Lightsabers, healthcare solutions and IoT foosball

Intel invents at the very boundaries of technology to make amazing experiences possible today and in the future for all sectors of business, and for every person on Earth.  From powering the latest devices and the cloud you depend on, to driving policy, diversity, sustainability and education, we create value for our stockholders, customers and society.

Intel is proud to be a sponsor at Maker Faire Singapore 2016.

Maker Faire Singapore is a strong platform for Intel to showcase our commitment to the Maker movement and young developers. We hope to not only showcase how Intel can power amazing ideas into reality but reach out to potential developers, equip them with the know-how and tools to truly make anything their minds can think of. Maker Faire not only helps cultivate young minds to start dreaming, inventing and creating, but also showcases the versatility and power of Intel’s technology.

Here are some of the cool projects that you can find at the Intel space at the Faire


PD loggers

Powered by Intel® Edison, PD Loggers presents a wearable 3-sensor based system that can monitor the wearer’s gait remotely, for example from the wearer’s home, to aid doctors in determining the severity of Parkinson’s Disease (PD) of their patients without needing them to travel down to the clinic for appointments which can present inconveniences.

This system also aims to detect signs of Freezing-of-Gait (FoG), a symptom experienced by PD patients which puts them at risk of falls and injury, in order to give early warnings to the wearer so that he/she can better manage his symptoms and reduce the risk of falls and injury.

PD Loggers were the grand winners of Intel® Invent 50 2015, a competition by Intel to celebrate IoT solutions developed by tertiary students to solve real world problems.


Synapse Swarm Sense

With Intel® Edison and Intel® RealSense™ inside, this project aims to showcase benchtop robots developed as service robots to perform useful tasks for humans like surveillance or room delivery in a hotel. Using various sensor modalities and camera feed processing methods on the cloud, context relevant results are generated and utilised.

Swarm Sense was the Finalist at the Intel® Invent 50 2015, a competition by Intel® to celebrate IoT solutions developed by tertiary students to solve real world problems.



Powered by Intel® Edison, Energie Corp presents a client-centred IoT Solution that focus on energy conservation and also can help companies usher in an era of sustainable energy.

Energie Corp (formerly known as Team Green) was the 2nd Runner-up of Intel® Invent 50 2015, a competition by Intel® to celebrate IoT solutions developed by tertiary students to solve real world problems.

This solution aims to design an IoT solution for all, with its customisable, flexible and modular design structure that can be deployed at any location be it offices, homes or manufacturing plants.


The Lightsaber and Mjolnir

This demo aims to showcase Intel® Edison IoT capabilities using Intel® Edison WiFi service to interface to Lightsaber and Mjolnir’s microcontroller system.

The Lightsaber and Mjolnir will output accelerometer event data to a Intel® Edison WiFi Server and information will be displayed via laptop.


Foo Star

Developed by Windriver, this smart connected foosball table is fun for all ages. With Intel® Edison and Intel® Galileo inside, Foo Star allows IoT enabled foosball matches.



Projects by Nanyang Polytechnic

Water Irrigation System

This project provides an unsupervised plant watering system allowing user to keep the plant healthy while unattended over a short period of time.

This project measures the moisture level in the soil and perform automatic water irrigation if the moisture level falls below a preset threshold. The moisture level in the soil and the water irrigation schedules are logged and display on Internet of Things (IoT) platform, ThingSpeak. With the system connected to the Cloud, user can deploy it at home while leaving for short vacation without compromising the health of the plant.   This smart connected system builds upon Intel® Edison and utilizes Intel® Edison connectivity to achieve real time data logging. User is able to view the health conditions of the plant and system behavior, for example moisture level of the soil, time when plant is watered and the remaining volume of water in the reservoir, via any cloud connected devices.

Air Quality Measurement System

Powered by Intel® Edison, his project provides air quality monitoring with an alarm where a user can deploy at any location. The user can also access the air quality data through various web access platforms and receive notifications when air quality exceeds an unhealthy threshold level.

This system measures the pm2.5 level to determine the air’s dust condition and also measure the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) sensor output for air contaminants and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) level against a preset threshold. The sensor data is logged periodically and displayed on an Internet of Things (IoT) platform, ThingSpeak. This system can be deployed at home, the office and the factory or any indoor sites allowing the user to view the collected data from the system, for example, PM2.5 level of dusty conditions and VOC gas level via any internet connected devices.

Safe from Elevator Grip

This project serves to detect obstacles in blind spots of single and multi-beam elevator. This smart system aims to eliminate elevator accidents by providing a more sensitive detection of obstacle through minimal enhancement of the existing elevator setup.

The Detection Module comprises of an obstacle sensor and a servo motor which is attached to the elevator door to detect obstacles in blind spots.   When there is no obstruction, the lever attached to the servo will remain at vertical position, parallel to the elevator door. When an obstruction is detected, the obstacle sensor will be triggered and servo will rotate the lever by 90º,  triggering the elevator safety beam for the door to retract.  Designed as a connected system, elevator malfunction can be detected through capturing of abnormal door closing patterns which can be analysed to serve as a trigger point for preventive maintenance or servicing. This project is powered by Intel® Edison.


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