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Maker Space Programme @ Tampines Secondary School

Remember the pop up mass tinkering session that we did a couple of months ago with students from Tampines Secondary school and our collaborators at Imagin8ors?

Well, 20 students who went through the tinkering session signed up for a 2 week Maker Immersion camp as a post exam activity in the school. Collaborating with our local makers, Elda Webb and Mahyuddin Chan, as well as capitalizing on the mobile fablab from SUTD, the students worked two weeks on a project of their choice.

For us, it was an opportunity to experiment the value of a completely hands on, student driven, learning on demand curriculum as a Maker programme. This implied two things – other than simply being there, having the tools in hand and helping where necessary, the facilitators had very little to do with the project goals and directions of the student projects. This was a new experience, not just for the students, but also for the accompanying teachers.

We started the programme with a workshop on Design thinking, facilitated by none other than Elda Webb. Elda ran through with the students, the need for empathy in Making, and encouraged the students to make something for an unknown peer. This opened up some of the communication barriers in the students.

Design thinking workshop

Marshmallow Challenge

Marshmallow Challenge









Dr Eileen guiding the students on Self Watering Planter

DIY planters

Students working on the prototype were given oppoetunities to pick up new content and skills, including soldering, arduino programming, how to use a breadboard and much more.

Half way into the project, the mobile Fablab, which is a collaboration between SUTD, DSO and Science Centre, came over to the school. With the advent of the fablab, students also had the chance to try out the equipment in the fablab, including the Edison 3D printers and the laset cutter.



Here are some of the projects that came out of the programme. One group came up with an intelligent garden. They learnt how to code the Arduino board ans also some basic soldering.

Self Watering Plant

Javier attempted three projects –  Solar Rechargeable Batteries is to conserve energy and be environmental friendly, Mini Hover Board and a wind powered car. In a post programme interview, he mentioned that he learnt to be more creative and to come out with solutions when their prototype is not working.

Wind Power Car

Wind Power Car

Two students got together to make an iron Man Hand. One of our favorite projects, the students played with basic circuit hacking, laser cutting. 3D design, and a whole bunch of other Maker skills. The students also built incrementally on the project.

Flick Up Light Prototype

Flick Up Light Prototype

Another favorite project was an automated glass cleaner. The team started off by hacking a pair of safety glassed and stuck a pair of servo motors on them. After learning the necessary arduino programming, the team then set off to 3D print their glasses and make a number of general improvements to their work.

Automatic Glass Wipers

One of the things we loved about the programme was that many of the participating students came back to ask whether the programme would continue next term and showed keen interest in being part of the initiative. We are glad and look forward to more opportunities.

Here is a video montage of the programme, put together by our  interns Faeezal and Azhari from ITE college East


Hacking Junk @ Commonwealth Secondary School

On 17th September, we had a workshop with Commonwealth Secondary School. With Makers Bernice Lau (Remember the fishbone sculptures (Tsurus) at Maker Faire? ) and Din Chan (The awesome light painting that was inside the Cardboard Teddy bear?), we worked with the students to hack junk and unused toys (think broken beyond repair toys and centuries old floppy discs) to make moodlamps

The students starts to dismantle and cutting the items

In the beginning, students were kind of unsure on what to do with the items they had picked. With lots of enthusiasm and eagerness in them, they tried to discover and figure out what they can do with the junk pile.

Din guiding the students

Din guiding the students

So some students decided to dismantle the floppy disk and take the parts out to make some movable robot.

The students dismantle the diskette

The students dismantle the floppy

Movable Robot

Eventually, what the students came up with were pretty amazing!



THanks to Bernice and Din for facilitating this session 🙂


Pop Up Maker Space @ Tampines Secondary School

On 25th-27th August 2015, we had a teaser workshop with 560 Tampines Secondary School students. The objective was to introduce the Maker mindset to students by encouraging students to work in a team on an open ended activity. let the students complete the tasks given (e.g. making something that can draw or making a duster move without touching it) using their own ideas and creativeness. Little instructions were provided and of course, the right way of solving the problem has not yet been invented.

We were joined by a wonderful group of facilitators from Imagin8ors.

Dr Kiru introducing about maker

Students started off working on paper circuits using aluminium tape, LEDS and coin batteries.  There were a number of Ahs and Ohs as students discovered the properties of the materials given and a better understanding of circuits. .

Grup boys trying out paper circuit

Trying out paper circuit

Teacher joins in together with the students to make paper circuit

Teacher joins in together with the students to make paper circuit

Dr Kiru create class name paper circuit

Some of the projects created by the students were really creative and impressive! We were very amazed and encouraged by the students’ eagerness to learn, as well as their determination to complete the various tasks.

We strongly believe that there are a lot of youths out there with a lot of potential as a maker and we hope that they will be nurtured, especially through workshops as these.

Here’s are few examples that were done by students

Making the brush to move by itself

Origami brushbot

Moving Brush Video Recorder

Brushbot video recorder

Spinning LEDs Bowl

Spinning LEDs Bowl

Portable mini fan with LEDs

Portable mini fan with LEDs

More Images