The MusicMaster 5000M

The MusicMaster 5000M is a handbuilt instrument made from almost 100% recycled materials. It is based on the design of traditional 4 string Cigar Box Guitars.

It has 3 pickups that allow it to be plugged in and amplified through a sound system. It has 2 single coil pickups made from recycled magnets and copper wire from various appliances.

These use the interactions between the steel strings and the magnetic fields of the pickups to generate electrical signals. It also has a single piezo pickup in the body of the instrument that converts vibrations into electrical signals.

All three pickups are then run through a transistor boost circuit to increase the output from the MusicMaster 5000M. Two switches on the top of the MusicMaster 5000M allow the player to change between different combinations of pickups to create different tones.

This project also includes a number of smaller projects to produce different types of audio:

Cataclysmic Codfish – Opamp-based overdrive effect pedal
Assimilative Anteater – Audio Compressor
Trevor’s Super Cute Boost – Dual JFET transistor boost pedal
Electrifyng Emu – Noise cancelling 9v power regulator

Date: 22/72/2017

Time: 5.00pm – 6.00pm


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