Craft at Maker Faire Singapore 2015

Crafters at Maker Faire Singapore 2015 work with a wide range of materials – from Fabric to Leather, clay and glass. These incredibly talented people will be sharing their craft with visitors through a number of workshops and presentations

Gladys Hang: Hangmade by Gladys (Booth, Workshop): Self-made fabric stuffed animals. Please take a look at


Joyce Lim: UniQ Creations (Workshop): Tatting is a form of handmade lace. Also known as shuttle lace, it uses shuttle and thread to make jewellery, dollies, bookmarks, edgings, collars, table runners, motifs, handphone charms/strap and more. Sometimes beads are used to create interesting effect or to enhance a design. Tatting provides good training for left and right hand coordination. It has also been used in occupational therapy to keep convalescent patients’ hands and minds active during recovery.



Annabel Tan: Luv n Co (Booth, Workshop): Luv N Co specialized in handmade jewellery with semi-precious stone, chain mail, wire works & polymer clay to create unique and special jewellery/ornament.


Phoebe Na: Barangshop (Booth, Workshop): Handmade Fabric & Leather Goods, Shoemaking/Leathercraft Demos & Crafting Workshops, Robotics/Craft/Sewing DIY Supplies, Patterns & Kits


Alice Choo: Scottie Crafts (Booth, Workshop, Presentation) : Looking for unique and personalised gifts for your friends and loved ones?Our range of gift items such as greeting cards, post it note pads, owl memo clips are individually designed and handmade with love.


Priyanka Gupta Sarvaiya: Just Love Crafts (Booth, Workshop) : My display will be everything handmade especially paper crafts. Primary emphasis will be on paper quilling crafts. There will be both display only projects as well as functional products such as greeting cards, paper jewellery and accessories, tea light holders etc. all made with paper quilling.


Madeline: Stochastic Elegance (Booth, Workshop): Hand-made and hand-designed craft cards, gift tags and scrapbooking projects.


Ichchha Walimbe: Art Lace Studio of Beads and Articles (Booth): Art Lace Studio is Singapore based studio. I make hand painted glass articles. This activity began in 2005 with two tiny bottles of glass paint making small gifts for friends and relatives. Now I have a range of products which include hand painted glass beads and jewellery using same beads, key chains, coasters and Tea-light holders. Colours used are permanent and fully washable. On my booth children and adults can see demo of basic techniques of glass paints.


Jeannie Chew: Soaplah ( Booth, Presentation): All natural handcrafted soaps, plus a demo of DIY soap.


Davy Young: Leaves with Memories (Booth, Workshop):  –  Davy Young is a ceramic artist who makes fine hand-crafted ceramic leaves pressed from real natural leaves.  Each leaf is individually hand-made, by pressing a real leaf onto a thin slab of fine white clay.

After the clay leaf is cut according to the shape and size of the natural leaf, it is air-dried.  The dried clay leaf is then fired in a kiln at 1,000 degrees Celsius, then glazed in tones of green or brown, and re-fired at 1,200 degrees to give the finished artwork.

The finished products are suitable for ornamental display or functional uses, such as shallow dishes, plates, soap dishes, containers for jewellery, tea-bag holders, and pendants.

Davy personally makes all his ceramic works or art in small btaches of about 20 pieces at a time.  He works from home

Davy personally makes all his ceramic works or art in small btaches of about 20 pieces at a time. He works from home.


Anjali Venkat : Anjali Design (Workshop):  Glass mosaic…I demonstrate how to cut pieces of glass, mirror, and vitreous glass tile into shape. Interested participants can volunteer to try their hand at this. Protective glasses will be provided.Next, I will explain the principles of mosaic, colour and how to design a piece.

11156264_10152642309676065_4026002909407177373_n (2)

Ong Sze Sze (Booth):  This exhibit showcases an assortment of customized lego mini figures and handcrafted clay characters. In a state of perpetual day-dreaming, Sze Sze turns her imagination into a series of whimsical artworks that she hopes with share with everyone.


Amy Toh: Sew into It (Workshop):  Tic-Tac-CHOPE! Tissue Holder (Beginner Level)For most Singaporeans, the tissue pack has an additional function other than to clean one’s mouth after a meal: to chope (reserve) seats with. Nowhere else in the world is the tissue pack used for such a purpose except in Singapore. Why not celebrate this unique practice of ours by sewing a distinctive ‘chope already’ tissue holder, where the flip side is a tic-tac-toe grid where you can play the game with your friend while waiting for your food at a kopitiam? This is a beginner sewing workshop: no prior sewing experience needed. Suitable for children (9 years and above) and adults.


Benjamin Tan: Origami (Booth):  Have you ever wonder what kind of models can be made by folding paper?Come and take a look at the different types of beautiful origami models.Rediscover origami and the fun of paper folding.



Axelia Dreams + Mojo Atelier (Vendor)- Wen Yang (Booth)

Handmade home decor items which include open/closed terrariums, clocks, scented candles and concrete pots. Handmade crochet items which include baby tutu dresses, head bands, soft toys and baby booties.

Axelia - tutu dresses

Magnetize lovez-Syida (Booth)

Handicraft items made by handicrafter

Magnetize Lovez - Syida

Mei’s Creations-Foo Mei Hua (Booth)

Mei’s Creations specialises in one of a kind jewelry pieces. All our products are handmade in our home studio and we use a wide variety of materials; from sterling silver and semi-precious stones to acrylic and Swarovski crystals. We also use an array of techniques to form our jewelry; traditional silversmithing methods, wire work and bead stringing, just to name a few.

Our take on jewellery aims to be attention grabbing yet functional; something that can be worn both day and night, in the office or at a party, as a conversation piece or a miniature artwork for admiring.

Mei's Creations - Mei Hua

POPIN Craft Community (Workshop)

POPIN Craft Community is a craft collective who shares our passion for handmade through crafting sessions in hopes of bringing people together in the act of making.

Poppin Craft Community

 Potato Garden-Om Ee Joo (Booth)

The display is titled “House of Sake”.”A house is seen as a cultural template in Japan and each room and level embodies a specific cultural significance. Similarly, in the display, it seeks to showcase the world of sake brewing in the form of a house. The top most layer demonstrates the viewing of the product through theeyes of the consumer. The middle layer highlights the cultural aspect of sake in Shinto rituals, as well as the artisan production of the sake barrel, commonly used for storage and transportation of sake. The bottom layer would finally showcase the manual labour and practicesemployed by the toji (master brewer) and kurabito (brewers) in a traditional Japanese Brewery.”

This display was made for a school project to depict science and technology in East Asia. Everything is hand painted and crafted from a variety of material, some recycled, to mimic the textures as best as we could.

Sew Fun! (Booth)

Sew Fun! this experimental space is home to a fusion of fabric, electronics, fashion, art and fun. Come and join us as we turn fabric scraps into beautiful mural artworks using techniques like collage, texturing and many more. There are many hidden surprises at the booth so do come and visit!

Sew Fun!

Rasheeda Banu (Booth)

My showcase will be everything hand made. Unique shape gift boxes, beaded earrings and ribbon brooch!

Swayam folkart painting-Swati Palekar (Booth)

Singapore based self-taught artist Swati Palekar brings to you unique and chic hand painted Indian Folk Art home decor products like wooden trays, kettles, coasters, wooden boxes ,bottles and many more.

Swayam Folkart Painting - Swati Palekar

taikensonzai-Adel Ng (Booth)

Showcasing and selling accessories made through minimal or zero-waste methods, and demonstrating crafting from upcycled textile waste and waste paper, offcuts and scraps, exploring various techniques, e.g. knitting, sewing, knotting and reconstruction.


The Bunglin’ Tinker-Susan Ong (Workshop)

The Bunglin’ Tinker is fronted by a playmaker with a passion for experimenting with various materials & hand-making techniques. She holds forth the belief in learning through play & discovery.

When not making with brand new materials, she advocates the reduction of waste & makes functional items out of expendable materials.

Learn to create your own new materials & immerse yourself in the joy and wondrous world of handmade craft techniques! . . . And get to use your creations at home, work & play!

The Bunglin' Tinker

Yarn Bombers (Workshop)

The yarnbombersSG will be covering quite a lot of things with yarn – the bicycle rack, the benches – join them in this exciting craft marathon!

Yarnbombing SG

Yeap Seong Kee (Booth)

Air dry clay made into keychains, jewellry and cute displays.

Garypencaster – Gary Chia (Booth)

I am a Pen designer cum Pen handcraft maker , I design & make Ball pen , Roller pen , ME Pencil & Fountain Pen , I also custom design & make Fountain Pen for my customer .





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