too. Create your very own polymer clay figurines and accessories with DrJosworkshop!

Juhi’s Handmade Cards Workshop. Booth.

Exclusive, handcrafted goodness. Your one stop shop for personalized cards, scrapbooks, photo frames, birthday party invites. Each product is exclusive and handcrafted with love and a lot of attention to detail.

Threadapeutic Booth.

Our Philosophy- Every single one of our creations is a result of upcycling. We use raw, leftover materials to creare thoughtful, one-of-a-kind products. From post-event banners to sackcloth bags, we pride ourselves in giving unwanted materials a new lease of life.

Nothing is mass-produced, so no two products are ever identical. We rely on sustainable methods and processes to obtain these raw materials, which are then transformed into eclectic bags, pouches and soft home furnishings by our designers and local craftsman.

Owning a Threadapeutic product means being part of the eco-friendly movement.

Upcycled Revolution Workshop. Booth.

Refashion your unwanted clothes into something amazing, unique and stylish that designed by you. No 2 products are alike. Products are handmade with love and passion. Just for you, only you.

miniJon Booth.

Handmade food miniatures to wear and collect.

Lissallina Booth.

Girls and ladies apparel plus accessories. All hand sewn by me. * I would like to request to be next to Judy Ong. (Ribbons n Crafts)

Miaow & Squeak Booth.

Miaow & Squeak is a playground for quirky ideas, crazy experiments, artistic collisions and loads of fun. Working with diverse materials such as buttons, Lego bricks, toys, MT (masking tape), zips, ribbons and paper, our handcrafted collections of whimsical and colourful accessories and stationery in one-of-a-kind pieces or in limited quantities are constantly evolving according to our inspirations and imagination. For Maker Faire Singapore 2016, in addition to selling our handmade collection, we would be offering customers an opportunity to customise their own accessories and/or stationery.