Early makers

Preschool Market Booth, Workshop
We would like to create a space to enable and empower children and parents to make and create! We hope to showcase the learning materials that our local preschools have created and have them share with the participants as they use recyclable materials and playmaker toys. There will be a free space where the children and parents can make-and-create using the materials.

This year, we will invite more preschools to share their creations and learning materials to share with parents and children.

Let’s Be Play-Makers!

Preschool Market is showcasing creations crafted by preschoolers from recyclable items and playmaker toys that are highly applicable to parents and their children’s learning. Find out More
Workshop Timing: Continuous activities at the booth (Details)

KidsSTOP Booth, Workshop
Join us to find out more about kids STOP. Have fun with bendy lights and felt circuits. Find out More
Workshop Timing: continuous activities at the booth (Details)