Cognizant – Maker Faire 2017


#JustAppify Mobile App Workshop

Ever wondered if you have a passion for mobile app development?

#JustAppify, Cognizant’s mobile app-building workshop, is the perfect opportunity for young talents (secondary school level and above) to explore their curiosity and understanding of the digital world we live in!

In this 90-minute workshop, participants will get to create their very own music player app, and be exposed to the mobile development process through a guided session comprising brainstorming, ideation, understanding various mobile app development practices, and applying core webpage-building technologies like HTML, CSS and open platform solutions.

#JustAppify is conducted by experts from Cognizant’s Digital Practice, with volunteers ensuring individual attention. Participants need not have prior coding knowledge.


Booth: A Smart Nation is a Happy Nation!

Cognizant is back at Maker Faire, and we are excited to showcase some cool activities and gadgets around technology, learning and happiness!


Be challenged to a micro:bit basketball game; get to play and learn at the same time! Our booth volunteers will help you understand how micro:bits work, and the various things you can build at home yourself, with some simple micro:bit programming.

Come experience a new world of emotion analysis! Check out your feelings at the booth and understand how emotion analysis applications are being used in real life. Come along and pull some funny faces! Your facial feedback will be used to calculate a Happiness Index showing how a Smart Nation leads to a Happy Nation!

For all these fun activities and more, do stop by our booth, we look forward to seeing you!


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