Learning City – at the Istana Open House May 2017

The showcase of makers went to the Istana for the second time during Labor day 2017. Afterall, there is no other appropriate day than labor day to showcase the makers and people involved in Making.

For labor day, Science Centre Singapore and the Life Long Learning Council curated a space together with makers from the community. the space meant to showcase how making is crucial to learning, the different aspects of making and how learning by making is a mindset to be cultivated from the very young age.

Made in Singapore:

With communities and makerspaces like the Ground Up Innovation Lab  and  Sustainable Living Lab  the stage is set for a strong ecosystem of learning through making. This has resulted in a network through which makers like Kee Wee can reach out their ideas and share best practices on how Singapore cab grow as a creator of technology and solutions.


The ease of access of such techologies also allows any one to be a creator. Members from hackerspaceSG were on hand at the Istana to showcase and share DIY VR googles and open source robotics.


Learning by making is not only limited to technology, At the Craft zone, artists Anjali and Priyanka helped lower the barrier of entry into making by getting children and visitors to work on paper quilling and glass mosaics

Participants at the build zone worked with everyday materials – straws and cardboard. Elda Webb and her team of facilitators guided visitors to make kites and other straw creations. To reinforce the idea of learning by making and also taking things apart, volunteers from Engineering Good shared how they took apart toys to build new interfaces for children with disabilities.

No one is really too young to start learning by Making. Sisters Sophia and Anjali Curic, 8 and 10, showcased this by putting together a space where parents and kids could engage in free form creativity using loose parts.

Everyone is a maker. Such creativity in young children can only be sustained through sustained opportunities in free play and tinkering. To reinforce this message in a collaboration between the Tinkeirng Studio at Science Centre and Imagin8ors, participants explored freely and extended their creativity to build marble machines out of every day materials.

Learning city was a collaboration between LifeLong Learning Council, Skills Future SG, Science Centre Singapore and President’s office, Istana. This programme was done in collaboration with local makers from Sustainable Living Lab, Ground Up innovation Labs, Kee Wee Teng, Hackerspace SG,  Anjali Venkat, Priyanka Gupta, Engineering Good, Elda Webb, Imagin8ors and Come and Make

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