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3D Edu Play


Our all day 3D pen workshop aims to help participants develop their motor skills, creativity, patience and focus. It also opens them up to possibilities in 3D pen practical applications in daily lives that anyone can learn and explore through fun and creativity.



Come join us to experience the “Live” Dual Colour 3D Printing Live at our booth and the array of 3D Printing supplies and possibilities. Make Imaginations Real.™

Just Fly It


Flight is always a fascinating aspect of science and technology that many will dream about from a young age. Through Aeromodelling (gliders, control line, radio control and

3D-printed drones), one can learn science while acquiring motor skills through building and flying of an aircraft. Come on down to our booth and find out more about the various forms of aeromodelling!



StringArt Creations and Artpieces

KraftIMP aims to IMPspire the individual, harness the creative energy and develop the motorskills of every avid crafter, with the aim of creating a memorable connection between the master and his unique art pieces.

RRFC: Really Really Fresh Coffee


powers the coffee experience through a fresher, tastier and more sustainable practice of Just Roasted Coffee. We believe that coffee tastes best when freshest – and we invite you to experience the difference through consuming freshly roasted coffee beans! With the 3D printed product development of our Micro Coffee Roasters, everyone can roast their own coffee in minutes!

The Programmer


Programming is the trend now especially with the development of applications that allow kids and beginners to get an insight into coding to experiment on during projects. We will be sharing how beginners can get started on programming using Raspberry Pi and Microbit. So do visit us and explore with Wei Guang, if you are keen to join in the fun

in programming!


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