All day workshops on 25th and 26th June 2016

Not sure when you will be attending Maker Faire Singapore? Just drop in for these workshops which will take place all day during the Faire

Art Lace Studio – Craft Zone  (Register through email at )

Workshop for children 6yrs old and above. They will make personalized coaster (3″ x 3″) with butterfly design. Children will learn simple technique to create this kind of complecated patterns in colours. Duration: 45mins


Workshop for adults includes making of one curved dish (5″ x 5″)  using reverse painting technique. Duration: 1hr 30mins.

Anjali Designs – Lab Central

1) Play with Glass: Mosaic  (Register)
A Mosaic is a picture or design constructed from several smaller pieces. Anjali Venkat will explain the principles of mosaic, use of colour and design, before giving participants the opportunity to create their own mosaic. She will also demonstrate how to create the components of the mosaic, by cutting pieces of glass, mirror and vitreous glass tile. If interested, participants will have the opportunity to try their hand at this unusual skill. Protective glasses will be provided.


Participants will be provided with pre-cut and tumbled pieces of glass and tile to be stuck on pre-cut pieces of wood, that are approximately 6″x 4” in size. The glass/tiles are tumbled to remove sharp edges and the adhesive used is non-toxic.

Age: 5 years Time: 1 hour Cost: 25 SGD

Play with Glass: Soldering  (Register)

The art of stained glass is a beautiful combination of colour and design. Stained glass windows have been admired for their beauty since the time of ancient Rome. Learn the process of designing and assembling a stained glass sun-catcher using copper foil and solder. The participants will be provided with pieces of coloured glass in different shapes, and will be taught how to solder these glass pieces to join them together. The finished sun-catcher can be taken home.

Age: 12 years Time: 45 minutes Cost: 25 SGD

Julianne – Young Makers

Learn how to make wonderful jewellery from 12 year old JulianneIMG_9514

Uniq creations – Craft Zone

Papercraft make and take workshops. Contact Joyce at Uniq Creations ( to pre register

Playeum – Thinkspace

Design a bug hotel for real insects to discover and make their home. Children can choose from a variety of material to build their hotel. It can be big, small, short or long – just tie it together and make it strong! Children can then take it home to hang outside their front door to check regularly to see if anyone has moved in! Age: 2-8. Cost: $3 to cover materials. 

3D print hub – Tech Zone

Try your hand at the 3D pen and printer.