Full day Workshops

Drop into the booths of these makers for full day workshops and hands on activities.

Zone 6:

JeweLab: Make your own bracelets using beads, charms and stones

Zone 5:

Barangshop D Craft Studio: DIY car kits and leather craft

ITE West: Solder your own LED key chain

3D-Printing-Hub.Asia: Play with the 3D pen

Singapore University of Technology and Design: Create a light sensing bug

Tinkertanker: Come and play in the Caine’s Arcade

Timba: Decorate wood and Tote Bags!

Urban Playspace: DIY race cars

Zone 4: 

Preschool Market: Workshops for educators and parents on the playmaker toys

Red Dot Drone: Drone Racing for all!

Zone 3: 

Workshops at the Early Childhood space

Jason Koh: Plastic Origami Crafting

Zone 2: 

Stochastic Elegance: Embossing and card making

Art Lace Studio: Glass painting workshop for all ages

Anjali Design: Techniques in Glass Art

Odoroki Studio: Resin charm and pendant

Zone 1:

Yarnbombing Singapore

Green capsule JeweLab CELLS@Science Centre Kids 4 Kids! Preschool Market Odoroki Studio Come and Make Barangshop - D' Crafts Studio Kiwi's Creations Card Making Workshop @ Makers' Faire Urban Playspace Red Dot Drone Art Lace Studio Anjali Design Bartholomew Ting and Tinkertanker Yanbombing Singapore Crafty Makers Jason Koh