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Autonomy in Education by Codomo

Autonomy in education, innovation in learning. At Codomo, we spark the passion in children to learn beyond their classrooms and apply tech skills to real world problems or areas they are interested in.

We will be showcasing some of the projects done by our codominions (students) and also Potato Pirates – our proprietary card game that teaches coding without computers.

Date: 22/7/2017

Time: 12.45pm – 1.15pm


Realize your IoT Innovation Dream

We are trying to create a friendly spaces for students, makers and every single engineers who wants to get involved creating IoT solutions or services.

We provide HW, SW tools, sensors, even production services to bridge the gap from dream to reality.

We also provide total solution courses including mentors and teaching materials to teach people who wants to learn IoT solutions and Industrial 4.0 integration solutions.

Date: 23/7/2017

Time: 12.50pm – 1.50pm

Pocket Hologram

Our team is inspired by the ubiquity of holograms and strongly believe in their future pervasiveness in our daily lives. Inspired by Microsoft’s HoloLens, our team wants to put holograms into the hands of each Maker, by producing pocket hologram kits that anyone can assemble. Once assembled, these laser cut pieces simply need to be placed above a screen that plays holographic videos off YouTube and it will instantly pull images out of that 2D world and into life like 3D.

Die cutting is more Eco-Friendly as it doesn’t use any electrical energy to manufacture.

The idea of a hologram phone is all over the internet. Anybody can create a hologram phone using a CD case.

We tried to create the same for maker fair. After successfully making the first prototype. We wanted to improve it.

At Pocket Hologram, Makers can experience the next dimension in their hands with workshops teaching Makers how to craft their own Pocket Hologram!

Date: 23/7/2017

Time: 11.45am – 12.45am

Making Generation Z to make: ITE’s Way

Espace is ITE’s very first Makerspace. We specialize in developing pop-culture related projects that is infuse with latest technology. These “Maker” projects will interest and engage our youth to learn skills and learn the latest technology in the market. “Maker” Projects like lightsaber, Thor’s hammer, Nerf Gun Target System, Handheld Game Console, etc.

Espace consistently works on pop-culture projects that employ many advanced technologies, such as 3D printing. Being ITE’s first Makerspace, they strive to inculcate students with a thirst for innovation.

Date: 23/7/2017

Time: 10.00am – 10.30am

The MusicMaster 5000M

The MusicMaster 5000M is a handbuilt instrument made from almost 100% recycled materials. It is based on the design of traditional 4 string Cigar Box Guitars.

It has 3 pickups that allow it to be plugged in and amplified through a sound system. It has 2 single coil pickups made from recycled magnets and copper wire from various appliances.

These use the interactions between the steel strings and the magnetic fields of the pickups to generate electrical signals. It also has a single piezo pickup in the body of the instrument that converts vibrations into electrical signals.

All three pickups are then run through a transistor boost circuit to increase the output from the MusicMaster 5000M. Two switches on the top of the MusicMaster 5000M allow the player to change between different combinations of pickups to create different tones.

This project also includes a number of smaller projects to produce different types of audio:

Cataclysmic Codfish – Opamp-based overdrive effect pedal
Assimilative Anteater – Audio Compressor
Trevor’s Super Cute Boost – Dual JFET transistor boost pedal
Electrifyng Emu – Noise cancelling 9v power regulator

Date: 22/72/2017

Time: 5.00pm – 6.00pm

How to make an Emotional Project

How do you make an emotional project? teamLab, the renowned Japanese art collective, recognized for challenging and expanding the digital art making practice, asks this question in their art installations.

Takasu from teamLab will talk about their deeply interactive works and their unique ability to nurture creativity and curiosity through technology.

Date: 22/7/2017

Time: 4.15pm – 4.45pm

Solar Toy Car

Our exhibit showcases a reduced reliance on traditional power in an urban housing estate, and maximization of alternative energy sources such as use of solar panels on rooftops, piezoelectric panels on footpaths with high human traffic, even tapping on hydroelectric power by reusing household wastewater, or through rainwater collection.

Date: 22/7/2017

Time: 2.15pm – 2.25pm


DIY Tesla Coil

My exhibit will consist of a medium power Audio Modulated Solid State Tesla Coil.

The unique feature of my exhibit is an unusually high efficiency driving circuit and a clean electro-magnetic field with almost no fluctuations and harmonics due to the use of a Slayer Exciter design.

Another feature of my design is the ability to produce a singing arc thanks to the modulating transformer.

Find out more HERE

Date: 22/7/2017

Time: 1.30pm – 1.45pm

Done By Ivan Rodionov

Our Kampung Kindness

The Innokidz in Inno Club will like to showcase the innovative products that they have created and also the Community Problem Solving Project (Our Kampung Kindness) to the makers community and the public.

We have published our first empathy storybook and will like to promote our storybooks to children and parents.

Also, we will be sharing how to make motivational shrink art keychains with children too.

Find out more HERE

Date: 22/7/2017

Time: 1.15pm – 1.30pm

Done By: ChongZheng Primary School


The goal of the SMART LMS is to increase the efficacy of conventional training and education delivery through the use interactive Learning Management System (LMS) with an Artificial Intelligence that is trained with advanced instructional padegogies.

The SMART LMS combined structured LMS to deliver controlled learning material and content with highly responsive Virtual Instructor (VI) to achieve highly interactive and customised training delovery in accordance to individual’s learning needs. SMART LMS’s VI replace human instructor/educator to due with dynamic human learning behaviours and prescribe corresponding instructional methodology to achieve learning objectives.

The SMART LMS aims to address manpower limitation and to cost effectively provide dynamic training customisation to cope with emerging training needs.

Date: 23/7/2017

Time: 1.55pm – 2.25pm