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Experience the Fun of Flying at your leisure!  View live video from your Mobile Device with a Camera Drone.

Built with high-set atmospheric pressure module, letting go during the flight will be automatically set a stable hover, taking pictures and videos. Realistic colours and clear picture!

OR Stay in trend, look out for our LED Drone, you can impress with 360 degree flips at a press of a button.


Presence Pictures


ToyTag International

Try the World’s FIRST & BEST 3D Printing Pen – The “3Doodler”! Technology has advanced in leaps and bounds in the past 30 years and one thing that is definitely here to stay is 3D printing. With the pace at which technology is constantly changing, we understand it may seem daunting to some, but don’t worry, our workshops aim to change that!


Electronic Kits

Experience ACE

Arduino Bluetooth Rover:

Experience Ace is undisputedly a first class educational and training service provider & committed to provide maximum value to our customers in this region. Today, many top institutions have chosen Experience Ace as the strategic partner for their long term educational needs. These partnerships bear testimony of Experience Ace relentless pursuit of excellence, continuous innovation, and absolute commitment to quality and delivery, thus meeting total customer satisfaction.

VUCAminds Education Hub was founded with a strong belief in developing its students with not only academic excellence, but the essential skills, knowledge and mind sets to deal with the demands of an increasingly complex and dynamic world – the VUCA world. The hub has been working continuously on crafting curriculums that will inspire students to approach problems from more than one perspective, and maximizing their potential of being innovative and nimble-witted.

VUCAminds has recently launched its Smart Nation Architect Program, partnering with Experience Ace to offer curriculums that are in line with STEM education, and the government’s vision in building SG as a Smart Nation.

In this Maker Faire 2017, Arduino Bluetooth Rover, Drones and mBots will be showcased.WhatsApp Image 2017-05-02 at 7.20.35 PM.jpeg


School (Shamoli)

Generic Gyroscopic Wearable Remote and other projects!

Wouldn’t it be easier to have a single remote to control all your home appliances? It is a wireless remote that controls your devices by gestures. It fits on to your finger like a sleeve. It wouldn’t just add convenience, but will also take you to the next generation of technology.

School (NUS High)

Arduino Project

School (NUS High)

KSP Command Center

School (Fuqun Sec)

Humandoid Robotic Arm

School (VJC)

IBM Watson


Electronic Kits- Arduino Projects

Visitors can play with these projects and learn about how simple electronics can be assembled into something fun and interactive. We hope that through these projects, we can encourage more people to join the maker culture and create something of their own.

DSC05793Project 1 Cover




3D Printing

Performance Rotors

At Performance Rotors Pte Ltd, our day job sees us doing Aerial Filming, Inspections and teaching in Schools and Community Events about Drones, Drone Building and Drone Flying. When we are not at work… (sometimes during work… ) you’ll find us building and racing drones. 😀

We will be displaying drones in different stages of being build and the difference between a drone with brushed motors and brushless motors.

We will be building a cage of 1x1x1m or 2x2x2m, depending on how big is the booth space, for the children to try their hand at drone flying.

A video of what we did at SmartKids below.


School (NTU)

IOT Project

School (NTU)

IOT Project

TBC: Film


TBC: Microbits

Electronic Kits