26th June MFSG workshops

10am-11am 11am-12pm 12pm-1pm 1pm-2pm 2pm-3pm 3pm-4pm 4pm-5pm 5pm-6pm
Ceramic Leaf Making -$25 Soap Making + Decoupage  -$15 Personalised Cards and Tags -$18 Sospeso Flowers on a Glass surface – $25 Mordenised Dreamcatcher  – $38
Leather Tissue Pack Holder -$28 Handmade Clay Fridge Magnets-$15 Silversmithing -$120 Cognizant Plant Press – $20
Electronics  -$40 Robotics Saturday Kids Toys Transformed-$35 3D Modeling for Kids -$10
Pinata with a twist – $18 DIY Juggling Balls + How to Juggle  -$3 Fast Embedded System Design with NI myRIO Autodesk Fusion 360 Seeed Computational Thinking
Making with your kids   Make & Play! Catch the sound of singapore   Decoupage Bottle Lamp – $99   Crepe Flower Making – $25
Arcademia – Making with your Kids   Robotics -$20   Intel Sketchnotes -$10
Tinkercad Tinkercad Ozobot Ozobot Kodu Game Lab Kodu Game Lab
Basic Decoupage on wood  -$50   Build a doll workshop  – $100   Upcycled Refashion  -$10 Weave your dreams  – $25
Ong Sze Sze Intel The Keys Edge Electronics made easy Team Lab The Curious Design Network Autodesk Sketchnotes Slime Synthesizer Sinfonia 

Ceramic Leaf-Making (10am-10.45am) Want to make your very own ceramic leaf to take home? Then sign up for a hands-on workshop on ceramic leaf-making, using air-drying clay. Each session is limited to 10 participants. All hand-tools and consumables will be provided. 8 and up

Cost: $25 Register at: Contact Davy Young at leaves.with.memories@gmail.com.

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Soap Making + Decoupage (11am-12.30pm) Soap Making + Decoupage (Using Melt & Pour Method whereby a cut out napkin will be embedded between the 1st & 2nd layer). – Age: 12 years up. 2 pieces of soap will be made by each participant. For more information on the instructor(Angie) please visit her facebook page at http://www.facebook/com/napkindecoupageshop

Cost: $15 (Register)

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Personalised Cards and Tags (12.45pm-2.15pm) Participants will be introduced to:
– everyday objects that can be used as craft tools
– stamping techniques with Pigment Ink
– colouring and blending techniques with Distress Ink
– creating card templates
and at the end of the workshop, our participants will be able to:
– better understand when and how to use both distress and pigment ink pads
– better understand how to stamp their design
– craft their very own personalized designed cards and tags from scratch.

All materials and tools required will be included in the workshop.
Participants may bring home their creation at the end of the workshop at no extra cost.
how to create their very own customized cards. 8 and up

Cost: $18 (Register)

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Sospeso Flowers on a Glass surface (2.30pm-3.15pm) Learn to work with special thermoplastic to make gorgeous 3-D flowers. Sospeso is a patented craft form from Italy which is being taught in Singapore for the first time. You can learn and make your own sospeso flowers which looks like glass upon completion. There will be plenty of designs to choose from and the process will be taught from scratch along with different variations.Suitable age group – 10+ as intricacy and heating involved.

Cost: $25 ($20 for early birds) (Register)

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Modernised Dreamcatcher (3.30pm-5pm) Dreamcatchers originated with the Ojibwe people and were later adopted by some neighbouring nations through intermarriage and trade. Storytellers speak of the Spider Woman, known as Asibikaashi; she took care of the children and the people on the land. Eventually, the Ojibwe Nation spread to the corners of the world and it became difficult for Asibikaashi to reach all the children. So the mothers and grandmothers would weave magical webs for the children, so that Asibikaashi could protect them through the dreamcatchers.

The Ojibwe believe that a dreamcatcher changes a person’s dreams. Good dreams would pass through and slide down the feathers to the sleeper, bad dreams would stay in the net, disappearing with the light of day.

We’ve updated the look of the dreamcatcher whilst retaining the symbolic elements which gives the dreamcatcher its magic! Learn to make dreamcatchers for your loved ones, to ensure they have nothing but good dreams! Mojo Atelier workshops insist on personalisation; we provide options so that every participant leaves with a unique product that they proudly made! 8 and up

Cost: $38 (Register

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Leather Tissue Pack Holder Workshop (10am-10.45am) Make a Leather Tissue Pack Holder. 8 and up

Cost: $28 (Register)

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Handmade Clay Fridge Magnets (11am-12.30pm) Learn to create fridge magnets out from your own hands.  With air-dried clay, our team of instructors will teach you the rope of creating one and you get to bring them home too! 6 years above (participants less than 6 years must be accompanied by a parent)

Cost: $15. ($10 for pre registered participants. Pre register by contacting floraclay@gmail.com with a subject reference “Maker’s Faire Clay Magnet Workshop”)

Clay Magnets

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Silversmithing (12pm-1.30pm) 

Participants will be introduced to the basics of silversmithing. At the end of the workshop, each participant walks away with not only hands on knowledge of the craft, but also their very own sterling silver ring.

No prior knowledge on silversmithing required as this workshop is designed for beginners. Minimum age of 16 required due to safety reasons.


Cost: $120 (Register)

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Cognizant workshop (1.45pm-3.15pm) (Details coming soon)

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Plant Press (3.30pm-5pm) This workshop starts by taking a look at leave shapes. They are gifts from Nature. One way to preserve them is to use a plant press. It is a simple but very effective tool. Leaves and flower parts are dried and flattened, and are then used as plant specimens in the study of Biology, in arts such as leaf painting and leaf rubbing, and in crafts such as using dried leaves and flower parts to make into cards, bookmarks and in scrap booking. This hands-on workshop includes the making of a plant press which you can take home with and tips on pressing of plant specimens and leaf rubbing technique.

yit chee
Cost: $20 (Register)

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Electronics (10am-11.30am) In this 1.5 hour workshop, electronics made easy is helping kids develop their potential through the teaching of arduino programming using scratch. 6 and up wit parents
Cost: $40 (Register)


STEM Education teaching

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Robotics (11.45am-12.30pm) Teaching how to assemble our robotics kit as well as coding. Participants will be provided with a robotics kit (for class use only). 8 and up


Cost: (Free) Registration Closed

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Toys Transformed (2.30pm-4pm) Creative hands-on workshops for children and parents in which they’ll imagine and create using technology and craft materials. 3 and up

Cost: $35 (Register)

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Pinata with a Twist (10am-10.45am) Pinatas are fun but some may find them too violent. Come join us to learn an innovative way to create a new kind of pinata that open via pulling instead of hitting. In the spirit of Project Love Lunch, goodies collected from these pinatas must be shared. Proceeds from the workshop will go to support Project Love Lunch. https://www.facebook.com/ProjectLoveLunch/). 3 and up
Cost: $28 per parent-child pair, $22 per additional child (Register)

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 DIY Juggling Balls + How to Juggle (11am-11.45am) Juggling is not just for professional circus performers! With just three balls, you can achieve benefits like increased metabolism, increased white matter in the brain, and reduced stress and anxiety. Get started by making your own set of juggling balls with simple materials, and learn the basics of juggling!. 4 and up

Cost: $3 to be paid to instructor (Register)

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Fast Embedded System Design with NI myRIO (12pm-1.30pm) (Details coming soon)

Cost: (Free) (Register)

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 Autodesk Fusion 360 workshop (1.45pm-3.15pm) (Register)

Fusion 360™ is a cloud-based 3D CAD/CAM tool for product development that combines industrial and mechanical design, collaboration, and machining in a single package. Fusion 360 enables fast and easy exploration of design ideas with an integrated concept-to-production platform. Please bring your own laptop with Autodesk Fusion 360 installed.

Download Autodesk® Fusion 360™ www.autodesk.com/fusion_asean

Cost: (Free)

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Computational Thinking (4.30pm-6pm) Computational Thinking has been said to be the fourth R, in tandem with the current 3R (Reading, wRiting, and aRithmetic).And many have recognized the importance of CT as a life skill for all in the 21st century and beyond.

In this workshop, we will give a gentle introduction to CT via three fun and thought-provoking hands-on activities that expose participants to the FUN and the thinking processes behind CT.

These activities include some of the following:
(a) Bill Gates and Pancake Flipping (introduction to algorithms!)
(b) Reading your mind with matheMAGIC,
(c) Fun with Sorting Networks,
(d) Looking at our world recursively,
(e) learning AI with Tic-Tac-Toe

The workshop will close with reflections on how these activities link to real-life problem solving in computer science and everyday things in our lives.”Come with an open mind and a questioning attitude.”

Cost: (Free) (Register)  6 and up

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Arcademia – Making with your Kids (10am-1pm) Age: 5-12years

Does your child love playing games at the Carnival or Arcade? Would you like to learn how to “make” as a family?

Then join us for this fun workshop, where child & parent teams will make their own unique games. Teams will first collaborate to imagine and design their game. They combine recycled, arts & craft materials, basic electronics and lots of creativity to make them. This workshop will feature game booths built by our “Child & Parent Maker” ambassadors. Each team is assigned a Maker ambassador to learn about their Maker journey and why making is important for their families.

In the final session for this workshop teams will share their game with all participants and have fun playing those created by others. Teams will have a chance to showcase their game with visitors at the MakerFaire. Let’s play, make and learn!

Cost: $28  for Family Pack (for 2 children + 2 Adults), $18  (for 1 child + 1 Adult) (Register)

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Make & Play! Catch the Sound of Singapore (1.15pm-2.45pm) In this workshop, participants will create a unique soundscape using original gadgets that collect everyday sounds and then transform into musical instruments. The instructor is a musical instrument interface researcher who combines his knowledge of toy design and electronic technology to develop “co-playing musical instruments” that function as tools for enjoying music regardless of musical talent or physical disability. In the workshop, participants will each produce their own gadget that they will use to conduct fieldwork in the Maker Faire Singapore venue. They will search for the fascinating sounds that lie concealed in the familiar world around us, collecting the noise of crowds, machines, the wind, cars, insects and birds, or tapping objects in the venue to produce strange new tones. After the workshop, all the participants will join together to play their sounds, creating a special soundscape of Maker Faire Singapore. Along with acquiring foundational knowledge of electronics by making their own devices, participants can also learn hands-on about the basics of soundscape design, which rediscovers the everyday through recording and playing sounds. (Please note that a soldering iron will be used for part of the workshop.) Organized by the Japan Foundation Asia Center.Supprted by Gakken Plus Co.,Ltd.
Cost: (Free) Registration Closed

Make & Play! Slime Synthesizer Sinfonia (4.15pm-5.45pm) This workshop features the “Slime Synthesizer,” a unique musical instrument that is played by touching or transforming slime, and is led by the creators themselves. By manipulating the fluid, it is almost like you are grasping clouds of air. Winner of a New Face Award at the 18th Japan Media Arts Festival, the electronic musical instrument was also a big hit at Maker Faire Tokyo. In this workshop, participants will make the slime and combine it with the synthesizer to create their own musical instruments. Alongside learning hands-on about the basics of science such as the three states of matter (solid, gas and liquid) and electrical resistance, participants can also experience the fun of making their own electronic musical instruments, which is now a major trend in Japanese maker culture. The workshop will end with all the participants playing their instruments together and performing an original symphony for Maker Faire Singapore. Through learning about the foundations of science and making their own devices, participants can experience a new style of performance and musical expression completely different to what is played with conventional instruments and music. Discover the possibilities and creativity of DIY and maker culture! Suitable for 10-15 year olds
Organized by the Japan Foundation Asia Center.
Supported by Gakken Plus Co.,Ltd.

We would like to perform the work “slime synthesizer” by “Dorita” and “Yumi Sasaki”.
Cost: (Free) (Register)

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Decoupage Bottle Lamp (3pm-4.30pm) Decoupage is one of the most traditional paper art in history. In this workshop, we combine this skill with our upcycling intend to bring you one of the most quirky and unique workshop in town.
With the careful placement of the fairy lights, we enhance the effect and bring the art of decoupage to the next level! Grab a friend or have a special bonding session with your loved ones to create your very own bottle lamp.
The workshop can be customized to suit the young ones and the once young.
You will bring home the lovely memories and the mesmerizing fairy lights in your bottle. The USB powered fairy LEDs are energy saving and are suitable as a night light.
Drop us a message on blink.a.bottle@gmail.com or 9224 8734 to find out more.

Cost: $99 ($74.25 for pre-registered participants) (Register) 12 and up

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Crepe Flower Making (4.45pm-5.30pm) My crafting workshop hope to give people inspiration and together in chances of learning new craft.
Cost: $25 (Register) 10 and up

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Robotics (1.15pm-2.45pm) Students will learn how to program and code each component and make the robot works, do task as to line tracing.Requirements:Students must bring their own laptop and mouse, download the program in advance One kit will be provided to 2 students during the workshop. (for class use only.)
Cost: $20 (Register) 10 and up

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Intel® Edison and Science Discovery in partnership with ITE College West and StartMaking Asia (3pm-4.30pm)  (Register)

Ever wanted to start making but did not know how? Get a crash course on Intel IoT Possibilities with the Intel Edison, Intel Genuino and Intel Galileo. Watch and get front row seats to a simple LED project that you can do yourself, even as a novice maker.

This workshop is jointly presented by ITE College West and Start Making Asia.

Presentation: An Introduction to Autonomous Robotics with ROS* and the Intel® RealSense™ Robotic Development Kit (1045am – 1130am)

This keynote covers:

Basic ROS concepts: topics, services, transforms, launch files, and URDF robot description files

  • Use of rviz to observe internal robot state, as well as other tools for ROS debugging such as rqt
  • A simple ROS mapping and navigation stack structure based on gmapper, amcl, and move-base
  • Use of the RealSense ROS drivers to capture information about the environment for mapping and obstacle avoidance

ROS*, the Robot Operating System, is an open-source software framework for autonomous robotics from the Open Source Robotics Foundation* (OSRF*). It runs under Linux (with Ubuntu being the preferred distribution) and supports advanced features such as simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) and autonomous navigation. Using a simple mobile robot based on the Intel® RealSense Robotics Development Kit (which includes both an Intel® RealSense™ 3D camera and an UP Board* from Aaeon* with a quad-core Intel® Atom x5-8350 processor), this session will demonstrate and explain a foundational set of ROS packages for subjected to change. autonomous navigation. The Intel RealSense 3D camera allows the robot to incrementally build a map of its environment, figure out where the robot is relative to that map, then use that information to plan and execute autonomous travel from one location in the environment to another.

During travel, the 3D depth information from the camera can also be used to avoid obstacles in real time. This basic ability to navigate in complex and dynamic environments forms the basis of more advanced mobile robotics applications, such as delivery services. And yet all the necessary processing and mechanics can be packed into a robot small enough to go into a backpack, and using a completely free open-source software stack!

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Sketchnotes (4.45pm-5.30pm) Sketch notes are a visual mind mapping tool. I’ll be teaching kids how to sketchnote and better remember information they learnt at school or at the faire, based on Mike Rohde’s sketchnotes textbook.Cost: $10 to be paid to the instructor (Register) (7 and up)
What are sketchnotes, why Sketchnotes are important, how it helps to retain information, why people should pick it up.

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Tinkercad (11am-12pm and 12pm-1pm)

Have you ever wanted something you have seen or thought of before but have no way of purchasing? With Tinkercad, you will have the freedom to design and create something that you have always wanted from popular media such as Minecraft, Star Wars, Minions, and many more! There’s no limitation to your creativity, so come on board and unleash your inner imagination in the form of a 3D model!


Cost: (Free) Registration Closed

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Ozobot (1pm-2pm and 2pm-3pm)


Any idea how a robot moves or does things for you? Programming a robot can be extremely simple and fun at the same time! Ozobot, the tiny smart robot, can be programmed to execute actions through the Ozobot app and their web-based games. Just give it the command, and Ozobot will follow your instructions. It allows the comprehension of coding, robotics and computer science through fun means that are easy to grasp. Join us on a mission to command Ozobot to complete tasks for us!

Cost: (Free) Registration Closed

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Kodu Game Lab (3pm-4pm and 4pm-5pm)

Ever wanted to create your own gaming world and control how your characters respond to instructions? Kodu is a simple visual based programming platform that allows you to create and visualize your own world through simple commands and programming. It will tap on your creativity through the process of creating your ideal world. Anyone can use Kodu to make a game, young children as well as adults with no background on design or programming. So be daring, and come explore with Kodu!


Cost: (Free) Registration Closed

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Basic Decoupage on wood (10.30am-1.30pm) To transform plain wooden box using decoupage techniques coupled with cut ours from paper napkins (8 and up)

Cost: $50 (Register)

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Build A Doll Workshop (1.45pm-2.45pm) Participants get to stuff a doll, attach the limbs to the dolls and dress them up, draw their faces. 8 and up

Cost: $100 ($90 for pre-registered participants) (Register)

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Upcycled Refashion (3pm-4.30pm)Refashioned your unwanted toilet rolls, egg carton into something amazing, unique and stylish redesigned by you. No knowledge of craft is required. Suitable for beginners. Hands on with instructions step by step will be given. At the end of the workshop, you will feel sense of accomplishment, boost your confidence and have a part in saving the environment. Have a better bonding and relationship with your child. 8 and up

Cost: $10 (Register)

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Weave your dreams (4.30pm-5.30pm) Dreamcatcher making. https://instagram.com/p/8nugSOBgxq/ 8 and up

Cost:$25 (Register)

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Clay crafting (10am-10.30am) (Presentation)
Join me as I share the process of working with clay and customizing toys. Topics include the materials that I use, the concept and execution stages. 8 and up
Cost: (Free)

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