Knots Craft mini workshop

MakerFaire workshop -2

Knots Craft mini workshop:


Knotting is an ancient technique used in many cultures around the world. The technique of tying knots on ropes have been around since the earliest civilisations. However- it is only “recently”- in the past few thousand years- that decorative knots are used as status symbols or with added spiritual elements.

A) The Heart knot is a celtic knot- named because it can be molded into the shape that we normally use to depict the heart. It is a very easy knot to tie without tools- thus especially appropriate for beginners.

B) The Lucky knot is a Chinese knot- but the actual reasoning behind its name is not known. An easy knot to teach- but tools are needed to properly tie it.
At our specially tailored workshops for Maker Faire 2017- you will learn how to tie one or both of the above knots- and attach your craft work onto a key holder with metal frame. Though originally meant as a photo frame- you can also insert dried flowers- famous quotes- paper cuttings- confetti- or whatever you like. Use it as a tag to identify your property. In our fast aging society- gift this to a forgetful loved one and pen your contact number as an insert in case he/she gets lost. Do let me know if you find new ways to use them.My name is Ai Geok- and I will bring you into the beautiful world of ancient knots- and you can happily savour the looks of admiration for your unique creations. Suitable for above 10 years old .

Price: Per pax, $8 one session, $15 both sessions.

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