Engineering and Technology

IXEN Robotics (Booth, Workshop, Presentation):

We have a project section on our online store at Its focus is on robotics, electronics and 3D printing. We will be showcasing the projects that we have built to create awareness and invite the public to contribute to the project space. At the same time, we would also like to introduce our new robotits kit ( that teaches young adults how to code.

IXEN robotics

Hiverlab (Booth, Workshop, Presentation):

we will be showcasing our virtual reality content and 360 cameras that we manufactured. and real time motion capture system.


Raffles Girls School Secondary (Booth):

With global warming on the rise, our team aims to aid in the conservation of electricity. Thus, SAS (Smart Air-conditioning System) is a prototype designed to allow users to conserve energy. SAS controls the air-conditioner automatically, turning on and off different number of air-conditioners, depending on how many people are present in the room and the surrounding temperature. Since it is automated, this programme runs unmanned and allows users to save both electricity and manpower. The atmospheric temperature threshold and the number of people in the room at which the air-conditioner turns on are customisable. This prototype is programmed mainly by the Arduino IDE software. Three Xbees, three arduino boards, two ultrasonic sensors and one temperature sensor are used in its construction. The two ultrasonic sensors have been programmed to work together at any instant and are used to track the number of people in the classroom. It acts as a human counter. When the person goes out, the counter will decrease by one, and when the person goes in, the counter will increase by one. The temperature sensor is used to measure the surrounding temperature. The XBee platform, calibrated by CoolTerm and used as a mode of communication, wirelessly allowing data from 1 arduino board to the other two independently if the necessary requirements are met. In our context, based on previous data collected, the majority of our school’s electrical usage is consumed by air-conditioners. To help save electricity, our school has introduced an air-conditioning usage policy. However, there are multiple cases where students do not comply. SAS can be used to ensure the success of the policy. This is so because we can customise the system such that the classroom’s air-conditioner will only be turned on when there are: sufficient number of people in the classroom (>15) atmospheric temperature (>27oC) This further reduces the job scope of the security guards since people do not have to be physically present at the end of each school day to check on each individual classroom.


Invisible Stickers (Booth):

Invisible Stickers is a geolocation travel web service created for travellers. Acting as an open book travel guide, it is shared by digital nomads and backpackers. Using geolocation feature, travellers can access travel information contributed by others who have came before and left. They can also explore and make new discoveries. Travelling is all about the journey. On this platform, travellers can create their own travel footprints during their journey.

Raffles Girls’ School (Secondary) JIC SMART Locker (Booth):

Most schools have teachers’ lockers for students to submit assignments. Subject representatives or individual students can use it to submit homework. While the basic locker system is effective in achieving its purpose, we believe there are areas of improvements. Current locker systems are not efficient enough. Teachers have to specially make multiple trips to their lockers. Time is spent unproductively as they do not know when to expect assignment submissions in their lockers. Time is spent unproductively as they do not know when to expect assignment submissions in their lockers. Time is spent unproductively as they do not know when to expect assignment submissions in their lockers. Hence, we redesigned the locker with a SMS notification system so that teachers are informed when items are placed in their lockers. This ensures that teachers will not make wasted trips. In addition, lockers do not have security features, making assignment submissions susceptible to being stolen or lost. Hence, teachers may not receive assignments, resulting in delays. Our new locker system includes an auto-lock security system, improving. Therefore, our invention aims to boost productivity and eliminate inconveniences for both teachers and students.

Maker Motes! (Booth):

Come discover a fun and DIY way to learn more about the environment

Come discover a fun and DIY way to learn more about the environment around you, using Maker Motes! Maker Motes – an award-winning initiative implemented and shared around ASEAN and the Asia-Pacific region – are low-cost open-source sensors, which you can either design, build, and code for yourself, or have us build them for you 🙂 They are easy to install, and can be modded and customised to suit a wide variety of needs and usage cases, such as a school, a farm, or just use them at home 🙂 Investigate your local micro-climate, monitor and compare data from different locations, and document your discoveries using charts and graphs. (Booth, Workshop):

“What you see is remembered, what is done is learned” Robotics is, above all, a means to learn. With robotics, children enhance their creativity, visual logic and social skills for teamwork. To help them build their own robots, most of them are responsible and who value the end result. It is also a fun way to become familiar with the operation of electronics and programming. The 3D printed robotica kit is the first step to achieve our goal: to revolutionize the learning process, even from the very first stage, playing. Education is our greatest resource to be exploited to change and improve the world in which we live.